Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NOTD February 29th: Essence Marble Mania LE - 01 Raspberry Swirl

Hey there!
As I promised you yesterday, here is the NOTD with Essence's Raspberry Swirl from their Marble Mania LE.
Raspberry Swirl is a coral red creme. It's pretty vibrant, but since it's red mixed with coral it also looks a bit muted. Sometimes it can also look a bit pink. It is very bright and fun and is nice for the beginning for spring :) It actually kind of reminds me of red poppy, don't you think?
Application was nice, the formula is super creamy and bit squishy, really nice! This is the way I want cremes to be :) I did 2 coats, that was totally enough.
I suspected that this might be a dupe for OPI's Red Lights Ahead...Where? from their Holland Collection. Here *click* you can see a swatch of the OPI polish. I unfortunately wasn't able to find any comparisons and I don't have the OPI polish myself...but they do look rather close to me! I declare them dupes for me, and I'm glad I have the Essence polish :)
What do you think of it? I'm a fan! :D
xoxo, Misch

Short Absence

Hi everyone!
Just quickly wanted to let you know that I'm leaving for a school trip today til Friday. I have some posts scheduled, so you will have something to read, but unfortunately I won't be able to moderate and answer your comments, and also won't have any time to reply to your emails. But still, I'll catch up with everything on Saturday, so don't hesitate to send me a message! :)
See you soon,
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spotted: Essence Marble Mania LE

Hi dear readers!
I already spotted Essence's new permanent line *click*, and now my drugstore also put up their new LE called Marble Mania.
This LE contains 1 mascara, 3 baked eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses, 1 blush, 4 nail polishes and 1 nail art kit. Here *click* you can find the promo pics on Pinkmelon.
The mascara is black and has white and silver swirls in it. It also glitters. A pass for me.
The baked eyeshadows are also marbled, and they all have pretty wearable and nice colors. There are testers, so I suggest you try them if the colors look interesting to you. I didn't get one, though.
The lipglosses have the marble look, too. They have a metallic-like shimmer and will also be part of the permanent line. I'm not sure if it's these colors exactly, but I'm sure they do have similar ones that are permanent.
The blush is so so gorgeous, and I wish I could get it! There was a tester at the store, and it felt soft and nice, and the shimmer's really pretty...I looked for it at 2 drugstores and they were both sold out! I hate that...
The nail polishes aren't standard colors, but they're still not unique. They did look nice, but I only got one of them which looked best to me: 01 Raspberry Swirl. It's a coral red creme polish, and I mainly got it because it reminded me of OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? from their Holland Collection, *click*. What do you think? Could they be dupes?
And last but not least, the Nail Art Kit. It's almost the same like the new permanent Nail Art Designer Set, only the limited one has one sponge less and contains 2 toothpicks. I already got the permanent one, so I didn't have to get this one.
After all, I have mixed feelings about this LE. It is nice, but it's definitely not gonna make it into my fav LEs of all time. I wish I could get the blush!! But whatever, it wasn't meant to be...
A NOTD will follow tomorrow :)
What did you get of this LE? Or what do you want from it?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 27 February 2012

NOTD February 27th: Essence - Got A Secret

Hi there!
Today I want to show you the soon-to-be discontinued Got A Secret polish by Essence. I already talked about it here *click*.
Got A Secret is a pale grey creme with strong blue undertones. In fact, the blue undertones are so strong that it looks like a light blue with grey undertones on me. But it actually really is a grey!
Application of this polish was great, it was super creamy and spread nicely. I did two simple coats, and that was enough :)
I had this on when I bought the Essence Color3 polishes I showed you yesterday here *click*, and I immediately knew I had to use one of the toppers over this one. I picked the Stop For An Ice Cream part of the 04 A Walk In The Park duo, because it's a light blue shimmer with opal flakies, and I thought it matched nicely. And it really does!
The topper was nice to apply, and I really love this combination! It looks super cute and fun!
What do you think of it? Enlarge the pictures, please! :D
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spotted: Essence New Permanent Line Spring 2012

