Monday, 30 April 2012

NOTD April 30th: China Glaze - Japanese Koi Neon

Hey guys!
Today I want to show you the next China Glaze polish that was waiting to be worn, Japanese Koi Neon.
Japanese Koi Neon is a vibrant neon orange. It's seriously as bright as it can be, there's nothing brighter! It's really what you think of when you hear Neon. The color is really "loud" if you understand what I mean, it's an eye-catcher and definitely stands out. It doesn't contain any shimmer whatsoever.
Application of this is great as soon as you get the hang of it. Since it's a neon, it dries matte. And any polish that dries matte also dries fast, so you gotta be quick with your application. Make sure you have enough product on your brush, and it'll work :) I needed 3 coats for this polish since it's streaky at first. And what I also had was visible nail line. But that's okay, it still looks good :D
I decided to add a top coat because it looked a little uneven and I'm not the biggest fan of matte nails. And it glows even more when it's shiny!
My camera seriously hates this polish, it just wouldn't get the color right! You have to imagine it a tad brighter.
Don't confuse this with China Glaze's Japanese Koi, apparently they have a version that isn't a neon, that's at least what the Internet told me ;)
This color is definitely nothing for shy girls, but if you like to wear bold shades, go for it! It's not as hard to pull off as I thought, and a lot of people complimented on this one :)
Would you wear a shade as bright?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 28 April 2012

NOTD April 28th: China Glaze - Frostbite

Hey everyone!
Today I want to show you the first polish I'm wearing from my little China Glaze haul I showed you yesterday. It was hard to pick the first one I would wear, because they're all so gorgeous! But I'll wear them all, I can't wait ;) Here's Frostbite for now.
Frostbite is a vibrant right blue, I'd say it's a bit indigo-toned. The blue is seriously so bright and fun, it glows! It has a nice shimmer that is more pearly than frosty and it adds deepness and a glowy effect to the nails.
It's especially glowy under artificial lighting or in direct sunlight! So pretty :)
Application of this polish was really nice, the formula is great! I ended up using 3 thin coats because that was the best way to apply it and get it opaque.
This polish just so pretty! I love Frostbite, and I recommend it to everyone who likes glowy bright blues!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 27 April 2012

Little China Glaze Haul

Hi guys!
A good friend of mine recently went to the United States and as a surprise, she brought me 4 gorgeous China Glaze polishes! Thanks again Lolo, you're pretty awesome :D
Here are the latest additions to my China Glaze collection:

China Glaze - Frostbite
Frostbite is a super stunning vibrant blue. I'd say it's somewhat indigo, and it has this super stunning pearly shimmer that isn't frosty. It glows from within! Formula was great, it applied nicely with 2 coats on my nail wheel. Frostbite was originally part of the Winter 2007 Ski Collection.

China Glaze - Coconut Kiss
Coconut Kiss is a medium purple that is not blue-toned, but also not really pink-toned. Dunno what color it's leaning ;) It has a frost shimmer, which made be be kinda "meh" about it at first, but this frost is actually rather metallic and looks great when applied! Here I did 3 thin coats. It dries a little darker than it looks in the bottle. Coconut Kiss was originally part if the Summer 2006 Fiji Fling Collection.

China Glaze - Japanese Koi Neon
Japanese Koi Neon is a bright hot vibrant orange, the kind of color you think of when you hear Neon. It's so loud, it seems to be screaming "look at me, I'm neon!". Guys, I frickin' love this! It's pure awesomeness! It dries almost completely matte, like most Neons do, and here I used 3 coats for it. My camera freaked when I tried to take pictures, it's too bright :D Don't confuse it with China Glaze's Japanese Koi, which is a different, not neon, orange polish.

China Glaze - Rich&Famous
Rich&Famous is a hot pink creme, rather common. Even though it's not a unique color at all, I don't have a dead-on dupe for it in my collection. It's a tad more cool-toned than your normal hot pink creme. I really like the formula on this one, it's 2 coats here. And it's really pretty, I'm a big fan of pink cremes! It dries a tad darker than it looks in the bottle. This was first released with the Monte Carlo Collection in 2004, then re-released with the What's Your Color? Collection in 2009 and now it's part of China Glaze's core line.

After all, I really like these polishes! They're all bold and so much fun! They have been around for quite some time already, but they're still something I like to wear! What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 26 April 2012

When I don't wear nail polish...

