Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Review: Catrice Evolution To Revolution - Black Volume Mascara

Hey guys!
I finally have the review for the new Catrice mascara, called Evolution To Revolution - Black Volume Mascara, ready! It's part of the current Modern Muse LE, but in September it'll be available in the permanent line.
What makes this mascara so special is that it has two "looks" in it, meaning two openings for different looks. But it's not double-ended, it has both wands on one side! I'm sure some of you have no idea how that works, like I did in the beginning. It's actually quite simple: it's both times the same wand, and when you choose Look 1, it's getting pulled through the shaft of Look 2. Sounds a little complicated, but it really isn't. When you use Look 1, your wand has way less product on it, because it's being pulled through the shaft of the other handle. When you choose Look 2, it's not getting through and extra thingy, and has way more product on it. Hope that makes sense to you ;)
The wand is quite big, I'd say it's comparable to Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, but I don't have it here so I'm not 100percent sure. The color is a plain black, and it also looks like that on the lashes, it's opaque.
When you use Look 1, which is for natural volume, the handle is really really long and thin. I find it a tad too long when I'm in front of the mirror, because I'm short-sighted. But you can handle it. There's only a small amount of product on the wand, and I find that it's perfect that way. The result's not getting clumpy, and it lengthens and also volumizes nicely.
that's what the wand looks like when you choose Look1
Look 2 is for dramatic volume, and with it the handle's a little thicker and I find easier to control. But the wand has way too much product on it. The excess is not really getting wiped off, and therefore it causes clumping and doesn't separate the lashes. No matter whether you use it on it's own or over step 1, it's always like that.
that's what the wand looks like when you choose Look2
I think the best way to show the result is with pictures. So here you go:
First of, my natural lashes:
Now we have one coat with Look 1:
Here's just Look 2:
And last but not least, Look 2 over Look 1:
As you can tell, when Look 2 is involved, it's always messy and clumpy.
The mascara dries fast and lasts all day without smearing or anything, it also doesn't flake off. But it's not waterproof.
So, as my conclusion, I have to say that I love Look 1, but not Look 2. In my opinion Look 2 is really not needed, I'd buy the mascara rather without this second way to apply it. For a price of 4,45 Euros it's okay, even if you won't use Look 2. But I'm not sure whether I will repurchase it.
Will you buy it? Or do you think it doesn't make sense when you use only Look 1?
Until then,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I like look 2 too! I think you just need to comb the lashes a little bit but the result is very good. I would really like to try it!

  2. @Salander: I'll try that some time :)


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