Monday, 29 August 2011

Catrice Permanent Line Change #2

Hey there!
So I went back to the store to have a second look at the new permanent line by Catrice. Here are some pics:
I'm sorry they're not that good, but I had to take them secretly ;)
And I came home with two more things: a nail polish and a lip liner.
The nail polish is called Grey's Kelly, and it's a taupe with some purple in it, looks like taupe mixed with mauve. It's a creme, and a pretty fall polish. I can't wait to wear this when it's a little cooler :) It needs 2 coats.
The lip liner is called 040 Berry & Sally, and it's a berry rosewood color. A review will follow soon!

I had actually planned on getting the dupe to Chanel's Black Pearl, called Captain Sparrow's Boat (love that), but it was sold out :P Hopefully they'll have it there again soon!
Hope this helped you out a little :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. Great purchases and a big thank you for the 'sneak pics'. Can you still get the discontinued products? I guess they're not included in the display anymore, but were they still available?

  2. You are killing me with this post! I need to travel some place where Catrice is sold!

  3. @marox: glad you like them :)
    yes, there was a little basket with all of them in there, and all on sale!

    @Salander: haha, I'm sorry :D

  4. Do you have Catrice From Dusk to Dawn to compare it with Greys Kelly? They look almost the same on swatches.

  5. @Bojana: unfortunately I don't own from dusk to dawn...but I researched it and found that there are two versions. The older versoin is definitely not similar, but the new one does look close. From what I've seen online I'd say Grey's Kelly is a tad lighter and a tad more purple. But I don't think they're that different that you need both!


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