Tuesday, 31 May 2011

EOTD May 31st: Papagena Inspired

Hi guys :)
Y'all know about the latest Catrice LE launch, Papagena. I told you a little about it in this post *click*, and also mentioned that I really liked the colors of the purple-green quad *click*. Well, I did a look inspired by these colors, I only used my 120 palette for it.
This look's not really that wearable, and it's also not meant for that. I was just in the mood for something fun, crazy, bright and inspirational :) This is what I came up with, and I like it a lot!
I don't think you need a detailed "Where-to-put-what" description, do you? And I can't even tell you what exact colors I used, because I mixed most of them. I hope you don't mind this time, and if you really like this look, then you can still put your own spin to it :)
Let me know if it inspires you to do something similar :) Do you also like to do crazy looks just for fun? I'm sorry for the pic spamming, but I like them all :D
Does anyone like it?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 30 May 2011

NOTD May 30th: Manhattan - Do You Twitter?

Hey everyone :)
Today I'm wearing the color "Do You Twitter?" by Manhattan, from their Limited Lotus Edition. I already showed you an overview here *click*, and the gray polish "Gossip Girl" here *click*.
This polish a a medium sky blue, really true blue with no hints of green or purple or whatsoever.
The first coat was a little sheer because the formula was kinda thin, but the second coat perfected it. It's really shiny on it's own, but I still applied a top coat.
Wear was okay, it lasted 2 days without any chipping, but on the third day I had some tip wear and minor chippings.
I'm really happy with this polish! It's absolutely pretty, and so bright and fun :)
If you like the color, get it while it's still available :)
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Poll

Hey guys :)
I just put a new little poll to the sidebar of my blog, because I want to know something from you. I'm most of the time pre-blogging when I have time, and then schedule the posts to whatever time and day I need them. Now at that point you can decided something: When do you want to read my posts? I can schedule them to whatever time, so I'll do it the way most of you would like. So just pick the time you mainly read blogs in the poll, and then we'll see when I'll publish in the future!
So: please answer the poll, it's there to make my blog a little more fitted for my readers :)
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Review: Essence My Skin Refreshing Toner

Hey everyone,
today I have a review about a skincare product I've been trying out for a few weeks now. It's the Refreshing Toner Lychee & Blue Grape by the new Essence skincare line called My Skin.
Here is the review:

  • is supposed to be "softly clarifying and moisturizing"
  • is made for all skin types
  • contains 200 ml/ 6.7.6 fl.oz.
  • costs 1,95 Euros at most drugstores
when you soak a cotton pad with it, it's not visible
  • fresh and fruity scent
  • price
  • alcohol isn't among the first few ingredients, so it's not too drying out
  • cleanses the skin nicely
  • you don't need a lot of product, it'll last you a long time
  • has an easy-to-use opening thingie that has the right size so you don't get too much product out
  • isn't moisturizing on my skin
  • leaves a tight feeling on your skin after you use it 
  • caused me a few little breakouts
  • didn't improve my skin in any way, it basically stayed the same
So this is what I think about it. After all, I can say that it's not a bad product, and if you look for an inexpensive toner that smells great but doesn't make much of a difference, give it a try.
But if you expect huge results, better leave it at the store. It didn't work for my skin, so I probably won't use it regularly, but I still don't regret trying it out, because sometimes it's nice and refreshing.
the ingredients for those of you who are interested in that
Please keep in mind that every skin is different, and what doesn't work for me might still work for you, you never know.
Did anyone try this out, too?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blogging-Techniques: How I Write My Reviews

Hi guys,
I'm starting a new series called Blogging-Techniques. I'll basically share with you how I do this and that while blogging. I hope you'll find these posts informative :)
Today I'm starting it off with how I write my reviews. I'll do some examples and stuff, so it might get really detailed ;) Hope you don't mind!
  • Whatever product I review, I have at least used it 5 times and owned it for a whole 7-day-week. The only exception to that point: colored nail polish.
    Let's pretend I'm using a new lipgloss. If I at least try it out 5 times, I can see how it works under which conditions, if my first impression stays the same or changes. And when owning it for a full week, I can tell whether the product itself changes in for example the texture.
  • Anything I start to use, I try it in a lot of different ways.
    Say I'm trying out a new blush. Then I don't only apply it with my regular brush, but also with some other ones so I get an overview of how well it applies with what type of brush.
  • I do a hard-conditions-test at least twice.
    When I'm planning on doing a review about an eyeliner, the hard-conditions-test is first how it stays without a base, then second how it stays when I do sports and third how it reacts when it gets in tough with water.
  • I try to mix my first impression when buying it with the impression I got when using it for the first time, and that with the impression I got after a week.
    When I buy for example an eyeshadow, I buy it because it looks nice and good. So my first impression is almost always positive. But then when I first try it, it lacks pigmentation, and it stays that way every time I use it. Then I of course can't do a review about only the first impression I got.
  • I look at the product objectively.
    Say I got a new blush and I love love love the packaging because it's so adorable and the color's pretty, too. But it isn't pigmented at all and fades after 1 hour of wearing it. If I'd write a positive review now, only because I'm a sucker for cute packaging, it'd be subjective. But I don't do that.
  • I always think about what would interest my readers.
    When I'm wearing a new nail polish, I think about what kind of comparisons in terms of brush, color, formula and availability you would be interested in.
  • I also have a few adjectives on how my reviews should always be:
So this is how I do the texts in my review :)
I hope you like this idea of the Blogging-Techniques and find it helpful :) Maybe some of you will find some things they can incorporate to their own reviews, and maybe you'd be able to give me some feedback if there's something missing on my list, if I need to look for something else when doing my reviews :)
What do you think?
Until next time, 
xoxo, Misch

