Thursday, 11 August 2011

Haul + Great Deal: L.A. Colors + NYX in Munich

Hi there!
I was just lately in Munich for a shopping trip and found an amazing deal there! I just wanted to tell you in case some of you live near Munich or are planning to go there any time soon.

Downtown, where they have their big shopping avenue, and on of the stores is called Fashion Club. It sells clothes, shoes and even a bit of make-up, and that's why it's interesting for us ;) I already told you about this store here *click*, when I found out that they had a huge NYX counter. The address is, according to Google, Neuhauser Str. 33, 80331 München.
They sell L.A. Colors nail polishes and NYX stuff. And now they have this amazing deal going on: everything on the counters is price-reduced, down to 1 Euro per piece! That's so amazing, all of the things just cost 1 Euro! And what's even better: if you buy 10 pieces, you get another 50% off, meaning you only pay 5 Euros for 10 things! How great is that?!
A lot of the things on the counters were already gone, but they are still filling them up again, at least as far as I know. But still, I recommend being quick if you want something!
When I was there, there wasn't really any NYX stuff left, so I only got nail polishes from L.A. Colors. Of course I had to take advantage of the 10 pieces for 5 Euros deal, and so I bought one regular polish and 9 Art Deco nail art polishes. Here are the colors I got:

- nail lacquer in spiced cider

- art deco nail art polish in blue glitter
art deco nail art polish in red glitter

art deco nail art polish in copper glitter
art deco nail art polish in silver glitter

art deco nail art polish in rainbow glitter

art deco nail art polish in limon 
art deco nail art polish in quirky turquoise

art deco nail art polish in tangerine

art deco nail art polish in wild fuchsia 
Everything is 2 coats on the nail wheel.
I love all of them, they'll be awesome for nail art!
Hope this helped some of you out :)
See ya!
xoxo, Misch


  1. OMG! Next time take me with you! Haha!
    If I go to Munich again, I will definetly visit that store, great informaction!

  2. I just bought 2 LA Colors Art Deco. It is m first time to own this fie stuff. I found them sitting at the bottom rack of a Dollar Store. Hehe! I'm lucky coz I found them. The cost $1.78 or Php 78.00 each. I bought Blue Glitter and Mint Green. :-)

  3. @Pam: that's really cool! :)


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