Monday, 29 April 2013

EOTD April 29th: Daily Neutral Look

Hey there!
I haven't done an EOTD in like forever, so here is one for you guys!

I know this look is far from being special, but I just wanted to share what I wear every day! I use a light skin tone shade on my lid, a warm shimmery light brown in my crease and mascara. That's just it!
What do you wear during the day?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 28 April 2013

NOTD April 28th: Essence Guerilla Gardening LE - 04 Floral Glam

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to show you the other nail polish I got from Essence's Guerilla Gardening LE, called 04 Floral Glam.
Floral Glam is a hot red orange shade. It's very shiny and bright.
Application was great, this has a super squishy consistency. That did mean, however, some visible nail line. I still left it like this after 2 coats.
I love how fun this shade is, it's definitely not for the shy! But I think this would also look great on toe nails :) But again, I bet this is rather dupeable.
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: Catrice Geometrix LE Translucent Mattifying Powder

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to review the powder I got from Catrice's current Geometrix LE!
  • Catrice Translucent Mattifying Powder
  • part of the Geometrix LE, April 2013
  • contains 8g
  • costs 3,99 Euros
  • doesn't have any actual color
  • promises to mattify and at the same time add a radiant finish
  • is oil free
  • price
  • no color, and therefore useable for lots of skin tones
  • mattifies nicely
  • is easy to apply with powder brush or kabuki
  • it makes your skin look very even
  • gives you a natural look
  • it's limited
  • when using just a bit too much, it definitely looks cakey
  • it doesn't last too long: after around 6 hours I get shiny again (I have combination oily skin) and have to reapply it
  • you don't get any coverage with it
After all, I can't fully recommend this powder. It is a good product, and I will continue using it. But the poor wear is a huge downside that can't be neglected. Think twice before getting this one!
Has anyone of you tried it?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 26 April 2013

NOTD April 26th: Essence Guerilla Gardening LE - 01 I'm The Moss

Hey there!
Today I'd like to show you the color I'm The Moss from Essence's current Guerilla Gardening LE.
I'm The Moss is a medium green creme. I'd say it's rather yellow-toned and also a little muted.
Application was great, it has a very squishy consistency. That did, however, cause some cuticle dragging. I ended up doing 3 thin coats.
This is a lovely green shade, not too bright, but also not really unique. Would you like me to do a comparison with it?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spotted: Essence Guerilla Gardening LE

Hi there!
Today I'd like to share my thoughts on Essence's new Guerilla Gardening LE!
This LE contains 3 eyeshadows, 2 eyebrow mascaras, 2 lip creams, 2 cream to powder blushes, 4 nail polishes, 2 nail effect powders, 1 nail art brush and a set of hair ties.
Here *click* you can find an overview of the whole collection.
The three eyeshadows are light green, light grey and dark brown. They seemed to be rather matte. Due to the lack of testers I unfortunately have no idea about their pigmentation.
The eyebrow mascaras are basically tinted eyebrow gels. They have one for blondes and one for brunettes.
The lip creams come in very bright shades, a hot cool-toned pink and a very warm orangeish red. They have a strong vanilla scent and are very pigmented. Same as with the Catrice Geometrix Lip Creams, I don't really dare to wear such bold shades!
The cream to powder blushes are in coordinating shades with the Lip Creams. Again, too bold for me.
The nail polishes come in medium green, light green, bright red and hot pink. They are all cremes and nothing special, but I still bought two of them.
The first one is called 01 I'm The Moss, and it's a mossy medium green creme. 2 coats here.
The other one is called 04 Floral Glam, and it's the hot red. It has jelly qualities and an orange touch to it. 2 coats as well, very squishy.
The nail effect powders are flocking powders in the shades green and hot pink. They're like tiny little bits of fluff to be used on your nails for a textured look. I decided to try one, and got 01 I'm The Moss.
The nail art brush is some kind of fan brush, also helpful for the flocking powder. I already own Kiko's version of this one.
The hair ties are fun but not my style.

After all, this is a fun and very bright and bold LE! I liked a few things, how about you?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NOTD April 24th: Zoya - Rica

Hi there!
Today I'd like to show you Rica by Zoya!
Rica is a very interesting color. I'd say it's mainly a coral shade, but it has a very strong golden glass fleck-like shimmer, and it looks different at every angle! It can go from golden over bright orange to coral to hot pink!
Application was fine, this one is good apply. I did have issues with visible nail line, however, so I did three coats.
It's such a stunning shade!
Rica was part of the Sunshine Collection of Summer 2011, but you should still be able to get it.
What do you think of Rica? Do you love it as much as I do?
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Review: Catrice Candy Shock LE Nail Sugar Pearls C01 Cotton Candy

Hey there!
Today I'd like to finally review the Nail Sugar Pearls from Catrice's Candy Shock LE.
They're basically tiny little beads to be used on your nails. Mine are in the shade C01 Cotton Candy. They are currently still available and cost 2,95 Euros for 17g.

