Wednesday, 17 August 2011

NOTD August 17th: China Glaze - Grape Pop

Hello Beauties :)
Today I want to show you a nail polish that I'm wearing right now. It's China Glaze's Grape Pop from their Up&Away Collection from Spring 2010. It's still available, however, at all kinds of different online stores.
The color is a blue-toned dark purple, and grape is pretty fitting for it in my opinion. It needed 2 coats for full opacity, and I find that the texture is a little sticky and thick. But it's still okay to apply.
Do you like this color? I do, it's pretty for pretty much all seasons :)
I'll see ya later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I love this shade. You're right, it works for all seasons.

  2. I love purple (that's why you got my recomendation for eye pencils ;-) ) and I agree with you that it's perfect for all seasons.
    See? You created new needs for me with Zoya and I created one with Fairy Dust for you, haha!

  3. @ourplegreenpanda and marox: thanks :)

    @Salander: I figured ;) Haha, that's so right ;)


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