Saturday, 20 September 2014

4 girls, 1 bus, and 6 countries.

This is me saying Goodbye to you guys. Not forever, mind, but for the next two months. Not because I'm tired of blogging, but because I'm going on a road trip!

Together with three close friends of mine, we'll be travelling around the western part of Europe from today on.
Our route takes us first to France, from where we'll be taking a ferry to Ireland. After Ireland we're going to catch another ferry in Nothern Ireland, which will then take us to Scotland. There we'll be touring the Highlands, see some cities, and then make our way south through England and Wales. Our last stop in the middle of November will then be London.

Quite a route, right?
We're super excited and really looking forward to seeing everything!

Due to being on the road in our little bus, I won't be able to update on here.
If you do want to keep track of our journey, you can follow us on Intstagram via the #4girls1bus, our you can go ahead and follow my Intstagram account, poetenmisch. Links can be found in the ABOUT ME tab above.

I'll be leaving you guys now, be save and have a great 2 months!
See you soon!

xoxo, M

Friday, 19 September 2014

Tape Nail Art + BornPrettyStore Nail Tape Review

The last product of my BornPrettyStore series to show you guys! It's their Nail Art Striping Tape*.

Using this tape, I tried two different techniques. The first one just required putting the tape onto my nails.
It is super easy to apply. All I did was cut off a little part, stick it onto my nail, and cut off the excess. It sticks very nicely and therefore doesn't even require a top coat to seal it. You can apply one, though, if you want.

The tape doesn't come off easily during wear, which makes this a very lasting design.
And you can create so many different looks!
The second way I tried it was to use it as a tape, paint over it, and then remove it. That didnt work out so great.
I had painted on a base colour, sticked on the tape, and painted over it. So far no problems to be seen, all went well. I let the polish dry, and then removed the tape.
Unfortunately the tape had stained onto the nail polish, leaving some red marks where it was. Also, it had removed the base colour I was wearing.
So this technique is not so good with this tape!

After all, I'm a huge fan of the tape, because you can create so many fun looks with it! It's unfortunate that you can't paint over it, but it doesn't really matter. It's not the usage for what it's made after all :D

What do you think of it?
xoxo, M


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rhinestone Nail Art + BornPrettyStore Rhinestones Review

Today it's time for the next review and nail art design using my BornPrettyStore stuff! Here are the rhinestones.
Products used
Essence 50s Girls Reloaded LE 01 Ahoy
BornPrettyStore 2mm Rhinestones*

The rhinestones are fairly easy to apply to your nails. I painted the desired area with a clear top coat, and then, using tweezers to pick them up, pressed the rhinestones into the still wet nail polish.

You have to make sure to let them dry thoroughly, because otherwise they'll be coming off your nail very easily. Once they're dry, though, they stay in place!
What I don't particularly like about rhinestones is the fact that they are somewhat bulky. With these, though, it's not so bad, they're fairly small! But still, you get them caught in your hair when brushing through it, or on your clothes.

The wear is fine, concerning the obvious fact that these won't stick too long. When being careful, your design might last you a couple of days, but once you do some hard work with your hands, they'll come off pretty fast.

After all, I do like these rhinestones a lot, I love how they look. I'm not the biggest fan of the feeling of wearing them, but still, I do recommend them!

Have you tried rhinestones on your nails?
xoxo, M


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Paisley Nail Art + BornPrettyStore Brushes Review

After showing you my little haul from BornPrettyStore, today it's time for the first nail art design using the products!
Paisley Nail Art - products used:
Essie Cute As A Button
Essence 50s Girls Reloaded LE 01 Ahoy
BornPrettyStore Nail Art Brushes*

The design is very detailed and took quite so time to create, but I think it was well worth it! I used all three of the nail art brushes, which vary in bristle length. So for longer lines, I used the longer brushes, and same goes for the shorter lines.

All brushes are very thin, and especially once you dip them into polish they leave one controlled thin line. By varying the pressure on the nail you can determine how thick your line turns out.
The brush I like best is the first one, with the shortest bristles. You have the most control with it, and you don't have to fear slipping with the long bristles, which might happen when you use the brush with the longest bristles. But with a steady hand you can control them all nicely.

Cleaning was also very easy, I wiped them on a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, and the colour came off right away. They also didn't lose any bristles.

