Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Polish Finish Series: Jelly

Hey guys!
Today's episode of Polish Finish Series will be about Jelly polishes.
A jelly polish looks kind of similar to the Creme finish *click*, and that is mainly because neither the jelly nor the creme contain any kind of shimmer, glitter whatsoever, they're just one plain color.
But there are a few differences between these two finishes. A jelly is sheerer than a creme, meaning it needs more coats to get opaque. It's also a lot shinier and very glossy already on it's own, without a top coat. When you apply a jelly, it feels a little squishy and spreads nicely, even if it needs more coats, which are usually 3 or 4. Jelly polishes also tend to be more self-leveling than other polishes. They're just jelly-like, they do their name justice. Jellies can also be the base for a glitter polish.
Sometimes it's really hard to tell a jelly from a creme. Some jellies apply like cremes, but look like jellies, and vice versa. It can really depend on you whether you call a polish creme or jelly, it's not always sure.
Unfortunately I don't own a lot of Jelly polishes, so I can only show you 2 OPI polishes.
The first one is Houston We Have A Purple, and it's a berry purple that needs at least 4 coats. Even though OPI calls the finish Sorbet, it's still the same as a jelly. Here *click* I showed it to you on my nails.
The second polish I want to show you is Dating A Royal. This is a jelly, but it definitely leans towards creme. It's a royal blue, needs 3 coats and is very shiny.
Do you like jelly polishes? And do you mind that they take a few coats more?
I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I didn't even know there was a category for them! I prefer the cream polishes because I don't like to apply so many coats, overall if I am in a hurry :-)

  2. @Salander: well, there is :D me too, it's easier :)


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