Wednesday, 17 August 2011

So cool: Rival de Loop Aqua Face Powder

Hey everyone!
Yesterday I went to my local Rossmann and there found a new Limited Edition by Rival de Loop. It's summer-themed, but I couldn't find a name. In the counter there was one product that look kinda fun, and I already had some hopes about it, when I tried it out with the tester. And it really is what I hoped it would be!
Do you know that new powder by MAC, that came out this spring? The Magically Cool Liquid Powder? I'm sure some of you have heard about it. And the Aqua Face Powder by RdL is basically the same thing! I can't compare them, because I don't own the MAC one, but I think the concept's the same!
What it is? A powder that when you apply it feels cool and liquid like water! Hard to believe, but it's so so cool! It really does work, and that's so awesome! I love that sensation, and I highly recommend you try it out at your Rossmann! It contains the huge amount of 15g, costs 3,49 Euros, and it has a really light pink color with golden shimmer particles that make it the perfect highlighter.
Right now, I'm really in love! But I only got it yesterday so I can't say a lot yet. But I'll try it out and there'll be a review up soon!
I have no idea why this is so surprising to me, because now that I googled it I found a ton of reviews on it...Oh, well, I guess an extra one can't be bad ;)
Did anyone get it, too? Or do you maybe own the MAC version?
I'll talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. It's a highlight powder, not a proper foundation, right?

  2. @marox: yes, exactly! I guess they recommend to use it all over your face, but it's too shimmery for that.

  3. Wow! I didn't know this product. Neither the Mac version nor this one, so it was really interesting to me.
    You are lucky to find these products, so cheap and good!

  4. @Salander: thanks :) I really like it, and hope it'll stay as cool as it is :D


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