Wednesday, 29 September 2010

NOTD September 29th: Nivea Colour Mini - 06 Pumpkin

Hey dear readers,

today I just have a quick NOTD for you. I'm wearing Pumpkin from the Nivea Colour Mini line. I already got it last fall (or autumn if you want) when it got discontinued and haven't worn it yet, which kinda surprised me, since it is a really beautiful color. When I hear the name Pumpkin, I already think "fall!" and the color is really good for fall as well. It's a orange color with a gold shimmer, and in some lights it appears more reddish or coral. I love it! A friend of mine saw it on me and was really unhappy when I told her it is discontinued. It's really so pretty!
I'm wearing 3 coats, two would have been fine, but I wasn't totally careful, so it got too messy, that's why I applied a third coat. It stayed pretty well, tip wear after two days and chipping after 5. I like it!
Do you own this color as well? Or do you have any typical fall-screaming colors?
Until then, xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line - Day 1

Hey again,
as I told you yesterday, I used the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line today for the first time. Now I'm going to tell you about my experience with it. I'll go on like that until I used you the whole set, so expect a post every tuesday!
The Cleansing Soap Bar:
It lathers really nicely and cleanses the skin really deeply. It didn't remove all of my make-up, but it also doesn't claim to do that. I really liked how deep cleansed and cared my skin felt after I washed it with the soap. It didn't dry out my skin.

The Clarifying Lotion:
I soaked a cotton pad with it and swept all over my face. Since it was such an intense alcohol smell, I expected it to burn on my face, but it didn't. It only seemed to tighten my skin, but not in way that feels dry. It just felt clean afterwards.

The Clearing Moisturizer:
This one has a really light gel consistency and has this weird, minty scent, that is noticeable for a while, unfortunately. It seemed to moisturize my skin enough, I didn't have any dry feelings.

You are supposed to use all things twice a day, but I just use the moisturizer in the a.m., because I'm more comfortable with that.
So far, I'm pretty happy about it. Of course, by now I can't really tell if it works, but we'll see how it looks like next week!
I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Spotted: Manhattan Nude Couture Limited Edition

Hi there,
yersterday I found the new Manhattan Limited Edition, called Nude Couture, at my drugstore.
This LE contains the Perfect Adapt Make-up Foundation, the Soft Mat Loose Powder (though this one wasn't there at my drugstore), the No End Intense Black Mascara and the Creamy Nude Lipstick in two colors. You can find it here on Only the lipsticks will be available for a limited time, the rest of this LE will move to the permanent line in October.
My personal highlight of this collection are definitely the lipsticks. They have a cute Zebra-print design, are really opaque, matte and glossy. It's not really easy to find good, pretty, matte nude lipsticks at the drugstore, most of the time they're either matte or nude.
I really think that this LE is a nice idea, the foundation seemed pretty nice and it's a great to be able to buy some nude things.
So, if you like the lipsticks, definitely get one while they're still available! I can really recommend them! I haven't bought one, but I might get one of these lipsticks. My only problem is that I have naturally pretty dark lips so it's always a bit difficult to wear nude or light lipstick without looking weird. Do you have any ideas for me? Maybe something I could wear underneath so it doesn't get greasy? Please help me :)

So, what do you think of this collection? Have you already seen in at the drugstore?
Until then, bye, Misch

Monday, 27 September 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line

Hi Beauties,
today I got a new skincare line from clinique! It's the Anti Blemish Solutions line and it came in a little kit.
The kit comes with a little white and mint beauty bag, a soap bar, a clarifying lotion and a clearing moisturizer. The whole kit costs just 9 Euros (a special sale on and at Mueller stores that is just available this week, starting today) and it's a super chance to try it out without spending too much money!

The Cleansing Soap Bar:
It's supposed to help with breakouts on face and body and to pervent them. The size that comes in the kit is 50g. The normal size is 150g for 19 Euros. I payed about 3 Euros for this soap bar if you devide the prize into 3 parts for the three different products, and it's so much more inexpensive to get it that way! It smells just like any normal soap.

The Clarifying Lotion:
It's supposed to exfoliate you skin, remove dead skin cells and any dirt or oil. You should get it on a cotton ball and then sweep it all over you face, so I guess it's like a toner. It comes in a 60ml/2 fl.oz. size and is, again, something around 3 Euros in this kit. The normal size is 200ml/6.7 fl.oz. and costs 19 Euros. So, again, it's ways more inexpensive in this kit. It smells totally like alcohol.

