Friday, 31 August 2012

NOTD August 31st: Manhattan Blogger Edition: Modepilot - 04M Saint Germain

Hey there!
Today I want to show you the last Manhattan polish I got from their Blogger Edition, 04M Saint Germain from the Modepilot Collection.
Saint Germain is a very warm brownish red shade. It's a creme, and I think the perfect mix of cherry and brick red. It's a very fall-appropriate shade.
Application of Saint Germain was great. The formula of this creme is just pure awesomeness, it's right between creamy and squishy and makes it so easy to apply this polish. Coverage was also great, I used 2 coats of it.
This is such a pretty shade, with red being a trend color for fall and the warmth and brown tones making you think of fall immediately. I think I'll wear it again because I really love it, but I just couldn't wait till it really was fall :D
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: Ebelin Professional Eyeshadow & Concealer Brush

Hey there!
I've been trying out this new brush for a while and now want to write a review about it! The brush I'm talking about is the Ebelin Professional Eyeshadow &Concealer Brush.
  • Ebelin Professional Eyeshadow & Concealer Brush
  • available at dm, Ebelin's their own brand
  • costs 2,95 Euros
  • comes in a little plastic packaging that can be reused
  • the hair is synthetic
  • the brush head is quite big
  • the hair is black and white, the handle black
  • you can use it for both eyeshadow and concealer
  • price
  • super soft hair
  • applies concealer very very nicely
  • with concealer you can use it for both large and small areas
  • doesn't absorb a lot of product
  • it's easy to blend out concealer and make it look natural
  • good for applying eyeshadow to a larger area, like all over the lid
  • easy to clean: doesn't lose any hair, dries fast
  • availability
  • isn't good for precise eyeshadow application, like shading your crease or something
I have to say, I'm a big fan of this brush! I use it for my concealer daily, it makes the application and the blending so easy! I really recommend it, especially as a concealer brush!
Did anyone of you ever try this brush?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NOTD August 29th: Manhattan Blogger Edition: Modepilot - 03M Twerskaja

Hey there!
Today I want to show you the next polish from Manhattan's Blogger Edition Collection: 03M Twerskaja from the Modepilot Collection.
Twerskaja is a plum creme. I'd say it has slight berry undertones and it's a little dark. It's also a very warm shade.
Application of Twerskaja was great, it was perfectly opaque with 2 coats. Everything went on super smooth and glossy, I had no problems.
It's definitely a fall shade, plum's great for fall! But I thought it was already nice now, while my skin is still a little tan :D I like it a lot and can highly recommend it!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spotted: Essence New Permanent Line + New In Town LE

Hi everyone!
With fall almost starting, we're having some changes in the permanent lines of a few brands. I already talked about the Catrice permanent line change some time ago, and now it's time for Essence's.
Together with the new permanent products my drugstore put up the New In Town LE, which contains a few things from the new permanent line. Doesn't really make sense to put them up at the same time, but whatever. Here *click* you can find an overview of the New In Town LE.
Here *click* are the promo pics of all of the new permanent products.
Essence launched all kinds of new colors in already existing product categories, and they also added a few new things to their core line. When I stand in front of a counter with tons of new products I always find it hard to really take in everything, and I always have to go back to look at it again :D
For now I want to show you the stuff I got myself, and I'm sure more will follow.
Essence discontinued their Nail Art Stylist, which I always used as a dotting tool, but they replaced it with a double-ended one. What's cool about this one? The first end is just like with the old stylist, and the second end is a bigger dotting tool! Yay, perfect for people who are into nail art :)
From all of the new nail polishes, I picked a nude :D Unbelievable, right?! :D But I'm sure it won't be the only polish I get :D And I like the new bottle shape! The color I bought is called 04 Iced Latte, and it's a nice nude creme, not too tan or too pink. And it was opaque with 2 coats! 
I'm now also adding the pictures from the Color Arts line, which I already talked about here *click*. It's all now part of the permanent line, so it ought to be mentioned here. 
For now I like the new stuff, and I can't wait to check it out again and pick up some cool things :)
What do you think of the new stuff?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD August 27th: Manhattan Blogger Edition: Styleproofed - 07S Green Chai

Hey there!
Today I'm wearing the first shade from Manhattan's Blogger Edition Collection, and it's Green Chai by Styleproofed!
Green Chai is a super interesting color. The base is a very light mint shade, and it contains all kinds of glitter particles. The glitter colors are pink, green, gold and I even think I see a tiny bit of red in there. They make the polish super unique, I don't own anything quite like it!
Application was great, the glitter didn't cause me any problems. I used 2 normal coats, and that was enough! Didn't expect it to be this uncomplicated :D It dries a little gritty, so I used a coat of top coat on top which smoothed it out perfectly. No issues here, either.
I know that this shade gives me red hands, at least a little, but I don't care, it's just so cool! I'm really excited about this one, because it's so unusual! Of course it might not be everyone's taste, but for those of you who like to wear special shades, make sure to get this one!
The Manhattan Blogger Edition Styleproofed Collection is out now, and each polish is 3,45 Euros. It's limited!
What do you think of it? Make sure you enlarge the pictures by clicking on them!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Spotted: Manhattan Blogger Edition: Styleproofed and Modepilot Collections

