Monday, 8 August 2011

NOTD August 8th: China Glaze - Raspberry Festival

Hi there!
Today I'm wearing a nice polish by China Glaze, called Raspberry Festival. It was part of their Summer Days Collection from 2009, but you can still get your hands on it at a lot of online shops.
The color is a pink-leaning cherry red with red and pink flecks. It's one of China Glaze's famous glass fleck polishes, like Strawberry Fields which I showed you here *click*. But I find that the flecks in this polish here a little smaller. However, they are still noticeable and make this polish something special.
There are tons of red polishes available, but since this one has the flecks, it's glowy and fun. It's also not a traditional holiday Christmas red, which makes it wearable in summer.
It was extremely hard to picture, so I hope you can tell the color nicely! On my screen it looks fine, but I guess it depends on your screen how it looks to you...however, these pictures don't even to it justice, so if you like red flecks polishes, take a look at it in real life!
I'll see you guys later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I think the last picture is a good one and the colour is amazing.


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