The Cleaning Moisturizer:
It's oil-free and made to treat blemishes and prevent new ones. It's a 30ml/1 fl.oz. size and is in the kit 3 Euros, whereas for the normal size you have to pay 25 Euros for 50ml/1.7 fl.oz.. much more inexpensive that way. It smells a bit weird and a bit minty.

I so excited to try these out! I'm going to start tomorrow, September 28th, and then I'll go on and post about it every tuesday, telling you about my thoughts, how it works, how my skin reacts and so on!
If you would like to try this kit out as well, then I'd say you'd better be fast to get one for that little money! They also have kits of the Moisturizing and the Anti Aging line.
I hope you think this is interesting, because I'm so excited about it! :) Yay!
Okay, I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 26 September 2010

EOTD September 26th: Blue & Brown + Use It Up! Product 6

Hi guys,

today I did a pretty natural eye but I used some color in it. I thought this would be pretty wearable and so I decided to show you guys!
I first applied a taupe-y brown shimmery color (MNY eyeshadow in 602A; it was limited edition) all over the lid and then added a shimmery turquoise-y blue color (Alverde baked eyeshadow in 06 intensive turquoise; it got discontinued but it might be still available) to the crease. I applied this one wet, I used the p2 perfect face! make-up fixing spray for that - water would work just fine. Then you want to add a shimmery peach-y highlight color to the inner corner ([b]basic mono eyeshadow in 13; I used this one for blush as well) and apply a black gel eyeliner to the top lashline (Essence denim wanted gel eyeliner in 01 vintage style; it was limited edition but might be still available). I used black mascara (RdLY diamond wish mascara; it's limited edition but out now) and a pink lipgloss (TheBodyShop born lippy raspberry lipbalm). That's it! It's really quick and doesn't require a lot of things! Also, if you don't own these certain idoms, feel free to use whatever you have in you collection!

I hope you guys liked this look! Do you think it's pretty or is it already to colorful for you? Leave a comment and tell me you thoughts!

Use It Up!: I finished my sixth product, the Cadeavera Compact Powder in Beige!
I really like it, but this one was a older one, so it had to get used up before it goes to waste!

Okay, I'll see you soon! Bye, Misch

Saturday, 25 September 2010

NOTD September 25th: Essence - Chocolicious

Hey dear readers,

today I have NOTD for you! I've been wearing this color for the past couple of days and I really like it! It's 04 Chocolicious for the Essence Sun Club Limited Edition. I bought it way back in June and I haven't been wearing it yet. I really like the color, especially for summer and fall, it's a warm, dark chocolate brown. Application was esay, perfectly opaque with two coats. It didn't start to chipp before day 3, so that's really great :)
On the pictures the color looks pretty dark, almost black, but in real life you can definitely tell that it's brown!

Does any of you own the color as well? And what are your favorite colors for fall? Do you like to see mine? Tell me!

Until then,
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 24 September 2010

Update: Problems, Thoughts, Ideas, ...

Hi guys,
I have a few things I'm thinking about and I thought I would share them.

First of all, I spotted the new Essence permanent line, but just a part of it. Weirdly, my drugstore just had a part of it, the part with the nail stuff. But nothing of the basic stuff was there, none of the lipsticks or anything. So I thought I might wait until I spot the rest of the new permanent line before I show you what I got. But on the other hand, I want to review one of the things I got after I tried it out. So what do you want? See it after I saw everything and wait with the haul and the reviews, or see it now and get a second part? Tell me!

Then I have another little problem: I want to try out some fun looks, do some EOTDs for you and for that I only have time on the weekend, because I go to school everyday, just do a really basic make-up and then I'm too tired to do another look when I get home. But on the other hand I want to do the weekend free of any make-up, because I wear it to school everday and I want to give my skin the chance to relax and to recover. So how should I handle it? Should I keep the make-up away from my weekend and are you fine with not seeing that many EOTDs? Or should I do one weekend make-up, one make-up free? Or maybe one day make-up, one without? I have so totally no idea and I'd like to know what you think about it.

