Wednesday, 31 August 2011

15 Weird Facts Tag

Hey everyone!
Today I want to share a fun tag with you guys, the 15 Weird Facts About Me Tag! Let's get started, here are my weird facts!

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?I actually don't have a real one! My family calls me Mia, which is closer to my real name, and my friends call me Misch, which I use all the time. But nothing extraordinary!
#2. What's a weird habit of yours?

That's hard...Let's see, I always have to split my hair right. I have really long hair, and wear it down most of the time. Then I want on my left and right shoulder some strands, and also on my back. But their mustn't be too much hair on either part. So I keep separating my hair all the time, which is kinda weird...
#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Not really anything weird, just this one thing: I can't stand insects in my room at night. When there's something on my wall, and I switch off the light, I freak out because I can't tell where it is and what it's gonna do. Even though they're harmless most of the time, I just hate that.

#4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
I always always sing when I'm alone. My voice is really not made for singing, and I'm not musical at all, but I always sing something. Nothing special, just always the first thing that comes to my mind.

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
I hate it when people talk about things they have no idea of. Just to be cool, or something. That's what annoys me about all the time.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
I always have to have something to play with in my hands. No matter what it is, I have to touch something.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The left side. My bed is on a wall, and the left side is facing the room, not the wall. Between my bed and the wall there is a little gap, and I secretly feel like when something's coming from underneath my bed back there, I can escape faster ;) Silly, I know.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?
It was an elephant and I got it a few days after my birth. It was called Pepe and I had several Pepes because I would always have them with me, drag them everywhere and do everything with them.

#9. What's the drink you always order at starbucks?
Just the regular Latte Macchiato. At McDonald's, however, I always get a Mocha Frappé.

#10. What's a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?
I'm ashamed to admit this, but I don't really wash my make-up brushes regularly. I tell everyone to do that, and I know it's important, but I somehow always forget about it! And then, after several weeks, I wonder why they are so dirty...Bad, I know!

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
The front side, so I can see the room though my transparent shower doors.

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
No, unfortunately I don't. :/

#13. What's your favorite comfort food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
Chocolate. I know chocolate's not really bad, but in the amount I eat it, it probably is. Chocolate always works, no matter what time.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
I always say "yay". That might not sound that weird, but among the people I know, really nobody says that.

#15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?
PJ's. Most of the time a over-sized tee and and shorts. But it's all about being comfortable, and I can't stand wearing too much, because then it's so warm.

These are my weird facts! I'd really love to read yours! If you do this tag, or already did it, please leave me the link in the comments!
I'll talk to you later,
xoxo, Misch

NOTD August 31st: China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

Hey there!
Today I want to show you China Glaze's Rodeo Fanatic. It was part of their Rodeo Diva Collection from Fall 2008, but is still available at for example various online stores.
The color is a dark blue with a beautiful shimmer. It has a slight duo-chrome, looking a tiny bit purple in some angles, but that's not always visible. The shimmer is so pretty, it really glows in the sun and makes the polish look way deeper.
On me, it needed 2 coats for full opacity, but if you're a thick painter, you can get away with just one.
I just love it, it's so so pretty! Really luminous, and something special :) I even got compliments on it by strangers, it's so gorgeous!
Does anyone own this polish, too?
Talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

120 Palette Swatching Series: Lower Half, 1st Row

Hey you guys!
I finally had the chance to do the swatches of the second half of the palette, so from now on I'll have 6 more posts about it, yay :D You have no idea how good it feels to have these pictures done ;)
Let's get started immediately, shall we?

