Tuesday, 2 August 2011

EOTD August 2nd: Catrice Baked Eyeshadow Planet in C05 Venus Vs. Mars

Hey there!
Back when I showed you swatches of the Catrice Baked Eyeshadow Planet in C05 Venus Vs. Mars *click*, I was asked to do an EOTD with it. Now I've finally gotten around to doing it, I'm sorry it took so long!
I used the eyeshadow wet for this look, because I thought that way the color would show up better, and it did, indeed.
On the inner half of my lid I used a light matte gray color to help blending the color. It's the lighter side of the Alterra Matte Duo in 05 Smokey Grey. Then I started with the Catrice eyeshadow. I began in my very outer corner and applied it wet there. That way the color is way darker and also the blue shimmer peaks out better. I shaded the most part of my crease with this eyeshadow, and then used it dry to blend it into the matte light gray from the beginning. That wasn't the easiest thing to do, because it can be quite hard to blend an eyeshadow that has been applied wet. I also added the eyeshadow to the outer part of my lower lid.
All I did then was add mascara, Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara.
The look doesn't take too many colors, I'm sure you could do it with just the Catrice eyeshadow if you wanted to. It's more of a dramatic night-time look.
Be careful when it comes to fall-out, because that happens all the time with baked eyeshadows.
I also did a comparison of the eyeshadow applied 3 different ways: Normal, over a base, and wet.
Do yo still want a full, complete review of it, or do you think this EOTD and the swatches are enough? Let me know, I'll do it the way you like it :)
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Wet is definetly the way I would use this eyeshadow :-)
    Nice look, the colour looks gorgeous.
    I think no review is needed, you already did a good job :-)

  2. @Salander: thanks :)
    Okay, then I won't do one ;)


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