Friday, 12 August 2011

NOTD August 12th: OPI - Houston We Have A Purple

Hey everyone,
today I want to show you a polish that I'm a little disappointed with, OPI's Houston We Have A Purple.
It's from OPI's Spring 2011 Texas Collection, and has a "new" finish that OPI calls sorbet. It's basically the same as jelly polishes, which means they are very shiny but also sheer.
I love a lot about this polish: how shiny it is, how smooth it applies, the fun color, all that stuff. But what I'm angry about is the sheerness. Yes, I know it's a jelly which needs a little more coats to get opaque, but when I saw Scrangie's pic here *click*, which is perfectly opaque with, according to her, 3 coats, I thought I wouldn't have any problems.
But apparently my nails are too uneven, because I can see opaque spots and also more sheer spots on all of my nails, and I did 4 coats!! :/
I tried to apply it over white on a nail wheel to get it opaque more easily, but it still requires 4 coats and the additional 2 coats of white, and that's too much for me.
I guess it's just my nails, but still, I'm a little disappointed. The color and the shiny is so so pretty!
It looks a little like jellyfish jelly on SpongeBob SquarePants, haha :D
Do you like this color?
I'll see ya soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I like the colour but I would be disappointed too, we expect more from Opi, right?
    The name is brilliant, haha!

  2. A local store has this OPI and others for 15€. As much as I like purples, I refuse to give 4 coats of any polish.

  3. @Salander: yes, we definitely do! but I love the name, too, so adorable :)

    @marox: if I had payed 15 euros for this, I would be even more disappointed. I don't think it deserves the high price.


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