Hey everyone!
Guess how awesome my local drugstore is! Yes, that's right, mega awesome. They had the new Essence permanent line! But a part was still missing...but whatever, it's still awesome that I got a look at some of the new stuff! :)
Here *click*, on MagiMania, you can find all of the new products.
These are all quite a big amount of new products, and I didn't know where to look first. New care stuff, a lot of new colors, and great things! I can't wait to have another proper look at it all, for now I'm gonna tell you some first impressions and show you a few pictures :)
First of all, nail polish. The new Color&Go polishes unfortunately weren't in the shelf yet, but they already had the new Color3 polishes. They're double-ended, just like the ones from the Circus, Circus LE, *click*. Even though I'm not a big fan of double-ended polishes, I had to get some because these are just so so pretty! I bought the duo Midnight Date (City That Never Sleeps), a dark blue shimmer and a blue-green-purple flakie topper, and A Walk In The Park (Stop For An Ice Cream), a dark green shimmer and a light blue opal topper.
I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking, aren't these gorgeous? Formula was good, 2 coats on the color bases and 1 of the topper on top of them. I want to get more of these ;) Picture spam!
01 Midnight Date (City That Never Sleeps)
only Midnight Date
both layered
04 A Walk In The Park (Stop For An Ice Cream)
only A Walk In The Park
both layered
The blush souflées were something I was looking forward to, but all of the colors looked so dark and too brown-toned for my liking. They should have made more variety in terms of color!
I also got something from the nail art line: the Nail Art Designer Set. It contains 3 hex-shaped rough sponges and one very thin striper brush. I like it that they do these tools for nail art!
The eyeshadow stuff didn't look that exciting to me, but maybe that's due to the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Essence eyeshadows. They have a lot of new mascaras and I want to try one, just have to pick one first ;)
After all, I can say that the new products all look pretty great, and I can't wait to see the Color&Go polishes and check it all out once again ;)
What do you think of these things?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 25 February 2012

NOTD February 25th: Essence Crazy Good Times LE - Confetteria

Hi guys!
Today I want to show you a polish I already bought some time ago, when Essence's Crazy Good Times LE was out, see here *click*. It's called Confetteria.
Confetteria is a dark jelly base with small round glitter and big hex ones. The glitter looks silver/blue/green, I can't tell what it really is. Maybe all of it? :D
From the swatches I had done on a nail wheel I already knew that this wasn't the most opaque polish ever, and that's why I layered it over a polish I had already on: Dating A Royal by OPI. I showed it to you here *click*, and it made the perfect base for Confetteria. So in the pictures I'm wearing 3 coats of Dating A Royal and 1 of Confetteria.
In terms of application, it was okay. The jelly formula makes it nice to apply, but the big hex glitter doesn't spread as evenly and I had to push it a bit. But apart from that, all great! :)
I really like wearing it, it's so much fun!
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick in Call The Ambulance

Hi there!
Here's a review about Catrice's Ultimate Color Lipstick in Call The Ambulance. Catrice is discontinuing this shade, but maybe some of you can still pick it up, so a review could be helpful :)
  • soon to be discontinued (February)
  • part of the Ultimate Color line
  • color's a red with glitter particles
  • costs 3,95 Euros normally, on sale you can get it for 1,75
  • price is nice, especially on sale
  • nice color
  • it's not all the way opaque, so it's good for every day
  • it's easy to apply
  • the glitter is very chunky
  • the wear isn't that good, it's too glidy to stay long
After all, I do like this lipstick. It's not perfect, and the short wear time does bother me. So I'd think twice before getting it, but in the end that's your decision.
Do you own this lipstick?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 23 February 2012

NOTD February 23rd: OPI - Dating A Royal

Hello dear readers!
Today I'm wearing a super pretty polish, Dating A Royal by OPI. It's part of their permanent line and I've owned it for quite some time already.
Dating A Royal is a royal blue jelly. That's why it's not the most opaque polish, but it has a very squishy consistency. It needed 2 coats for opacity, but I did a  third one so I didn't have visible nail line.
Application was great, it glided on, super great :)
I also love the color, it's so gorgeous!
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Swatches: Essence MySkin Tinted Moisturizer

Hi guys!
Yesterday at the drugstore I bought a new product, Essence's new Tinted Moisturizer. It's a new part of their MySkin line, and will be permanent. I haven't tried it yet or anything, but I thought you'd enjoy pictures :D
The moisturizer contains peach seed oil and acai berry extract. It comes in 2 shades, light and dark, and is supposed to adapt to your skin. It's oil-free and contains light-reflecting pigments, protective uva/uvb filters and is supposed to moisturize your skin for 24h.
It contains 50 ml and costs 1.95 Euros.
Enlarge these pictures to read the details!
I'm really looking forward to trying this out, and a review will definitely be coming up!
xoxo, Misch