1 This first color is a true white without shimmer or anything, meaning, it's matte.
2 Here we have a true white with shimmer.
3 This color could be described best as a shimmery vanilla shade.
4 Here we have a light gray with lots of white in it, it's slightly shimmery.
5 This gray is a tad darker than number 4 and has the same shimmer.
6 Here we have a metallic gray silver.
7 This dark gray is also metallic-like with a ton of shimmer in it.
8 This is like number 7, but with just a tiny bit of shimmer in it, almost matte.
9 This is a true matte black, unfortunately a little patchy on swatches.
10 This is a true black with shimmer. It's really pigmented, but since it broke in my palette, it looks crumbly.
in the shade
in the sun
in the shade
in the sun
All swatches are done without a base.
Well, that's is for this row of the palette! These colors are all more wearable, and they're great for smokey eyes especially! I love that in this palette there are matte and shimmery versions of the basic black and white. They're all a bit chalky, but nothing you can't handle. Watch out for fall-out, however!
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Polish Finish Series: Glass Fleck

Hi there!
Today's episode of the Polish Finish Series is about Glass Flecks. Glass Fleck polishes contain glitter that looks a little like glass particles. The glitter is bigger and definitely visible. For the base, they use mainly Jelly polishes, hardly ever cremes (here *click* I talked about the Jelly finish, and here *click* about the Creme). Therefore, they apply rather sheer in the beginning and need most of the time 3 coats.
Very often, the glass fleck color is gold. When you have a polish with a strong golden glittery shimmer, it is most certainly a glass fleck. The background colors are most of the time bright, these polishes really stand out.
Especially China Glaze and Zoya are well-known for their glass flecks and have even whole collections with just glass flecks, like China Glaze's Summer Days Collection and Zoya's Sunshine Collection. But also other brands produce polishes with this finish.
A glass fleck is one of the finishes that gives you the prettiness of a glitter, without the pain when it comes to removal. But they can still be a bit difficult to remove.
The example polishes I want to show you are both from the Collections I already mentioned. I'm sorry I couldn't find any drugstore polishes in my stash with this finish.
Here's the first one, Apple by Zoya. It's a bright green with golden glass flecks. Here *click* showed it to you on my nails. It needs 3 coats.
The other polish is Strawberry Fields by China Glaze. It's a bright pink with golden flecks. Here *click* is a NOTD with it. 3 coats here, too.
Do you like glass flecks? I do for sure :)
Until then,
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 29 August 2011

Catrice Permanent Line Change #2

Hey there!
So I went back to the store to have a second look at the new permanent line by Catrice. Here are some pics:
I'm sorry they're not that good, but I had to take them secretly ;)
And I came home with two more things: a nail polish and a lip liner.
The nail polish is called Grey's Kelly, and it's a taupe with some purple in it, looks like taupe mixed with mauve. It's a creme, and a pretty fall polish. I can't wait to wear this when it's a little cooler :) It needs 2 coats.
The lip liner is called 040 Berry & Sally, and it's a berry rosewood color. A review will follow soon!

I had actually planned on getting the dupe to Chanel's Black Pearl, called Captain Sparrow's Boat (love that), but it was sold out :P Hopefully they'll have it there again soon!
Hope this helped you out a little :)
xoxo, Misch

Swatches: Catrice Nail Polish in Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans

Hey there!
I'm sorry to spam you with that much Catrice stuff, but I really want to show this all to you, so I hope you don't mind :)
Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans is a polish that will be discontinued soon, so better be quick if you still want to have it. It's a deep denim blue with bright blue micro shimmer. It needs 2 coats for full opacity and applies like a creme.
My camera just wouldn't pick this color up right. It's lighter than the swatch picture, but a tad darker than the bottle picture...a mix between the two! Sorry I can't show it to you accurately, I tried a hundred times :P
I'm so glad I still found this, because I really wanted to get it! So pretty :)
Do you like this one?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Review: Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in 08 Touch Of Glam

Hey there!
After the recommendation from both Salander and marox, I decided to buy this eye pencil. Here's what I think about it:
  • available in the Essence permanent line at most drugstores
  • the color is a slightly shimmery dark purple, called 08 Touch Of Glam
  • costs about 1,50 Euros 
  • you need to unscrew it, it's one of those automatic eyeliners
  • pretty color
  • is opaque easily, you don't need several coats
  • price
  • availability
  • color lasts all day
  • it's nice to wear color without overdoing it 
  • doesn't work on the water line, at least not on mine
  • it smudges when you sweat
I really like this eye pencil, thanks for recommending it to me, girls :)
Does anyone else use it, too?
xoxo, Misch