I have a little plan going on in my head: Halloween Make-up Tutorials. I really like the idea of doing something totally crazy and exaggerated, because Halloween is the perfect opportunity for that! I thought about staring it by the beginning of October, so I can do a few and if you like them, you already have something you know about ahead of time. But I'm not planning to everything - costume, hair, and all of that stuff. Just make-up. Would you like to see that? Or do you think I should skip on that because a lot of people are already doing it? This would of course happen on the weekend (just to get on with the problem I mentioned above) but I would really think it's fun. If no one responds to this, I'll go ahead and do it, so if you really don't want to see it, tell me! ;)

Another idea I had was blogging about fashion. Not totally overwhelming, since this is meant to be a Beauty Blog, but I thought it would be fun to show you fashion hauls, or how I would wear some things together, or what I thought of fashion week...Does that sound interesting?

Last but not least, I'm gonna have a dancing course and a prom (althought it isn't really prom...let's just call it like that) and would like to know if you want to see the make-up I'm wearing for that, although it's not really prom season. Any opinions on that?

My Nail Polish Collection PART #8: Base and Top Coats and some other stuff

Hi there,
I'm finally here writing a new post since I've been a bit MIA (missing in action) this week.
Today I'll show you the last part of my nail polish collection, all of the base coats, top coats and all of that kinda stuff I own.
So, let's get started!
1 Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat [top coat; still available]
2 Essence Pro White French Base Coat [base coat; still available]
3 Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops [quick dry drops; still available]
4 Essence Pink Nail Glue [glue; discontinued]
5 Rival de Loop Young Base Coat in 03 Unterlack [base coat/matte top coat; still available]
6 Rival de Loop Calicum Aufbau Gel [base coat; still available]
Essence Nail Oil
8 p2 Nail Polish Thinner [thinner; still available]

The Essence Pro White French Base Coat and the Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat are my go-to products, I really like them, as well as the Essence Nail Oil.

I hope you liked this series on my nail polish collection and make sure to check out my older posts every now and then, because I'll update them when I buy new polishes.

I'll see you later! xoxo, Misch

Monday, 20 September 2010

Gewinnspiel :)

Hallo Leute,

heute mal wieder ein Post auf deutsch als Gewinnspielteilnahme :) Das Gewinnspiel findet auf den Blog "kontrollmops' Beautyblog" statt, einem Blog, den ich sehr gerne lese :) Man kann das MAC Minderalize Skinfinish in Petticoat und einen Lidschatten seiner Wahl gewinnen. Ich finde das Gewinnspiel richtig toll und wuerde gerne meine ersten MAC Produkte gewinnen. Sollte ich gewinnen, wuerde ich mir den Lidschatten Woodwinked aussuchen :) Ich liebe diese Farbe.
Also, drueckt mir die Daumen und denkt daran wenn ihr auch teilnehmen wollt: das Gewinnspiel endet am 19.10.2010! Hier findet ihr das Gewinnspiel.
Und hier auch noch Herzlichen Glueckwunsch fuer die 100 Leser von mir :) Hoffentlich werden es noch viele mehr!

Viele Gruesse,

Sunday, 19 September 2010

NOTD September 18th: Jesse's Girl Blue & Silver Nail Art + Use It Up! Product 5

Hey guys,
it's me again :)
I did another nail art design, yay! :) I know, sometimes I'm not in the mood for it, but today I totally was :)
I'm using Jesse's Girl Blue Moon all over the nail (actually I've already been wearing this color a few days before) and added Jesse's Girl North Star over half of the nail. Okay, sometimes it's a bit more than half of the nail, but it can't be perfect. I really love both of these colors, North Star has a foil finish and it so super opaque, that's almost unique :) and Blue Moon is a royal blue with purple shimmer, a really interesting color :) Love it.
Something I don't really like about these polishes is the wear, though. I already wore Garnet (didn't show you, sorry guys, just for got to take a picture) and it didn't stay that long, as well as Blue Moon on it's own. I don't I just already have tip wear after on dan chipping after two days :(. But maybe it's because of the base or top coat I used...We'll see, I might try it with a different base and top coat.
I really like to do this design when I'm wearing a color that has already chipped off on the tips, but I don't want to remove it yet. I just add another color over it, pretty easy! :)
I hope you guys liked this design :)

I also used up another product, the Isana nail polish remover acetone free.
I like this one, but I prefer the one with acetone.

