Friday, 19 August 2011

Polish Finish Series: Shimmer

Hey dear readers,
today I will continue with my series of polish finishes. To see the first episode about cremes, *click* here.
This post will be about the shimmer, which is also one of the basic finishes. A shimmer polish has a "background" color, and then added shimmer to it. The shimmer is fine, always the same size, and spread evenly, that means no matter how you apply it, you should always end up with the same amount of shimmer on your nails. Most of the time this shimmer is silver, but theoretically it can have any kinda shimmer. There are polishes with blue shimmer, with purple shimmer, with gold shimmer...silver's just the most common one. For the background color, that can be any kind of color, no matter what. It's in 99% of the cases a creme base, very very seldom a jelly (what that is? An episode for it will be up soon).
Shimmers are really pretty in the sunlight, because that's where they get a bit more vivid. But if it's a true shimmer, you should always be able to see the shimmer, also when it's pretty dark ;)
Shimmers are fun, and with the shimmer they can totally change the base color. A creme is considered to be the more classy look, but a shimmer can be, too.
To show it to you, I pulled out two shades. Here's the first one, Essie's Sexy Divide. It's a dark purple with a both silver and purple shimmer.
The other color is p2's summer heat from last year's Sun Love Collection. It's a bright orange with a golden shimmer.

This finish is really really common and, just like the creme, available at pretty much any brand.
I myself own a lot of shimmers, I like them :D
Do yo also have some shimmer polishes?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


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  2. I have many! "Some" is not the right word, haha!
    Sometimes the shimmer is so small that it is difficult to see and it looks like creme finish. I am wearing right now one like that.

  3. I have more than some. Nice colour with shimmer, and I'm sold.

  4. @Salander: haha :D when the shimmer's so small you can barely tell it, then it could be a pearl or just subtle shimmer, which I'll talk about, too :)

    @marox: haha, that's great :)


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