Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Julep Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Hi there guys!
I'm not back from my trip yet, but instead sending you lots of love from Cardiff!

I had actually decided to only blog again when I'm back home, because typing on my phone is just not as great. But, as I'm still on the road for another two and a half weeks, but Halloween is already the day after tomorrow, I need to write something now.

I was asked by Julep whether I'd be interested in a Halloween nail art contest. They have a special tutorial for Halloween which you guys can try out! Unfortunately I am unable to recreate it myself, because I didn't bring any nail art supplies, but I'm still sharing it with you guys!
The tutorial uses colours from Julep's nail polish range.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and have a happy and spooky Halloween! Please let me know if you recreate the design!

Lots of love, and see you soon!
xoxo, M