The first time I tried them, I used the cream-colored beads over a hot pink nail polish. Not such a good idea, because in my opinion it just doesn't look good when the beads are lighter than the nail polish.
So, next try. This time with a matching background color, Something Sweet by China Glaze.

Application: I first of all painted my nails and waited for it to dry a little. Then I added one thick coat of top coat, and held my nail over a tiny container. Now I poured the beads onto the nail, directly from the bottle. I made sure I got every corner and then pressed the beads in place. So far, so good.
Wear: I did my nails at night, and went to bed when they were dry. Surprisingly, only a couple of beads had come off during the night, so few that it wasn't noticeable on the nail. Next I went to shower. That wasn't as much of a good idea, because that made me lose quite a lot of beads. When you don't look too closely, it still doesn't matter, but up close you can definitely tell the bald spots. During the day then, pretty much all of the beads came off. Washing hands, doing normal stuff like typing or cleaning up a bit made me lose them.
Feeling: the feeling of the beads on your nails is rather funny. They aren't in the way or anything, only when you do your hair. But the texture is quite unusual!
with some beads gone
After all, I think these beads are a fun thing to try out. They look very cute when worn as a statement, on your accent nail like I do here. For a special occasion, a great look to try out. But I suggest you then do your nails when showering and doing your hair is already done, as you might ruin your look otherwise. This is nothing for day-to-day, but very pretty :)

What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 22 April 2013

NOTD April 22nd: China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to show you one of my first ever bought China Glaze nail polishes, Strawberry Fields.
Strawberry Fields has a cool-toned hot pink base that is filled with very visible golden glass flecks. It's simply stunning!
Application was good, it was a tiny bit on the thin side so I used 3 coats to avoid visible nail line.
Strawberry Fields was part of the Summer Days Collection of Summer 2009. You should still be able to get this, however.
I simply love how fun and bright this color is, one of my must-haves!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spotted: Catrice Geometrix LE

Hey there!
Yesterday I saw Catrice's new Geometrix LE at my local drugstore, so this is what I have to talk about today!
This LE is all about prints and colors, and it contains 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 mascara, 1 matte lip creams, 1 kit of blush papers, 1 translucent mattifying powder, 1 kabuki brush and 4 nail polishes. All promo pics can be seen here *click*.
The eyeshadow palette consists of six shades. The darker ones seemed to be quite well-pigmented, the lighter ones, however, not so much. All shades are shimmery and chalky.
The mascara is a volumizing waterproof one, but as far as I know also part of the permanent line.
The matte lip creams come in the shades of orange and red. Both have sweet but nice scent and a very light formula. They are extremely pigmented! I would have loved to try one of these, but I'd never wear such bold shades, so I left them there.
The blush papers are basically like blotting papers but with a tint to them. These are pink with a very strong silver shimmer. Too much for my taste, and I fear they won't pay off that much color.
The translucent mattifying powder looked nice, it's of a very light color that isn't visible on skin. Since I needed a new powder anyway, I decided to give this one a try. A review will follow!
The kabuki brush comes in a handy little reusable container and looked very soft. I have enough kabukis, so I didn't get it, but I heard good things about this one.
Last but not least, the nail polishes. They're all creme shades, blue, orange, yellow and red. Nice basic shades, but nothing I don't already own.

After all, this is a cute and colorful LE, and fans of bold looks will surely love it!
What do you think of this one?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 20 April 2013

NOTD April 20th: Astor - 72

Hi everyone,
today I'd like to show you the color 72 from Astor's Fash'n Studio line.
72 is a bright coral creme. It's a rather dark shade of coral, leaning orange, but it's not that bright. Somehow corals never look all that coral on me, but let me assure you, this really is a coral shade.
Application was good, although I did have some issues with visible nail line. I ended up doing 3 coats.
I have no idea whether this one is still available, I fear it's not, but I'm very sure it's not hard to find a regular coral creme :)
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 19 April 2013

