Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Pencil Liner Collection Part #2: more colorful shades

Hey there!
This is the second part of my pencil liner collection, and it will show you my more colorful shades. Here *click* you can see my other post about the first half of my collection. When you see them, you'll notice that I seem to like certain colors ;) Here you go:
1 Yves Rocher Luminelle Crayon Khol in bleu pacifique - This liner has a bright, vibrant summer blue color. Unfortunately it's a little on the hard side.
2 Essence Crazy About Color LE in Addicted to Blue - I like this metallic shimmery bright blue, and it's also soft!

3 Manhattan Khol Kajal Eyeliner in 710N - this deep navy blue is really creamy and pretty!
4 Essence Secrets Of The Past LE in ?? - here we have a petrol blue color that also has a sponge smudger at the other end.

5 Manhattan X-treme Last Eyeliner in 87T - this jade colored eyeliner has small shimmer particles and really lasts long, like the name promises.
6 Essence Crazy About Color LE in Crazy About Green - this is a light green eyeliner with a metallic shimmer. It's really soft.

7 Essence's 2in1 eyeliner in You &Me - Here's the darker side of this double-ended eyeliner. I love the dark green with the shimmer, but unfortunately it's so hard that I don't get the color onto my eye.

8 Essence's 2in1 eyeliner in You & Me - This is the lighter side of it, a creamy milky light green. With it I have the same problem as with the other side of it.

The swatches are done without a base in the shade.
I hope you liked this part of my collection! For colors apparently I really only like blues and greens...I'm not kidding, I don't have any other pencil liners!
What colors do you prefer?
See ya!
xoxo, Misch


  1. We'd probably do the same one day. We prefer automatic liners, though.

  2. What about purple???? I love it and it looks great in brown eyes, trust me ;-)

  3. @marox: that'll be great :)

    @Vera: thank you :)

    @Salander: thanks for the advice, if you say so then it has to be great ;) do you recommend a certain one?

  4. Like Salander, I absolutely LOVE purple.
    Try '08 Touch of Glam' from the Essence Longlasting automatic eye pencils.
    The P2 has them in a gazillion colours, if my memory serves me right.

  5. I like the Essence long lasting one in Touch of glam. The purple Essence kajal doesn't paint much...

  6. @marox and Salander: you seem to like the same things ;) if you both recommend it, then I'll try it out :)


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