Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blogging-Techniques: Giveaways

Hi there!
A while back, lovely Salander asked me about giveaways, and what I think of them. I'm now just gonna tell you about my opinion, hopefully you'll like it :)
Generally, I think giveaways are nice idea. You get something for your readers, and one or a few of them will be happy with the prize. But there are a few things to keep in mind. First of, you can't give prizes to all of your readers, or at least most don't, and there are always sore losers who just can't be glad for someone else. Then, the prizes are hard to choose. Do you want to give away something special or expensive, or rather a whole bunch of inexpensive stuff. You need to be able to pay for all of it, and the shipping. That leads us to another problem: to what should I open the giveaway? Internationally can be so expensive in terms of shipping costs, but when you just do it for people in your country, there'll most likely be people who complain about it.
What I also really don't like is people who just have a blog to take part in giveaways, and also people who only subscribe to a blog because of the giveaway. If there's a new reader, I want them to be there because of the blog's content and not the giveaway, right? That's why I'm always a little suspicious about blogs who have a large number of readers and a giveaway up every few weeks.
I know this all might sound a bit negative, but it's really not all like that. I think giveaways are a great idea to thank your readers, as long as they all appreciate it. I myself don't take part in them too often, because I tell myself I won't win anyway ;)
I think featured giveaways, meaning with sponsored products are okay, as long as it doesn't get promoted too much.
Personally I right now unfortunately can't afford a giveaway. I hope I'll be able to do one in the future, but there's nothing sure about it. I really wanna thank all of you, and when there'll be a giveaway, I'll make sure you'll all like it :) And I think it's great that I reached 50 subscribers without having to do a giveaway, because it has to mean that you like my blog for its content ;)
I hope this post was the way Salander had wanted it to be :D
Do you have any other requests? And what do you think about this topic?
I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. We're of the same mind regarding giveaways.

    I'd like to read your list of beauty products you regret buying, for instance.

  2. Thanks friend! It was nice to know your point of view :-)
    Giveaways are being very polemic in Spain and many people complain about them. I think it is so easy: if you want, take part, if not, ignore it!
    Of course your subscribers are here because of your blog great content :-)

  3. Oh! Another topic came to my mind. Not sure if this is enough for a post or just a question :-)
    What do you think about publishing pictures of yourself? I mean the whole face, not just the eyes.

  4. @marox: that's great :) and thanks for the request, I'll do it in a few days :)

    @Salander: you're welcome :)
    and you're totally right about that!
    thanks :)
    I'll try to do it as soon as possible :)


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