Book Review: The Tortilla Curtain by T.C.Boyle

Hey there!
Today it's time for another book review! This time I'm talking about The Tortilla Curtain by T.C.Boyle, which I had to read for my English class.
The Tortilla Curtain tells the story of two different people and their lives. The first person, Delaney, is a somewhat rich white guy, living in a gated community very near Los Angeles. The other one is a illegal Mexican immigrant called Candido, who lives in poverty. Both lead their life together with their wives, and the book basically tells what happens to them. They meet at a couple of points in the story.
For the most part the chapters a devided between the views of Candido and Delaney, sometimes also their wives. There isn't a first person narrator, however.
The book shows a lot of details in the story, and it all was described very well. However, I did not enjoy it too much, some parts were too gross for my liking, all this talking about excrements and abuse was simply disgusting. Also some parts very just not interesting to me, how can so much fuss be made about a dog for example? This might not make sense to you if you haven't read it, but it doesn't matter really.
Also, I wasn't able to see so much of a "intersection" of the main characters' worlds apart from a few incidents, that was disappointing.
What I also didn't like was the end, how can a book just go on boringly for 300 pages and then on the last couple there's a kind of show down that ends right in the middle of it? Don't think a book can have more of an open end!
I found the book okay, but not all that great. To be honest, if I'd been able to choose whether to read it or not, I wouldn't have read it. It's just not my kind of book!
And I'm supposed to add that my best friend also didn't like it, she explicitly wanted me to tell you :D
Has anyone of you read it?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 18 April 2013

NOTD April 18th: Astor - 70

Hey there!
Today I'd like to show you a bright blue nail polish, as it is quite a popular color for this spring! I'm talking about Astor's Fash'n Studio nail polish in the shade 70.
70 is a bright blue shade, with the tiniest hint of purple in it. It's a creme.
The consistency was slightly thin, which makes for a great shine, but also made me use 3 coats so I didn't have any visible nail line anymore.
I really really like this type of blue for spring! I have no idea whether this one is still available, but I'm sure you can always find a substitute. Maybe something like Kiko's 336?
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

LE Previews for May 2013

Hey there!
Today I'd like to show you some Essence LE previews that I found online, all for the month of May!
First of all, we have a LE called High Heel Mania, which can be seen here *click*. It contains all kinds of products for your feet, also some toe nail polishes. I'm not too excited about that one.
The next one, called Guerilla Gardening, *click*, looks quite fun! I love the shades for the beginning of summer, and I'm quite interested in the lip creams, cream blushers, tinted eyebrow gels, and nail art powders! I'll have to see what actually convinces me at the store, however!
Last but not least, another Essence LE. It's called Ticket To Paradise, but I wasn't able to find any official press release about this one. There's only this picture: *click*. Again, looks very fun and colorful, but I have to see it in reality.
What do you think of this LEs?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 15 April 2013

NOTD April 15th: China Glaze - Life Preserver

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to show you China Glaze's Life Preserver!
 Life Preserver is a muted poppy orange creme. In my pictures it actually looks a tad too bright.
Application was really great, it's super squishy and easy to apply. I did 2 coats for these pictures, which were enough for full opacity. Really good!
Life Preserver was actually part of China Glaze's Anchors Away Collection from Spring 2010, but you should still be able to get it :)
I really love this polish, it's one of my favorite orange shades and it works great for spring :)
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 14 April 2013

DIY Geometric Triangle Print Flats

Hey there!
Today I'd like to show you a little DIY project of mine! For the warmer season I wanted to have some cool flats that I could wear everywhere but that are bright and fun! I wasn't utterly convinced by the selection of local stores, so I thought of a design I liked and made my own Geometric Triangle Print Flats!
Of course I can't literally make my own shoes, so I had to purchase a simple pair of ballet flats to work with first. Here I just went for the regular H&M ballet flats they have every year, and chose a happy bright blue shade. These are only 10 Euros and great to work with. I'm wearing a German size 37.
To do the triangle print all I used was tape, fabric paint in black and a paint brush.
I wanted the triangle print to be all over the shoes, so I just used the tape and cut out random trinagles in all kind of shapes and sizes to stick them all over the shoe. I didn't leave too much space between them, covering it all up. I also put on the tape to keep a clean edge at the top and bottom.
Then I painted all over it with black fabric paint, let it dry for a couple of hours and then did a second coat to be sure everything was covered. When that was dry I removed all of the tape, which luckily came off very easily.
And now I have shoes that look like they're black with bright blue triangles on them! I love how they turned out and I'm sure I'll be wearing them all the time :) What I really like is that they don't look the same, which makes it more random and fun :)
What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 13 April 2013

NOTD April 13th: Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach LE - 05 BBC Golden Sands

Hi there!
Today I'd like to show a rather old nail polish, BBC Golden Sands from Essence.
BBC Golden Sands is a shimmery bronze copper kind of shade, and it contains a few flakie particles, also in copper shade. It's bronze enough not to look golden.
Application was fine, it was a tiny bit on the thick side but nothing you have to worry about. I did 2 coats for full opacity here, they were enough.
BBC Golden Sands was part of the Summer 2011 Sun Club Bondi Beach LE. Therefore it isn't available anymore, which is sad, because I love this shade!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch