Saturday, 27 August 2011

As Time Passes By Tag

Hey you guys,
this is a short fun tag I really wanted to share with you! It is more of a nail polish tag, because you're supposed to show the first mani you ever posted, and the most recent one, too. Let's see how my pictures from back then compare :D

This is the first NOTD I ever posted on this blog. The polish isn't applied nicely, it's chipped, the picture is not cropped, it has a weird background, no signature and because of the crappy quality you can't even tell the color properly. This honestly scares me a little ;)
Luckily, I've learned a lot ever since, and now my pictures are way better in my opinion. They're cropped, focused, show the color nicely and have a signature. My nails are also painted way more neatly than back then, but they're about the same length.
What do you say? I hope you like my new pictures better ;)
I really love this tag, it's so fun! So I really want to tag all of you! Please please do this tag, it's so so cool! Just write me the links to your posts in the comments, I really want to see them!
See ya!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Haha! The progress is amazing!
    Let's see how I did it!

  2. @Salander: right?! I'm looking forward to seeing yours :)


  4. @Salander: thank you so much :) really great that you did it, too :)

  5. Love the progress <3 Great job!!
    I'm glad to see that bloggers are liking this tag :)

  6. @Rakshanda: thank you :)
    I really like your post, too! :)

  7. Big improvement, great post! :)


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