Until next time, xoxo, Misch

Preview: new Essence products in the permanent line! My Thoughts

Hi there,
so here's part two about the new Essence permanent line I introduced you to yesterday. Here's the post.
These things sound or look pretty interesting to me:

- I really like the new packaging of the lipsticks, although I don't really know a color I wanna get. Maybe I'll find a nice one, but I'm not going to buy it because of the packaging, I already own enough stuff.
- The multicolor blush in 10 how cute is that? has a so pretty color and such a cute name! Love it, hope it's as pretty in real life!
- I hope that the nail art stampy polish will be great, because it's pretty hard to find good nail polishes to stamp with. But I would have loved some colors, not just black and white.
- The nail stickers in 05 sweet romance are so so cute, and since I love bows, I'll get them!
- Another promising product are the nail art express dry drops. We all know OPI drip dry (or don't you know that?) and I hope these will do a great job!
- The color&go nail polish in 38 choose me looks so pretty! I hope it'll be pretty in real life as well!
- The 2in1 coverstick pen from the pure skin line looks really nice, I hope there'll be the right color for me!
- I really think this is worth taking a look at: the sun club 100 percent splash-proof eyeliner pen. You know how much I love the regular eyeliner pen, so I think this one could be great as well!
- The sun club eyeshadow quattro in 05 long island breeze looks so pretty! I love the colors!
- Last but not least: the studio nails nail fashion sticker seem to be like minx, which is such a great idea and I'll definitely try these out! I just hope there'll be a color for me...

These are the products I'm most excited about! I'm not going to buy everything at once, I mean, it's the pemanent line, these product will be available for a longer time!
But I'm pretty sure there'll be a haul and you'll be the first ones to know about it! :)
I'll see you guys soon! Bye, Misch

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Preview: new Essence products in the permanent line!

Hi Beauties,
I just saw the new Essence products on the Essence homepage that will hit stores on September 20th. Of course, we all know that it won't be already there on Monday, but I guess by October the new permanent line will be available pretty much everywhere.
I'm not going to show you the pictures because I don't own them, but here is the link to all of the new products.
I'm just gonna do a quick over-view of all of the new stuff.
So, let's get started!

New in the permanent line is:

- All of the lipsticks will get a new packaging and there are two new colors, a pink and a brown.
- A new lipgloss line will be available, the XXXL nudes lipglosses. They will come in 4 natural colors.
- There will be a new color in the glossy lipbalm line, pink dragonfruit.

- The new all eyes on me multieffect mascara will be available in 4 colors: black, brown, blue and green.
- They'll come out with the stays on and on and on mascara, in black.
- To the smokey eyes set line will be a new color added, purple.
- The mono eyeshadow line will get 4 new colors.
- The eyeshadow quattros will get a new design and will be available in 6 color combinations.

- There'll be a bronzing compact powder matte.
- They will also add a new shimmer powder to the line.
- The new silk touch blush will be available in 4 colors.
- Another new product is the multicolor blush, in 2 color combinations.
- The soft touch mousse make up range will include an additional light color.

- There will be matte topcoat.
- The new nail art stampy polish will be available in black and white.
- They'll add new nail art stickers.
- Another new thing are the nail art express dry drops.
- There'll also be a nail art piercing set.
- A new file will be available, the loop nail file.
- The quick shine nail care lotion will also be added to the permanent line.
- They'll add 6 new nail colors to the multi dimension xxxl shine nail polish.
- 7 new colors will be added to the color&go nail polish line.
- The studio nails nail fashion sticker will be available in 14 different designs.

Sun Club:
- There will be a 100 percent splash-proof eyeliner pen.
- They'll also add a 100 percent splash-proof ultra volume mascara.
- To the refreshing moisturizing lipgloss line will be 2 colors added.
- The quattro eyeshadow will come out in another color.

Pure Skin:
- There'll be a 2in1 coverstick pen in 3 colors.
- The matte bronzing powder will also be added.
- Another new thing are the anti-spot cleansing wipes.
- The compact powder line will come out with a new color.
- They will add another color to the mousse make up line.

Pocket Beauty:
- There will be the new friends forever mobile eyepencil.
- The pure beauty eye make-up remover pads will also be added.
- They'll also add a new color to the XXXL shine lipgloss mobile accessory.

All of these products are new to the permanent line!
Tomorrow I'm going to tell you what I think about this new stuff and what seems interesting to me :)
Until then, xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spotted: Rival de Loop Young - Diamond Wish LE (Again?)

