Wednesday, 10 August 2011

LOTD August 10th: Fave Lip Combo

Hey there!
Today's little post will be about a lip combination that I've been wearing a lot in the past couple of weeks. It's really really pretty, so I though you might wanna see it ;)
All I do is first apply Alterra's Caring Lipstick in Coral and then Manhattan's Gloss in 45K from the Manhattan Loves Cherry Lips Collection onto the the center of my lip.
You can find a review for the lipstick here *click*, and for the gloss here *click*.
By adding your lipgloss only to the center part of your lip, you make it look a lot fuller. This way is also more natural, because you don't have a ton of glitter all over your lips.
It's also a really nice combo for summer (not that we have a lot of it here...), because the coral and red are good colors for that.
With this combo, you can wear some color without overdoing it.
Here you also have them swatched next to each other:

Do you like it?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I think it is a good combination, it looks very pretty :-)


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