Monday, 22 August 2011

NOTD August 22nd: Zoya - Reva

Hey everyone,
first off sorry for the short break yesterday, I wasn't at home for 2 days and didn't have time to preblog more.
Now let's get into today's polish: Reva by Zoya. This one is from their Sunshine Collection for Summer 2011, and it's another gold glass fleck, like the other two, Rica and Apple, that I showed you.
It's a deep, blue-toned berry pink with that strong gold sparkle, and it needed 3 thin coats. If you paint rather thick, you can get away with 2 coats.
Depending on how the sunlight hits your hand, the gold sparkle can be really obvious or rather more of a glow. I hope you can get an idea of that with the pictures. Enlarge them to see the golden foil fleck shimmer better :)
Do you like this? I sure do :) I really love pinks with gold glass flecks.
I'll see you next time!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Wonderful colour, I love it!
    Please stop increasing my wishlist! Haha!

  2. Blog when you feel like it, my dear. Otherwise, it'll become homework.

    Nice gold flecks. Are Zoya polishes as good as they say?

  3. @Salander: haha, sorry :D just pretend you didn't see it ;)

    @marox: haha, thanks :)
    yeah, right?! I think so, they apply easily and last for quite a few days. But I haven't tried a lot of them yet.


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