Hi everyone,
I just saw the "new" Rival de Loop Young Limited Edition at my local Rossmann and I wanted to tell you about it since it confused me a little bit.
It contains baked eyeshadow palettes, lip plumpers (or glosses? I'm not sure), nail polishes and a mascara. They all have big rhinestones on the top.
And when I saw these rhinestones, I reminded me of I product I bought last year, the Rival de Loop Young Diamond Wish Mascara. I got it last winter, loved it so much because of the elastic brush and used it up in 2 months. And now, almost a year later, they release the same collection! Isn't that kinda weird? Or was it just my Rossmann who put up the Limited Edition? Please tell me, because I'm confused. I bought one mascara (It's Limited Edition, so I'm allowed to buy it ;) ), but I'm kind of unsure, because if my Rossmann still had this from last year and put it up, then it could be bad by now, right? I have no idea.
So guys, I'd like to know if you spotted this Limited Edition as well! Please tell me :)

By the way: I started a little poll about what you want to read here, and I would love it if you quickly answer it :) Please, it would be really helpful.
Until next time! :) Bye, Misch

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

NOTD September 14th: Catrice - 220 Lost In Mud + Use It Up! Product 4

Hey dear readers,
today I'm wearing Catrice - Lost In Mud on my nails :)
I really like this color, the taupe color is so pretty and it's even a close dupe for the Chanel 505Particulère nail polish wich was so hyped last fall. Application was nice, perfectly opaque with two coats. And it stays really nicely, two days, then you'll be able to see tipwear and after four days it'll chip off. It's really inexpensive (2.49 Euros in most drugstores) and pretty good quality :)

Do you own this color? Or do you have the popular Chanel 505 Particulère?

Use It Up! : I just finished my Isana Hand & Nail Balm with Aloe Vera.
I really liked this one, so I might re-purchase it after I finished this project.

Until then, xoxo, Misch

Monday, 13 September 2010

Update (I guess...!?)

Hey Beauties,
I just wanted to let you know that school starts for me tomorrow and that's why I might not be able to write a new blog post every day. So, don't be mad at me for being MIA (it means missing in action, just in case you don't know).
I guess I'm pretty much one of the last persons to start school again, but it's like that here :)

Since most of us have to go to school now again (or to work), I would like to know if I should do some neutral eyes and some looks for school with just essecntials so it's affordable for everyone. Do you like that idea? Or do you want to see anything else? Maybe how to make colors wearable for everyday?
Please guys, if you have any ideas, tell me! It doesn't matter what it is, if you want a review, a look, something! Just leave a comment :)

Okay, I'll see you soon and if you have any requests for me, I'll try to do them as soon as possible.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

My favorite lip colors for fall!

Hey guys,
in my opinion, fall (or call it autumn if you want) is THE time of the year to wear fun, bold, dark and bright lip colors! I have a few favorites and I'm going to show them to you now!

Rival de Loop Lipstick in 101 (I believe this one is discontinued; on the picture it's a bit washed out):
It's a orage-ish red matte lipstick that almost screams fall.

Rival de Loop Pure Lips Lipgloss in 016 (Don't know if this is still available):
It's a red lipgloss with silver shimmer, but it's not a dark on the lips as it is in the bottle. To me, this one is perfect for fall and winter.

Essence Eclipse Collection in 01 Lunch at Cullen's (It was Limited Edition):
A dark, red shimmery lipgloss, super opaque. I like it for night time, becuase it's really dark.

Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss in 46D (I reviewed this one HERE):
A bright, shiny pink color, it's more of a summer color, but I think it's wearable in fall, too.

Maybelline Watershine Elixir Lipstick in Vibrant Violet (I got it on sale, so it might be discontinued):
A shimmery purple-y pink, that is more lipgloss than a lipstick. Love the color.

NYX Girls Gloss in 14 Queen of Africa:
A blue-ish purple lipgloss with shimmer, that isn't that intense on the lips, but it's still purple.

Catrice Expect the Unexpected Collection Lipstick in C03 Purposely Purple (It's Limited Edition, but available at the moment):
A crazy, but fun purple color with gold shimmer, definitely not something for every day.

What I would wear with these colors: A very neutral eye, either my neutral color pop without the color on the lower lashline or just a thin black eyeliner line and mascara. The cheeks should be very natural, too.