NOTD August 28th: Catrice - Marilyn & Me

Hey there,
yesterday I already showed you this nail polish when I told you that I spotted the new Catrice permanent line. Now I want to show it to you on my nails!
Marilyn & Me is a medium red with shimmer, and sparse red glitter. It's shiny and glowy and really pretty. Please enlarge the pictures to see that better!
I'm wearing 3 thin coats, even though it was already opaque after 2. I just did the 3rd to see whether it made any difference, but it didn't.
It's the good Catrice quality, applied smoothly with the wide brush. But unfortunately the wear isn't too great, at least on me, I had tip wear after the first and chippings after the second day.
I do like this shade of red, but it feels a little more like a winter, Christmas polish to me. But that's alright ;)
Do you like it? And will you get it?
I'll talk to you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 27 August 2011

As Time Passes By Tag

Hey you guys,
this is a short fun tag I really wanted to share with you! It is more of a nail polish tag, because you're supposed to show the first mani you ever posted, and the most recent one, too. Let's see how my pictures from back then compare :D

This is the first NOTD I ever posted on this blog. The polish isn't applied nicely, it's chipped, the picture is not cropped, it has a weird background, no signature and because of the crappy quality you can't even tell the color properly. This honestly scares me a little ;)
Luckily, I've learned a lot ever since, and now my pictures are way better in my opinion. They're cropped, focused, show the color nicely and have a signature. My nails are also painted way more neatly than back then, but they're about the same length.
What do you say? I hope you like my new pictures better ;)
I really love this tag, it's so fun! So I really want to tag all of you! Please please do this tag, it's so so cool! Just write me the links to your posts in the comments, I really want to see them!
See ya!
xoxo, Misch

Spotted: Catrice New Permanent Line Fall 2011

Hi there!
When I went to the drugstore yesterday to pick up a bottle of shampoo, I of course couldn't resist looking in the beauty aisle ;) And there I was really surprised to find the new Catrice permanent line which isn't supposed to be launched for at least another week! Unfortunately I was in a hurry and didn't have time to look at it all in detail, but I took one thing with me, a nail polish. It's called Marilyn & Me, and it's a bright red shimmer polish with a few random big glitter particles. A NOTD will follow tomorrow.
It's not really common, at least as far as I know, and it's really pretty! For full opacity, it needs 3 coats. It reminded me a little of China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, so I compared them, but they aren't exactly alike. The Catrice version is lighter, with less sparkle and the glitter is more sparse. Enlarge the pictures to see that better!
Other than the nail polishes, which were most of the time a little too metallic for my taste, I also got a quick look at the pretty eyeshadows, and all of the other stuff. When I get a more detailed look at it, I'll tell you more!
Do you like the polish? And do you want to see something certain from the new permanent line?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 26 August 2011

Swatches: Catrice Eyeshadow Duo in Missing: Jack & Rose

Hi you guys,
today I want to show you swatches of an eyeshadow duo by Catrice that will soon be leaving the permanent line. I got this on sale, for 1,95 Euros instead of something around 3 Euros.
The colors are a pale blue and a medium blue with a hint of green in it. They're not fully matte, but there's also no exact shimmer in them, I'd say it's a sheen what they have.
They're buttery and easily to apply. Pigmentation is great, they go on smoothly.
I haven't worn it yet, but when the weather finally cools down a little, I'll do a look with it. Right now it's just too hot to wear any make-up.
Do you own this duo? Or will you get it when it's on sale?
I'll see you guys later!
xoxo, Misch

NOTD August 26th: China Glaze - Starboard

Hey there!
Today I want to show you a polish from China Glaze's Anchors Away Collection from this spring. You can still get it at a lot of online stores.
Starboard is a grassy green, not too light or dark. It also doesn't tend to blue or yellow too much, nicely balanced out. It applied squishy, and therefore I needed 2 to 3 coats. On some nails only 2, on some 3. It's a creme and is very shiny on it's own.
Do you like this type of green?
Talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch