Thursday, 28 April 2011

EOTD April 21st: 50ies inspired eyes

Hey guys,
today's look is another neutral one.
To do this look you need to first prime your eye with an eyeshadow base, I used the one by RdLY. Then just appy a shimmery warm brown to your crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.This will make your eyes appear bigger, and depending on the shape you apply it, rounder or more oval. The color I used is the shimmery one from the Alverde Chocolate Quad. Next you want to highlight your eye in the inner corner and underneath your eyebrow with a cream color. I used the lightest one from the Alverde Chocolate Quad. For the black eyeliner I used the Essence Longlasting Eyeliner pen in black, but you can use a gel, liquid or pencil liner for that.
Then finish off your look with a coat of black mascara, like in my case, the RdLY diamond wish one.
And that's it already! I like this look a lot, it makes my eyes look bigger and rounder :)
I call it "50ies inspired" because the main focus is on the eyeliner, although it doesn't have a wing. It's more the toned-down day-appropriate 50ies inspired version :D long name...xDD
Do you like it?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spotted: Essence You Rock! LE: Nail Polish 02 Love, Peace and Purple

Hey there!
Seems like my local drugstore just basically decided to skip Essence's April LE, the Blossoms etc. one, and just went over to the May one, called You Rock. When I saw the online pics of this LE here *click* at, I didn't really think it was something so exciting, and it wasn't in real life better either. The things are nice, and some people might like some stuff, but after all...nothing too extraordinary, especially not for a beauty-addict who isn't surprised too easily :D
But there was one thing a little interesting: the polish that was already thought as the Chanel Paradoxal dupe. Well, even though I'm not a big fan of all of this hype, I got the polish that could be the dupe. I actually liked the color! It's not too typical for spring, but still...I immediately picked this out at the store, and only after looking at it for a while, I was like "That looks like it's Chanel Paradoxal!" :D So I didn't buy it because it could be a dupe after all. I have to say, I've looked at Paradoxal in stores for several times, and it looks A LOT like the Essence polish. And guess what, it really appears to be a dupe! *Click* here for the comparison at FragDieGurus. They look really alike!
And you can even take the cap off the Essence polish, just like you can do with the Chanel ones :D
So that's to say about the dupe thing :D
I already swatched it on my nail wheel, of course :D I wasn't painting too carefully, and what you can see on the pics is 3 extremely thin coats. 2 medium coats would've done the job :P What it looked like today, on a day without a lot of sun, is that the purple shimmer kinda vanishes a little once applied. I really hope that was just the lighting! I'd love to apply it, but right now I'm giving my nails a break, because I'm doing a two-week internship at a translator office, and can't wear nail polish there...But in two weeks you'll see hand swatches for sure :)
The bottle of this polish is little and rather square-shaped, and the brush is really short and thin! The texture of the polish is very liquid and runny. I compared the brush to a few others, as you can see on the pics :D It's way thinner and shorter than OPI brushes, as thick as but shorter than China Glaze brushes, and has about the same length as Essie brushes, but the handle's way longer with Essie brushes. It's really the handle that makes it so small :P The bottle shape reminds me a lot of RdL polishes, but the brushes are way different. RdL brushes are so much wider!
I might go back and have another look at the LE, it was nice :D The palette would've been nice for me too, but I decided not to pick it up because there were no testers, and Essence eyeshadows tend to be not too pigmented. Let me tell you, the lip stains looked so tiny, they could've almost been eyeliner pens! Oh, well...xD

Did anyone spot this LE yet? Are you gonna get something?? And will you get the Chanel dupe, even though the hype about this polish's been gone for a while?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

EOTD April 26th: Blue EOTD

Hi everyone,
I just did a dark blue look and I wanted to show it to you :)
It's not too wearable, but I was just in the mood to try something out, and for a party it might work :)
All I did was this: I first used an eyeshadow base, the one by RdLY. Then I applied a shimmery, metallic midnight blue to my crease, and for this I used the Manhattan MyBox eyeshadow in 78K which is unfortunately discontinued. I also used a little bit of this on my lower lashline. Then I added a bluish black to the v-area to darken up the look. In my case this was the pigment Blackstar Blue by Jesse's Girl. On my lid I applied a cream color, Nude Cream by Catrice.
For eyeliner I used the Essence eyeliner pen and applied, as always, the RdLY diamond wish mascara. And that's it :)
Where would you wear this look? To a party?
Bye & xoxo, Misch :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Book-Blogging #5: TAG!

Hi guys!
Today's Book-Blogging post is not about a certain book, but a tag! Yay, isn't that fun?! :D It's a mix of some tags I found and some self made up questions :) Hope you like it!
1. How do you organize your bookshelf?
I have a tall thin bookshelf with 4 several shelf-parts. And on every of these I have some books that belong together. Some are from one series and some are from the same author, but the books on one shelf have most of the time something in common. And on each of the shelves the books are either organized alphabetically, or, if they are from a series, chronologically. Might sound complicated, but it isn't ;)
2. What's your favorite book?
Well, that's really hard for me to pick because I read a lot of books and every book's special in its own way, so I just can't pick one here. But I love love love Harry Potter books :D
3. Where do you like to read?
I love to read somewhere comfy, so I read on my bed, a couch or outside on a campbed :) With a lot of pillows and stuff, just cozy and comfy.
4. What is your favorite book cover?
That one was actually kinda hard to pick, but I have to choose "shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater which I reviewed here *click*. It's such a pretty one!
5. If you could meet a book author, who would it be and why?
I'd love to meet Joanne K. Rowling because I love Harry Potter books. I'd like to meet the person behind them who made up all of that amazing stuff ;) I'm sure she's a very creative person.
6. What's Your favorite book from your childhood?
My very fist book, and also the one I loved most during my childhood is a little one with pics in it about a raven doing stuff. It's so adorable and I still have it at my place :)
7. What kinds of books do you usually read?
I love romantic and funny stories, as well as fantasy stuff, such as Harry Potter :D But I read love stories most of the time.
8. What type of book can't you stand at all?
I don't really like adventure stories or too creepy horror books. I'm more the type for happy things ;)
9.What do you like about reading?
I love the fact that you can really get into a book and forget everything around you. Reading a new book is  like diving into something new, a totally different world. I love how books can take your breath away with just some written words. In books so many things are possible.
10. What are you currently reading?
Right now I'm reading once again Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone :D I love it, and I have it in both English and German here.
11. Do you prefer series or single books?
I love a lot of series, just like -guess what- Harry Potter :D, Gossip Girl, Twilight and so on. I like them because the story's not ending too quickly. When there's a book I really really like, then I don't want it to end, so I'm really glad when it's part of a series that'll go on. Only downside to this is that then I'll have to buy multiple books ;) But I guess I prefer series.
12. Do you like movies or books better?
I prefer books most of the time, because they're way more detailed and in books there are way more things possible that just can't be done in movies. Most of the time, the movie to a book are really disappointing :P Only Harry Potter movies are as good as the books :D Sorry for mentioning it again :D

Well, that's it about this tag :D Now you know how much I love Harry Potter books :D If you want to know more of my love it these books, *click* here to read more :D <3
Feel free to do this tag, too, I'd love to read your fill-ins! If you do it, post the ling in the comments below so I can read it :)
I'll talk to you guys later!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hey there!
Today's Easter, and I just quickly wanted to say HAPPY EASTER to those of you who celebrate it.
 I hope you're all having a great day with your family or whoever you spend easter with!
   (\ /)
   ( . .)
C(")(") ♥ 
This little bunny is for you :D
I'll see you guys soon,
Happy Easter!
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 23 April 2011

NOTD April 23rd: Easter Nails :)

Hello there!
It's almost Easter and I did some Nail Art for this occasion :)
I first applied a light green all over my nails, it's Sold Out Forever by Catrice. Then I did several little designs. If you want to kn ow how to do them, go ahead and ask me, because it'd be too long to write it all here :)
That's it already,
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review: Nivea 2in1 Express Shampoo&Conditioner

Hi guys,
today's review is about a hair product, the Nivea 2in1 Express shampoo&conditioner. It's one I've been using for quite some time now and I actually like it a lot! :) This review will only be a short one, but I hope that's enough for you ;)

- it's supposed to clean&Care your hair in one step, doing the work of both a shampoo and a conditioner
- it costs about 2-3 Euros at most drugstores
- is suitable for every-day hairwash

- has a nice scent
- cleans my hair nicely
- lathers nicely
- has good ingredients
- cares my hair nicely for the fact how quick it is
- one thing for both steps: easy and quick
- good price
- isn't enough care for all the time, my hair sometimes needs more than just that

Well, that's it about it ;)
Does anyone of you use it, too?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NOTD April 19th: Kiwi Nails

Hey everyone!

First of all, I'm sorry that I'm not posting as regularly anymore, but I have a lot going on right now. I'm always a little busy and I'm not even sleeping at home all the time, so there's sometimes no chance that I can blog something. I'm trying to get this under control and post more regularly, but please forgive me if I'm not able to all the time ;) I really hope you can understand this, so thanks.

Onto today's actual post: I did another nail art piece that looks like cut-open kiwis ;)
I used Chresy 72 as the green base color and then used some basic black and white to create the rest of the design. I'm not gonna describe all the steps to you right now, if you want to see how to do it, *click* here and you'll see the video by Cutepolish. Do you like this design? My Mom didn't even recognize it was a kiwi ;)

I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Lipgloss Collection #1: Nude and Lighter Shades

Hi everyone!
I'm today starting another collection series, my lipgloss one. I mainly do these collection post to have the shades I already own organized, but also to provide you some swatches of everything. Today I'll be showing you my more neutral and lighter shades. Hope you like it! Here you go:

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss - 03 Timeless Beauty

This gloss has a very pale pink color with tons of silver shimmer in it. It has a light sweet taste to it and looks very shiny. The shine and color fade after a while, but the glitter stays.

Essence Eclipse LE Lipgloss 03 Ready To Be Bitten
This is a almost clear gloss with a lot of glitter in it, but it's not too chunky. The gloss has a very sweet and noticeable taste to it and is more on the sticky side.

Essence Secrets Of The Past LE Lipgloss 02 Floral Inspiration

A coral Gloss with a hint of shimmer in it. The gloss smells a little sweet, but not too noticeable. It is more on the sheer side and doesn't show the color too well, but it's very shiny.

NYX Round Lipgloss 28 Whipped
This gloss is a peachy cream color with some shimmer. But I don't like the lemony dish-soap taste...other than that, it's a nice nude gloss :)

Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipgloss 51A Chinese Litchi

A light cool pale pink gloss with silver shimmer it it. I love the texture and the taste of it <3 Actually my fave Neutral Gloss!

Yves Rocher Luminelle Deligloss 85 Rose a Croquer
I don't really like this gloss, it's a pale almost white rose gloss with a weird taste...not so much my fave...

Yves Rocher Coleurs Nature Plumping Sheer Gloss 06 Fraise
I like this gloss a lot, it's a slightly-reddish brown color with some shimmer. It's very sticky, but in a nice way, and lasts very long.

Well, that's it for this part! I hope you liked it, it was a lot of work to do ;) :D
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 15 April 2011

EOTD April 15th: Nude Chocolate Look

Hey there!
Today I'm wearing a really simple and natural EOTD that I did with the Chocolate quad by Alverde. I used the p2 double-ended brush which I reviewed here *click* to create it.
I first applied the lightest off-white shade all over my lid, from the lashline to right underneath the brow, using the fluffy side of the brush. Then I applied the sandy color with the stumpy side of the brush onto my direct lid. For the crease I actually used the fluffy side of the brush again, it worked really nice for just a not-too-precise shadowing. I used the darkest color for this.
And then I added the tiniest amount of the shimmery brown to my lower and upper lashline using the stumpy side again. I didn't make this bold or even noticeable because I only wanted the slightest hint of shadowing.
Then finish off with mascara, I used 2 coats of the Diamond Wish mascara by RdLY.
Do you like this look? It's really easy and fine for every-day :)
I'll talk you later!
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: P2 Sun City LE - Eyeshadow Brush

Hey guys,
today's review is  about an eyeshadow brush from the Sun City LE by p2 that'll be available all summer long.

The brush costs 2.95 Euros at dm and has a black handle and orange bristles. It's a double-ended brush with a more fluffy side and a stumpy hard one. The fluffy side is nice to apply anything in as light wash of color, whereas the stumpy side is perfect to apply the eyeshadow for example as a under-eye liner.

the stumpy side
the fluffy side
The hair is not the softest ever, but it's still not scratchy. The orange hair is getting dirty easily, so the eyeshadow color will show in the bristles. That's one of the reasons it's important to clean it properly. But also you wanna do that to avoid any eye infection! The brush's easy to wash and doesn't lose any hair, at least is hasn't so far. Only thing that happened to me was that the stumpy side kinda lost some of its color and the water got a bit orange...I hope that'll stop with the next time washing it.

A negative point to it is that because of the double-ending it's not exactly easy to store. But you can find a way for that, and you can even keep it in the container it comes in. It's not the worst thing ever.

I mainly use the stumpy little side because you can apply quite opaque lines with it or use it to smudge lines. The other side of the brush is fine, too, but only for a swipe of color.
I do recommend it, if you're looking for a brush like this, get it. You'll get nice quality for the price, but not the best one ever :)
That's it about this brush ;) Did anyone get it, too?
xoxo, Misch