What to keep in mind: If you really want to rock this bright lip look, you should be careful that nothing gets onto your teeth (very bad!), that it gets outside of your lip (you might want to use a lipliner, no matter if it's a clear or a colored one) or that it fades after you had lunch (or dinner) and you run around with a half painted lip (just reapply your color after you ate something). You should also not over-do it with the rest of your make-up.

I hope you liked it! And, what are your favorite lip colors for fall? Do you love bright lips or do you wear a nude lip every day?
I'll see you soon! Bye, Misch

Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to get beautiful skin

Hi dear readers,
today I have something about skincare for you. Every skin is different and you can never be sure that a product that works wonders for you friend works as well on you. But the tips I have for you are pretty easy, it's not about products and it could work for anyone of you!
Wanna know how to get beautiful skin? Learn more:

Drink enough - I know, sometimes I'm not thirsty or I just forget to drink, but if you drink 2 liters a day, it can really improve your skin. Of course, you should drink maily water, it doesn't help if you drink 2 liters a day, but these are just soda and alcohol. Water and juice, mixed with water, are perfect. 2 liters sounds ways too much for you? Try the 8 glasses rule: 1 glas in the morning, 1 in the forenoon, 2 at lunch, 1 in the afternoon, 2 at dinner and 1 at night. It doesn't look like that much now, does it?

Stay moisturized - It's so important for your skin to be hydrated and to stay hydrated. A lot of things can dry out you skin, for example cold weather or harsh skin care products, so you need to give the moisture back to you skin. On the one hand you should drink a lot - as mentioned above - and you should use a good moisturizer and maybe even a hydrating mask. So, after you washed your face in the morning, apply you moisturizer, and if you need to, also at night after cleansing you face.

Find products that work for you - Almost everyone knows that: Your friend has perfect skin, you try the same products she uses, and you skin just gets worse. That's because every skin is different and every skin needs different things. So it's all about knowing your skin and its needs and finding the perfect skin care routing for it. There's almost no other option that trying out and deciding whether it works or not. Just try to help your skin and to fulfil its needs. Also keep in mind that it takes your skin 3 months to get used to skin care products, to if they don't show any results after a week, give it some it. I recommed using up the whole bottle or container before you decide on rebuying it or trying something new.

Eat healthy - Having an unhealthy diet is something that is the cause for skin problems most of the time. But if you eat enought fruit, vegetable and other healthy stuff, you'll get a better skin! You don't have to completely give up pizza and hamburgers, just don't eat them too often.

Do sports - If you do sports a few times a week, and together with the healthy diet, you will notice huge changes in you skin pretty soon. It's all about being fit and healthy.

Don't wear too much make-up - It's sometimes really hard for us beauty junkies: We love make-up, but on the other hand it's ways better for the skin not to wear nay of it. But I guess it can't be too bad for the skin if you wear mae-up pretty often, just look at the ingredients and don't get stuff that is too bad for your skin. And also: give your skin a break from make-up just try to do a few make-up free days a month. If you're alone at home on the weekend, nobody will notice whether you wear make-up or not.

Cleanse you skin - It's so important to wash you skin twice a day! In the morning you can wash of any product you had on your skin over the night and you remove the sweat on your face. In the evening you want to cleanse it well, so all of the make-up and the dirt from the day gets removed. Only when you skin is completely clean, it can breath, it can recover and it is able to absord some product. Cleansing you skin will also remove dead skin cells, a exfoliator would do that, too, but try not to exfoliate you skin too often, once a week is fine.

Sleep enough - Every one knows it, the BEAUTY SLEEP, and it's definitely necessary! While you sleep, your skin can recover and get better. So, Ladys, sleep enough!

I know my skin is far from perfect, but this really works! You can see you skin getting better and other people can do that, too! :)

So I hope you found this helpful! Do you already observe the rules or are some rules completely new to you? Tell me about your experience with skin care! :) I'd like to know.

I'll see you guys later! xoxo, Misch

Friday, 10 September 2010

Haul :) I know I'm bad...

Hey everyone,
today I have a haul for you. Yes, was in Munich again and simply couldn't resist...I know I'm bad!
But now, let's get into the products:

p2 perfect face! make-up fixing spray - It was the only thing for the new permanent line that I was able to get; all of the other stuff was sold out ;P Crazy, huh? It has a light citruc-y smell and I like it so far.

MNY Basic is chic LE eyeshadow in 602A - I read on a blog that it was similar to MAC Satin Taupe so I decided to give it a try; I like the color.