I'm very pleased with these nail art brushes! They are great for all kinds of details, not only lines. I love how precise you can be with them, and the price is also really great! They retail for 2,99$ on the website as linked above.
If you're looking for new nail art brushes, I can highly recommend these!

xoxo, M


Saturday, 13 September 2014

BornPrettyStore Haul

A little package arrived in the mail today, from BornPrettyStore! And its contents is what I'll be showing you now.
I want to mention already now that these products were sent to me free of charge for review, which makes this a sponsored post. This does, however, in no way affect the opinion presented on here. You can read more about that in my Disclaimer policy you'll find on top of this page!

Shipping from their store was simple, but took quite some time. That's of course only normal within the distance from Singapore to Germany!

The first thing I got are these lovely nail art brushes. They come in a set of three, and have different lenghts, The bristles are rather thin and long, which is great for drawing delicate lines! They also come with plastic caps which protects the bristles from damage. You can find them here on the website.

Second, I received a Nail Art Striping Tape. Mine is a shimmery red, really pretty and great for nail art designs. You can stick the stripes onto your nails and leave them there, you can use it as a tape to create different looks with nail polish! Lots of different ways of use therefore. You can find it here on the site.

And finally, I got these 2mm Rhinestones, also used for nail art. They're of a fun plum colour, and rather tiny, which makes them great to be incorporated into designs. Can't wait to use them! Find them here on the website.

In this post I just wanted to introduce you to the things I got, because that makes it easier for me to show them in future posts! So you can expect some nail art coming up!

What are your thoughts on these products?
xoxo, M


Friday, 5 September 2014

Benefit The Porefessional

What I'd like to show you today is pictures of one of my newest products to try out: Benefit's The Porefessional.
The Porefessional is a primer which is meant to minimize your pores. There are two possible ways of application: underneath your make-up as an actual primer, so you have a base to work with, or to refresh it, directly over your make-up. The first possibility will guarantee a longer last.
The product comes in different sizes, and what I bought is a travel size, as I thought it would be enough to try it out. It therefore contains 7,5 ml and cost me 10,90 €. The regular size contains 22 ml and retails for 33,99 €.
It comes in a little tube that you just press to get the product out. You then directly apply it to your face using your fingers. The warmth of your fingers will melt it into your skin easily.

The consistency is very smooth, you can tell that a lot of silicones are included in it. It makes your skin feel very smooth and even, but also closes and therefore cloggs your pores. You can tell a shrinking of the pores, I was definitely able to see it!
Due to the fact that it cloggs your pores in order to make them look smaller, I wouldn't recommend this for daily use. That would be too much, and not be good for your skin. For special occasions, however, I can most likely see myself using it again.

Has anyone of you tried it out?
xoxo, M

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August 2014 Favourites

With August already being over, it is time to show you my favourites from the past month!

MAC Patina
This is such a beautiful eyeshadow! It's of a medium brown shade, not too warm, and it's finish is a frost, which makes for a nice shimmer. I loved using this for all kinds of daily looks! Here you can see swatches of it.

Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE Blush
One of my all time favourite blushes. It's matte, which makes it wearable with any kind of look, and the nice rosewood pink colour is also great! Here's a review on it.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow No Pressure!
This cream eyeshadow is my new true love. It's just so versatile! You can wear it at any kind of opacity you like, make it neutral or dramatic, and it's super simple and quick to apply. Here are more detailed pictures of it.

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother
A new product by Catrice, and one that can be used all the time. Its shine makes for a great look, but it's natural enough to be worn during day. It's also very caring and tastes great! Check out a review on it.

MAC MSF Soft & Gentle
This is one of the prettiest products I've even owned! Soft&Gentle is so beautiful, makes for the perfect highlight and is easy to apply. Can't get enough of its gorgeousness! Here you can see some swatches.

The Body Show Eyelash Curler
This has always been my eyelash curler, but this month especially I've been noticing what a great job it does! Really makes a difference with my lashes, I love it!

Yves Rocher Aquarelles Végétales Perfume
I'd completely forgotten about how much I used to love this perfume, and was so glad to discover my bottle was still smelling great and had enough left of it! Also reminds of a couple of summers ago when I used to wear it all the time.

Please let me know about your favourites of the month of August! Leave me a link to your post or just a comment telling me about it!

xoxo, M