...I still wear nail polish.
Whenever someone tells me not to wear nail polish for some occasion, like a dancing event or something, I always ask whether it's okay to wear clear polish, and most of the time that works. But I don't really only wear clear polish ;) This is what I normally do: base coat (Essence Pro White French), 2 coats of Catrice's Rock Barock from their Urban Baroque LE, and top coat (Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer). Sounds like a lot for just "nude" nails, but for me it's normal ;) I actually really like what this looks like, it makes my nails look way more perfect than they actually are ;) My nails look a little milky and shiny, I like that way :)
I never leave my nails unpolished, because they're used to it and tend to break when I don't have anything on them. And they don't look as yellow as they do when they're naked :D
Do you ever do real naked nails?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Essence Rebels LE Lip & Cheek Pot 01 Peach Punk

Hey there!
Today I want to review Essence's Lip&Cheek Pot from their Rebels LE. Here you go:
  • called Lip & Cheek Pot 01 Peach Punk
  • part of Essence's Rebels LE (April 2012)
  • is a creme blush that you can also apply to your lips
  • it's a bright orange peach color
  • it contains 7g
  • it costs 2.45 Euros
  • comes in a little pot
  • price
  • color (looks very vibrant but is actually very wearable!)
  • great pigmentation
  • nice consistency (creamy, but a bit like a gel)
  • good to apply with both fingers and a brush
  • gives you a nice flushed natural look
  • doesn't contain any shimmer particles whatsoever
  • blends evenly
  • it's a product for both lips and cheeks: convenient when you're on the go
  • lasts all day with just fading a tiny bit
  • it's limited
  • it dried out my cheeks a little (could also be due to the weather, I'm not sure)
  • if you don't watch out you can look overblushed
  • on your lips it enhances dry areas strongly 
  • with the container it might not be that hygienic: make sure you use a clean brush or clean fingers!
blended out well
After all, I really like this blush! I only use it as a blush, but that's okay for me. It's so so pretty, and I love to use it! I think this one deserves way more attention than the Catrice Revoltaire LE Ombre Blush, the Essence one is way prettier and better to use in my opinion. Give it a try if you like the color!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NOTD April 24th: Zoya - Reva

Hey guys!
The stupid thing with planning your posts still doesn't work, I've been trying it for days now and Blogger never publishes my planned posts. So please excuse that my posts are up pretty late every day, because I only get to be at my computer at night. Do you know anything about this glitch?
Today I want to show you a nail polish that I've already worn, but I was just so in the mood for it that I had to wear it a second time. I'm talking about Reva from last year's Sunshine Collection by Zoya.
I know I should be wearing other nail polishes, especially because I have some new Essences laying around, waiting to be used. But when I feel like wearing something special, I do it ;)
Reva is a rich dark blue-toned pink with golden flecks in it. I already showed it to you here *click* last summer, but now I have prettier pictures :) I still love Reva as much as I did last year, it's such a beauty! In the pictures I'm wearing 3 thin coats of it, and also base and top coat.
What do you think of Reva? Any fans like me? It really makes me happy, it's so much fun :)
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 23 April 2012

Essence Previews: Perfume and Snow White

Hey dear readers!
Today I have tow previews to show you, and they're both from Essence.
First of all, Essence will launch a new line of perfumes in June, and all 6 scents will be permanent. I found this very informative post about it *click*, unfortunately it's only in German but you can look at the pictures nonetheless ;) I really think that these perfumes sound interesting! When I first heard it, the thought of cheap perfumes for teenagers popped into my head, but they look a lot better than I expected! I'll be smelling them at the store for sure, I can't wait!
The second preview is again for June, Essence teams up with Disney and makes a Snow White LE. Here are three links to see all products in detail: *click* *click* *click*. It's AGAIN a nail polish LE. Sure, that's cool, but for Snow White? I would have expected red lips, maybe a face powder, something black for the eyes, things like these. I do like polishes, and the nail stickers are utterly adorable, but where is the uniqueness in these colors? I kinda miss that a little...but we'll see when the LE is out :)
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 22 April 2012

NOTD April 22nd: Essence Rebels LE Rock Coat 01 Punk Royal

Hey everyone!
I just lately talked about Essence's Rebels LE here *click*, and now I'm wearing the first polish that I got. It's called Rock Coat 01 Punk Royal.
Punk Royal looks just black in the bottle, but it's actually a very sheer gray which contains large black hex glitter particles. I love the idea of this polish, black glitter is so cool and I love that :)
When I swatched Punk Royal on a nail wheel I already noticed that the slight gray tint does transfer onto the nail, so I already expected it to influence the background color. It's for sure not a polish to be worn on its own, you'll probably never get it opaque. It's made for layering :) I chose a red jelly franken to layer it with, I thought I could kinda make a jelly-glitter-sandwich out of it. So here you can see 2 coats of the franken, 1 of the glitter and another one of the franken.
The consistency of Punk Royal is super thick and not easy to work with. The particles are so large that you can't really just apply your polish in a normal way, you just push the particles around. That would be fine if it didn't have this gray tint. But the thing is that as soon as you start pushing around the particles, the gray tint will look patchy, and that is really uncool. It does work, but it'll never be completely leveled out.
This mani was so so hard to photograph, because the jelly red is so shiny that my camera freaked out ;)
The combination of the red and the black glitter reminds be of ladybugs, which is really cool. And I would love it, if only the application was better. But, can't change that...You better think twice before you get this topper, you need to decide whether you want to bother with the poor application. I'm still glad I own it, but it'll never become my go-to polish.
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review: Catrice Revoltaire LE Ombre Blush in C01 Color Bomb