Alverde baked eyeshadow in 06 intensive turquoise - The color is really pretty and it was on sale; unfortunately it already broke in my bag; I should be more careful, I guess :P

Essence Denim Wanted LE geleyeliner in 01 vintage style - finally got it! :) like it.

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yogurt - I love NXY Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils and this color is really pretty.

Beliance Eyeshadow Brush flat and round - I already own their Foundation Brush and I really like them; I was actually planning to get a Powder Brush, but I didn't like it.

Evian Eau Minerale Naturelle Facial Spray - Love it! Perfect to refresh you face!

I'm sorry I don't have any swatches for you, but it was too dark for that! I might add some tomorrow :)

I hope you liked this post and I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Noch ein Gewinnspiel :)

Hi :)
Ich versuche heute nochmal mein Glueck bei einem Gewinnspiel :) Auf dem Zeitgeschmack Fashionblog wird der Paradoxal Nagellack und der Rouge Allure Lippenstift in der Farbe 28 Romantic, beides von Chanel, verlost. Ich bin immer noch am Ausflippen, denn diese Gewinne sind einfach der Hammer :) Drueckt mir die Daumen :) HIER koennt ihr das Gewinnspiel finden.
Lg, Misch

Spotted: lots and lots of Limited Editions :)

Hey guys,
when I went to the drugstore yesterday, I found a lot of new Limited Editions and some other stuff, so I'm going to show you some pictures, tell you what I thought about the collection and show you what I bought :) Let's get started!

Essence LE "We saw it first"
You can find all products HERE, at
My thoughts: This Limited Edition is the one that alreday shows the products that will come to the permanent line in a few weeks, some of these products are even alreday in the permanent line, so I honestly don't think that this Limited Edition was necessary. Yes, it contains also some bangles, but I'm not impressed by these. So, I didn't really like this one, the only thing I really liked were the nude lipglosses, but I'll wait until they're in the permanent line.
What I bought: Nothing.

Essence LE "Denim Wanted"
HERE you can see all of the products, at
My thoughts: I really liked this Limited Edition! I like the idea of it, the colors are pretty and the gel eyeliners are awesome! Only the accessoires aren't really necessary, but that's just my opinion. The eyeshadows were pretty nicely pigmented and the nail polishes are really nice, too, I just already have some colors like these.
What I bought: The gel eyeliner in 02 fivepocket grey. If the black one had still been there, I would have gotten this one, too. I really like it! Nice pigmentation, super creamy. If you want a review, tell me!

Catrice LE "Expect the Unexpected"
A list of all of the products and pictures are HERE, on
My thoughts: If you like colors, this LE is definitely something for you! The eyeshadow duos seemed to have pretty nice pigmentation, as well as the blush which is really bright. The lipsticks are more pigmented that I expected them to be, but just as the name says "Expect the Unexpected" ;)... No, I'm just kidding, the description says they were half-transparent, but they aren't, they really give some color! The eye pencils were really thin, and they looked kinda neon.
So I think that this Limited Edition is great :)
What I bought: The lipstick in C03 Purposely Purple - a purple color with gold shimmer. It doesn't last that long, but I really like the color :) Tell me if I should review it!

Manhattan LE "Tender Touch"
You can find the products HERE, at the Manhattan website
My thoughts: Completely matte products are really unusual for drugstore make-up, so this LE is definitlety a good idea. The lipcreams are super creamy, taste like vanilla and they're so opaque! The eyeshadow pigmentation is okay, and the mascara wasn't there to try out, so I don't know anything about this one. If you like matte stuff, give this LE a try and make sure to check out the lipcreams!
What I bought: Nothing, but I think I'll get a nude tone from the lipcreams, but the website says that in October there'll be three more colors to choose from, so I'll wait until then. Maybe.

Also spotted, but no LE: The new Maybelline Gel Eyeliners.
I can't tell you a lot about these, I just saw them, but there was no price yet or anything because they were just about to unpack them. They're available in blue, brown, black and a softer version of a black, don't really know. They come with a brush and there was no tester yet, so I can't say anything about the pigmentation, either. But if I'll find something more out for you guys, I'll tell ya!