    Friday, 27 May 2011

    NOTD May 27th: Manhattan - Gossip Girl

    Hey you guys,
    I already introduced you to the Manhattan Limited Lotus Edition here *click*, and now I'm wearing the first color I got. It's a dove grey with a slight pearl, called 16 Gossip Girl. Application was flawless, I had no dragging or lack of pigmentation or anything.
    This is just 2 perfect coats of it. It's already shiny on its own, but I applied a top coat over it. It lasted 3 days before it started to chip, really great :) The slight pearl is almost not visible, only in a really close up.
    While in the bottle you can perfectly tell the light gray color, it's not always so clear anymore. Especially in direct sunlight, it looks kinda blue. It's like a gray lighter version of Sea Spray by China Glaze, I think :) It's really pretty, and I love it!
    Definitely have a look at it when you see, it's limited and definitely worth a try!
    I'll see you later,
    xoxo, Misch

    Thursday, 26 May 2011

    My Eyeshadow Collection #2: Lighter Browns

    Hi guys!
    I already showed you the first part of my eyeshadow collection here *click*, and now I'm gonna show you the second part, my lighter browns and bronzes. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

    Rival de Loop - 02 Sun
    This is a really pretty champagne gold shade. It's packed with shimmer and can cause some fall-out due to the rather chalky texture. It's especially nice for highlighting.

    Catrice - 070 Mr. Copper's Fields

    This gorgeous copper shade has a very velvety feeling to it, and it has a nice shimmer that looks kinda metallic.

    Catrice Caramé LE - C04 Spiced Bronze

    This awesome shimmer color is part of last year's Caramé collection, and it's even supposed to be a dupe for Amberlights by MAC. It's a bronze gold-toned shade with so much metallic shimmer, and it applies really nice. It's very vibrant and best to make some accents in an eye make-up.

    Rival de Loop Duo - Mocca Beige 

    For this category of the collection I'll only show you the light side of this duo, because the dark side belongs to another category. This light color is a yellow-toned goldish champagne color. It's not too pigmented and a little chalky. It comes with a mini-mini sponge-tip applicator.

    Do you own any of these eyeshadows? What do you think of them?
    I'll see you soon!
    xoxo, Misch

    Wednesday, 25 May 2011

    Review: L'oréal Elvital Volume-Collagen 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner

    Hi guys!
    Today I have a new review for you about the shampoo I've been using lately. It's called L'oréal Elvital Volume-Collagen 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner. I will keep this review in the short form, but I'll add something in the end.

    • is made for fine and flat hair 
    • is supposed to add volume to your hair
    • doesn't contain any silicons
    • is a shampoo and conditioner in one
    • costs about 2,49 Euros at most drugstores
    • is made with the technological innovation collagen
    • contains 250 ml
    • price
    • good ingredients: collagen + no silicons
    • is a 2in1 one product -> you save time
    • cares your hair better than a normal shampoo would do
    • adds nice volume in the beginning
    • doesn't add as much volume as it promises
    • doesn't add much volume anymore after a few uses
    • doesn't care your hair as nicely as a conditioner might do -> not enough care

    What I want to add is this: When I first washed my hair with it, it felt so so good and soft. My hair was really voluminous and soft and I loved it. The next time I used it, it was still nice, but not as soft. And this nice feeling of softness and volume has gradually faded. Now it's really not more than a okay-caring shampoo to me.
    So after all, I can't 100% recommend this one. If you want to try it out, you can, but I'm not gonna say it perfect.
    What do you think about this?
    xoxo, Misch

    Tuesday, 24 May 2011

    NOTD May 24th: Essence - BBC Pink Heat

    Hey guys!
    I already showed you the overview of this Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection here *click*, reviewed the gel eyeliner here *click* and showed you the other polish I got, BBC Golden Sands, here *click*. And now I'm finally getting around to wearing the last color, called BBC Pink Heat. It's a reddish pink, and really pretty :)
     I'm wearing 2 coats without a top coat, it's super shiny on its own. Application was really nice, I had no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately the wear on it's own wasn't that great, it already started to chip after one day of wearing it.
    I'm sorry that the photos are so messy, but I took the pictures right after I applied it, and I still had some left-overs on my cuticles. I hope you can forget about it this time :)
    If you like this color and don't mind the short wear time, get your hands on this while it is still available :)
    Does anyone own this, too?
    Until next time!
    xoxo, Misch

    Monday, 23 May 2011

    Spotted: Catrice Papagena LE

    Hey you guys!
    When I went to one of my local drugstores today, I spotted the new LE by Catrice, called Papagena :) It was already overdue because it was supposed to launch in the beginning of May, but better late than never, right?!
    Unfortunately I haven't been able to show you any counter pics or things like that, because I'm not allowed to take pictures at the drugstore. I used to try to take them secretly with my cellphone camera, but that one's really not working anymore :/ So I hope you don't mind that :)
    This LE contains 2 blush sticks, 4 nail polishes, 2 sheer lipsticks, 1 pair of fake lashes, 3 eyeliners, 2 eyeshadow quads and gold highlighting nuggets. *Click* here to see a collective preview pic of all of the stuff.
    I was really looking forward to the gold nuggets, but unfortunately they're pretty dark and I would've never been able to wear them with my light skin :/ The sheer lipsticks are for sure meant as toppers, and in real life they looked a little green which was somewhat weird...The fake lashes were to big for my eyes, and I told myself I didn't need an eyeshadow quad, although the one with the purple in it was really pretty...I didn't get the pink blush stick because I just got one a few weeks ago by p2, I reviewed it here *click* . The polishes weren't too special, but still pretty, especially for people who love colors like that.
    I got 2 things: the coral blush stick in C01 Tigerlilly and the bronze olive green polish in C02 Welcome To The Jungle.
    For the blush stick there'll be an extra review in a few days, so I won't tell you any details now ;)
    The nail polish has a gorgeous copper and olive shimmer, and it really glows in the sun. I don't own a color like it, there's nothing even close in my stash. The shimmer especially appears in the sunlight.
    On the nail wheel I needed 3 coats for full opacity, but that can always be deceiving, so I want to try it on my nails before I tell you the final number of coats you need ;) The texture was a little runny, but nothing you can't handle :)
    It's really pretty! NOTD coming up soon :)
    The blush stick, the nuggets and the nail polishes have a black rubber cap that reminds me a little of the NARS things. They have the word "catrice" written on it multiple times in different sizes. I like that design a lot, it looks good and matches with the products.

    What did you get from this collection? Anything you like? Tell me :)
    I'll see you soon!
    xoxo, Misch

    Sunday, 22 May 2011

    NOTD May 22nd: Essence - 02 Love, Peace and Purple

    Hey everyone,
    I'm finally wearing the 02 Love, Peace and Purple polish from the Essence You Rock! LE :) I already introduced it here *click* and now you're gonna see it on my nails :)
    I took like a million pictures to make the purple shimmer visible, so I'll once again make some collages about that ;)
    I'm wearing 2 coats of polish and one coat of topcoat in the pictures, and application was nice. I like the color, although it's not one I want to wear over and over again. The purple shimmer is especially visible in direct sunlight, other than that it's more subtle and not too noticeable.
    It didn't last too long, even with a top coat, and already showed some tip wear after the first and some chippings after the second day. But I think that's okay, considering the fact that you get a great Chanel dupe for not a lot of money!
    Do you like this polish? Does anyone own it, too?
    I'll see you soon!
    xoxo, Misch

    Friday, 20 May 2011

    Summer Tag! :)

    Hi everyone!
    Today I'm having a little tag for you that doesn't have any beauty topic, but I wanted to do it anyway :)
    Here you go:

    1. Do you like summer rain??
    Oh, yes I do :) That's one of the best things, when it's warm outside and raining. The smell is awesome, and I love that :) Especially when I'm in Italy, there I love the scent even more :) When I was a little girl, I used to dance outside in the rain in a bikini when we were on vacation in Italy :) And I still love doing that! When there's some summer rain, I always get outside.

    2. What's your fave summer drink that you wouldn't drink in winter?
    I love iced coffee, like frappucchinos, or frappés, they're aresome :) And I only drink them in summer, cuz in winter it's way to cold for that :)

    3. Do you watch as much TV in summer as you usually do??

    No, I actually don't because I like to sit outside with friends, have a Barbecue and just talk till it gets dark :) That's just so awesome, I love it :)

    4. Where do you like to go in summer?

    To the beach :) I'm a summer girl, and I love the beach and sand and sun and everything :) The sea's great to be at, and I love being there :)

    5. How do you sleep when it's so hot?
    I always wear very short pajamas, like just a tank and hotpants-style sweatpants :) And I have a very very light blanket my grandma made, and I love it in summer :) Also, every time I wake up, I turn my pillow to the "cold" side ;) 

    6. What do you do on your perfect summer day?
    I get up early (I'm a long-sleeping person) at about 9 a.m. (yeah, that's early for me if it's vacation), then I go to the swimming pool with my friends and hang out in the sun all day long, then at night I get home, have a BBQ and then it can rain ;) Warm summer rain of course :)

    7. What do you like to eat when it's hot?

    Ice cream :D I love it, especially in chocolate and strawberry :)

    8. Do you even shower hot when it's hot outside?

    Yes, I do :) I love showering hot, although in summer in the morning I try to take a cold shower, but it's not always working ;)

    Well, that's it about that :D I love summer :) <3 
    What about you? Feel free to do this tag, too, and leave me a link to your version of it :)
    I'll see you soon!
    xoxo, Misch

    Thursday, 19 May 2011

    Review: Fruttini Milky Orange Shower Gel

    Hi there!
    Today's post is another body care review, about a shower gel I recently bought. It's called Milky Orange Shower Gel and is by Fruttini. For these kind of review it's the easiest to stick to the quick short review thing :) If you want more detailed reviews, go ahead and tell me :)
    - costs about 2,50 Euros for 250ml/ 8.5 fl.oz.
    - available at most drugstores
    - contains real orange extract, lipids, vitamin B3 & B5 and buttermilk
    - claims to care the skin for 24 hours
    - there are some more products with the same scent in the line
    - price
    - has the yummiest orange ice cream scent EVER <3
    - moisturizes my skin a lot
    - the scent stays for about an hour after you washed it off
    - it lathers nicely
    - the texture is maybe a little too runny
    As you might be able to tell, I love this shower gel a lot! :) The taste's so so yummy, it smells like cake or ice cream and I love it for summer :) You have to smell it at the store!
    I'll see you later!
    xoxo, Misch

    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    My Lipgloss Collection #3: Pinks and Purples

    Hey there! 
    I am gonna show you here the last part of my lipgloss collection, my pinks and purples, basically the cool-toned shades. 
    Let's get started!
    Essence Blossoms etc. Le Lipgloss - 01 Flowerkissed 
    I already showed you this lipgloss here, in a review *click*. It's a cool-toned pink with a slight slight shimmer.

    Essence Sun Club LE Bronzing Lipbalm - 01 It's sunny honey
    This lipgloss has two sides: a berry pink one and a bronze one. It's very shimmery and sticky and has a sweet scent.

    Essence Glossy Lipbalm 05 Berry Sorbet
    This is a tube gloss, a berry shimmery pink. It has a yummy candy taste, but it doesn't last too long.

    NYX Round Lipgloss 14 Queen of Africa
    This is a crazy purple color with a blue shimmer. It has this typical NYX soap taste and you can layer it so it doesn't look too crazy. I already showed you this one in this LOTD post *click*.
    Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss 46D
    I really love this bright, vibrant pink color for summer. It has the best light moisturizing feeling on the lips and tastes lightly like watermelon. Here *click* I already reviewed it and here *click* I mentioned it in a LOTD post.
    Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream 56K
    This cool-toned pink dries matte and feels light on the lips. Here *click* I did a review about it.
    Maybelline Watershine Elixir Lipstick Vibrant Violet
    This called a lipstick, but it's really a gloss. It comes in a tube where you have to twist the bottom so it comes out on the top. It's a berry purpley color with some cool-toned shimmer. It tastes like watermelon.
    Yves Rocher Luminelle Gloss Brillantissime 53 Rose Idylle
    This gloss is really sheer and I don't like the weird taste at all, but the shimmer's just so so gorgeous. It's bright pink, and I wasn't able to picture that in the photos unfortunately :P

    Yves Rocher Coleurs Nature Plumping Sheer Gloss 01 Framboise
    This mini gloss has a brush and a very very sticky texture. Due to that is lasts very long. It's a nice raspberry shade, but still wearable with the tiniest hint of shimmer in it.

    This was the last part of my lipgloss collection :)
    *click* here for part one, and *click* here for part two.
    Until next time, 
    xoxo, Misch