Hi guys!
Today I finally have a review for you guys, about Catrice's Ombre Blush from their Revoltaire LE. Let's see how I like it!
  • part of the current Catrice Revoltaire LE
  • it's called Powder Blush C01 Color Bomb
  • the color is a gradient which goes from a light peach to a dark peach-toned pink
  • it has a very fine shimmer
  • it contains 8g
  • it costs 3.95 Euros
  • really gorgeous design (ombre and packaging)
  • nice color
  • really fine and pretty shimmer
  • nice for every day, you don't overblush that easily
  • easy to apply with a brush
  • price is okay
the lightest part of the blush
    all of the colors mixed together
    the darkest part of the blush
  • it's pressed quite hard, that means you have to scrape a little to get enough product
  • it's limited
  • it's not as special as it looks, you can achieve the look with a lot of other blushes

    from left to right: lightest part, darkest part, all colors mixed
    from left to right: lightest part, darkest part, all colors mixed
    After all, I do like this blush. But as you can tell from the last negative point I wrote, it's not that special. Of course, it looks super duper pretty and I enjoy using it, but to be honest, I don't think it's worth all of the hype it's getting. So, don't be sad if you don't get it, there are other blushes out there that are just as pretty :) To me it's so popular because of the design, not because of the product itself.
    What do you think of it?
    xoxo, Misch

    Friday, 20 April 2012

    NOTD April 20th: Water Color Nail Art

    Bonjour tout le monde!
    Like I said, I want to do a little more nail art again, and for my next design I picked the Water Color Nail Art which I saw here on Chalkboardnails *click*. I really like what it looks like on her nails and decided to recreate it!
    Since I didn't have any pure acetone I just went for plain nail polish remover that contains acetone, and it worked fine. What you wanna do for this mani is paint your nails a nude background color, I did 2 coats of Manhattan's 95E. Then you want to do 2 coats of topcoat. Yes, make sure you double up on top coat so the acetone/polish remover won't ruin your background! Now pour some colorful polishes onto a piece of paper, and use a nail art brush dipped into polish remover to apply little smudged dots of the polishes onto your nails. Due to the acetone they will wash out a little and blend together, which looks like water color paintings!
    I really like this technique, and the result is fun, since it's rather random and not made to be perfect!
    Let me tell you one thing, though: don't do this on your bed! I did, stupid as I am. I do most things on my bed, since it's so comfy, and I didn't think about what could happen. Well, silly me knocked over the little bowl containing polish remover, and it was all on my bed! That can happen when you don't think ;) The scent was really gross, but after changing my bedding right away it worked, luckily :D Be smarter than I am and do this at a table ;)
    What do you think of this mani?
    xoxo, Misch

    Thursday, 19 April 2012


    Hey there!
    Is it just me or does Blogger not publish planned posts anymore? At least that's what happened to me with the last 3 posts! Do you know what is wrong with that? And do you have that problem, too?
    xoxo, Misch

    Spotted: Essence Rebels LE

    Hey everyone,
    today I want to talk about Essence's new LE, called Rebels. I already showed you the blush here *click*, and now I also saw the rest of this LE :)
    The Rebels LE contains 1 duo mascara, 2 soft matte lipglosses, 4 nail polishes, 1 nail polish topper and 1 lip & cheek pot. Here *click* you can find all of the products on
    The mascara is a double-ended one, but I don't know whether I would have bought it, since it was already gone at my drugstore.
    The soft matte lipglosses are actually a cool idea, but both colors looked a little, dunno, dull and gray-toned to colors I would get.
    The nail polishes are 2 nudes and 2 brights, and they have a so-called Latex finish, which is just like a satin. I bought one of the polishes, called 04 Rebelizer. It's a bright shrek-like green with a slight shimmer. I just wanted to try it out, the color's really crazy! Surely not suitable for everyone ;) Btw, the bottles look exactly like the ones from last year's You Rock! LE, but the brush on these ones here is better. I used three thin coats for the swatches on the nail wheel, in the first picture you can see it right after I applied it, still shiny. And the second picture shows it a few minutes later, gone satin.
    still shiny right after application
    gone satin/"latex"
    The nail polish topper, called Rock Coat  01 Punk Royal, looks really boring in the bottle, just like some dark gray/black polish. But when you open it you can tell that it's a very sheer gray-tinted base with big black hex glitter! Yes, black glitter! How awesome is that? :D I had to get it ;) But unfortunately the glitter is so big, and the polish so thick, that it's had to apply, I was kind of just pushing around the particles. I'll see how it'll be on my nails :) The swatch is 2 coats.
    Last but not least, the lip and cheek pot. I already bought it, love it so far, review will follow. The link to my swatches is here: *click*.
    What do you think of this LE? I do like it, but I gotta try the stuff I got first ;)
    xoxo, Misch