Hi guys!
Today I want to talk about Manhattan's new nail polish collection!
Together with the two German fashion blogs, Styleproofed and Modepilot, Manhattan created a "Blogger Edition" nail polish collection. Each blog designed and named 10 shades, and this collection is available now. Here *click* you can see all of the shades.
When I walked into the store, I saw the display of these nail polishes, and I was immediately excited.
blogger + nail polish + pretty shades = pretty awesome, right?! I love all of the shades, there wasn't a single one among these that I thought was ugly. But even though they're not that pricey - one retails for 3,45 Euros - I just couldn't get them all :D So I decided to be reasonable and just the prettiest ones that I don't have dupes for yet :D
The Modepilot Collection is inspired and named by cities and districts. The shades all looked very fall-like to me, with lots of cremes and red-toned shades. I ended up buying 04M, Saint Germain, and 03M, Twerskaja.
Saint Germain is a brown-toned red shade, very fall-appropriate. It's a creme, and really super pretty.  I'd say it's the perfect mix of cherry and brick red. Exactly the kind of shade I love for fall, remember my love for OPI - I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic? :D Saint Germain belongs into the same category, but it's lighter. 2 coats.
Twerskaja is another creme, and it's the perfect plum shade. It's warm, not to dark, and I love it! Plum is actually a rather common shade, right?! But I have no plum creme in my collection! So glad to add this one to it :) 2 coats.
The Styleproofed Collection is inspired and named by finger food. I like the reference to food, and all of the shades are super pretty. They don't seem to the that fall-themed, however. I got one of the colors from this collection, the most interesting one: 07S, Green Chai.
Green Chai is a very light mint shade with lots of glitter in it. The glitter is green, golden and pink. They're rather big and make the nail polish super interesting. I like how it's so unusual! 2 coats, and it dries a little gritty.
What do you think of this collection? I'm really excited about these :)
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 25 August 2012

NOTD August 25th: Kiko - 374

Hey there!
Today I want to show you another pretty Kiko polish, 374.
374 is a deep brown with a warm shimmer. The shimmer particles are light brown and gold and they make the polish look very glowy. When indoors, it can look a little flat, but once in direct sunlight, the shimmer really comes to live and looks so pretty!
Application was great, no issues whatsoever. 2 perfectly smooth coats, full coverage with these.
I really like this shade! It's nice in the last few weeks of summer, because the summer sun makes it look so glowy, but it also makes me think of fall :)
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 24 August 2012

Spotted: Essence Color Arts LE

Hey everyone!
Guess what I found at the drugstore? Essence's Color Arts LE!
This LE contains 20 loose eyeshadows, different mixing bases and mixing tools. Here *click* you can see all of the products.
All of these products will be part of the new Essence permanent line that'll be available this fall. The Essence Color Arts line combines pigments and products to use and mix these.
Now, the loose eyeshadows: look at all those colors! They really are all bright, super colorful. That's of course cool, just not exactly when you're looking for something to wear on your eyes every day :D But they do look great, and I'm sure there'll be lots of possibilities to mix these.
For now, I picked 2 shades. The first one is 04 Broadway Starlet, which is pure glitter. The glitter is silver and blue, and it's very chunky. When you try to swatch it, it falls everywhere. I'd never use this one on my eyes, it would be all over the place and cause fall-out and eye irritations. Might be good for mixing, though!
The other color I got is 11 cotton candy. It's a light silvery shimmer baby pink, and I thought I might even wear this as an actual eyeshadow. It's again loose, but the texture is way softer than Broadway Starlet. It's easy to swatch and feels good.
The mixing bases are a nail polish base, a lip base and an eyeshadow base, all meant to be mixed with the pigments for a bigger variety in usage. For now I bought - of course - the nail polish base. It looks just like clear nail polish, and I can't wait to try it with Broadway Starlet!
The mixing tools are first of all a little applicator to mix the products, but I didn't think it was necessary to have. The other thing is little round mixing jars, and those are a great idea! They're about 3,5 cm wide and you have to unscrew the lids. They're clear, and I think they'd be perfect for any kind of storage, not only mixing pigments! Maybe little nail rhinestones or something like that, but definitely good to have :)
For now I think I have a good selection of products to try out, and I'm sure that'll be fun! You don't need to hurry to get these, they'll be permanent soon.
What do you think of the Color Arts line?
xoxo, Misch