Okay, that was a lot of stuff, but I was pretty good, huh? I just bought two things!! :)
I hope you liked this one and I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

Gewinnspiel bei DieKriegerin :)

Hallo Leute,
heute schreib ich mal auf deutsch, denn ich moechte bei einem Gewinnspiel in Deutschland mitmachen, auf dem Blog DieKriegerin. Ihr koennt das Gewinnspiel HIER finden, verlost wird eine XXL Version der Urban Decay Primer Potion, die ich schon soo lange haben will, aber nicht genug Geld dafuer hab :( Ich hoffe ich werde gewinnen :) Das Gewinnspiel laeuft noch bis zum 18. September und um mitzumachen, muss man noch nicht einmal regelmaessiger Leser sein. Ich lese sehr gerne auf ihrem Blog und ich kann ihn euch nur empfehlen :)

Uebrigens: Wenn ihr wollt, dass ich oefter Posts auf deutsch schreibe, sagt mir bescheid, das wuerde ich natuerlich dann machen :) Lasst einfach nen Kommentar da!

Viele Gruesse, Misch

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beauty Essentials For School

Hey everyone out there,
today I want to show you the beauty products I take to school with me. Keep in mind that these are just my beauty essentials for school, everyone finds other things necessary! I would love to see your beauty essentials for school, so if you do a blogpost about it, send me the link or just write the products in the comments!
And now, let's get started:

Essence Pure Skin Oil Control Paper Green Tea - I have oily skin which means that blotting tissues are a must for me. I especially like to use them after sports class.

Labello Lipcare Velvet Rose - It's just a basic lip balm and I always have one with me, but not always by Labello.

Manhattan ClearFace Coverstick in 76 sand - Just in case I get a pimple or my make-up fades over the day, then I would need it.

CadeaVera Compact Powder in Beige - I apply my powder after I blotted my face and this is one of my favorite pressed powders.

Black Mascara - This one is just the tiniest one I have, I always take black mascara with me.

Essence 2in1 Kajal Pencil in 01 Black & White - Black and white are the most basic colors and for eyeliner they're always useable.

Essence Volume & Gloss Lip Maximizer in 06 crazy about you - This lipgloss doesn't add a lot of color to the lips, but it adds a lot of shine and it tastes minty, and that's perfect for everyday.

Yves Rocher Watercolor Effect Blush in Corail Nude - You know I love this stuff :) A little bit of blush can change your whole appearence, and this blush is super easy to use and small enough to carry it with you everywhere.

Essence Blush Brush - It's a pretty small brush and I use it to apply the compact powder.

Isana Med Hand Sanitizer - At school there are so many people with different illnesses, so a hand sanitizer always comes in handy.

These are the products I take to school with me! Do you take more products with you? Or do you think that make-up is not necessary at school?
I'd like to know! :)
Bye, Misch

Monday, 6 September 2010

My Nail Polish Collection PART #7: Browns, Greys, Silvers and Blacks

Hey guys,
today I'm going to show you my second to last part of my nail polish collection! These are all of my browns, greys, silvers and blacks:
1 Essence - 49 spotlight [shimmer; discontinued; 2 coats for full opacity]
2 RdLY - Blackberry [creme; still available; 3 coats for full opacity]
3 Essence Sun Club Collection - 04 chocolicious [creme; limited edition; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
4 Catrice - 220 Lost in Mud [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
5 Astor Lacquer Deluxe - 597 VIP grey [slight shimmer; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
6 Essence Nail Art Twins - 02 Romeo [shimmer; still available; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
7 Essence - 20 fatal [creme; discontinued; 3 coats for full opacity]
8 RdLY Nail Art Pen - #01 black [creme; still available; 1-2 coats for full opacity]
9 Essence Eclipse Collection - 01 Undead? [glitter; limited edition; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
10 p2 - 210 eternal [creme; still available; 1-2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
11 Jesse's Girl - North Star [glitter; still available; 1-2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
12 p2 Crackling Top Coat - 01 Black Explosion [effect top coat; still available] CLICK
13 Essie - Merino Cool [creme; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
14 Essie - Little Brown Dress [creme; limited edition; 2-3 coats for full opacity] CLICK
18 Essence Metallics - 01 Iron Goddess [shimmer/magnetic; limited edition; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
19 p2 - Rich & Royal [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
20 p2 - 143 forever [creme; discontinued; 2 coats for full opacity]

So, I hope you enjoyed this post! The next and last nail polish collection post will be my nail care stuff + base & top coats! I will update every post when I get new polishes! :)
I'll see you guys later!
xoxo, Misch