Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 2010 Favorites

Hi there,
today I'm gonig to show you my August Favorites. I'll do that every month from now on at either the very end of the month or at the beginning of the next one. It's basically a blog post where I show you the products I used a lot during the month or that I loved and I also might add some none beauty-related stuff. A lot of bloggers are already doing that and I really like these kind of posts, so I decided to do it, too!
I hope you'll like it!

My favorites for the month of August are:
Rival de Loop Yound Care Mascara - I used it as a browgel and it worked really well.
Essence Eyeliner Pen - I love it so much because it's so easy to draw a thin, straight line with this.
Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature Baume Nourrissan in Fraise - I used it really often because it adds some shine and a hint of color to the lips without being too much.
Essence Lipliner in 01 sof rose - It's a nice nude pink, you can even wear it on it's own.
Yves Rocher Watercolor Effect Blush in Corail Nude - Ever since I bought it I've been using this gel blush alomost every day.
China Glaze Nail Polish in Outta Bounds - It's such a pretty color and it applies perfectly.
Gossip Girl - On the picture it is the first season on dvd, but I've been loving everything about it: the books, the series, the actors, the story...

So, these were my favorites for August! What are your favorites? Did you love any of the mentioned stuff, too? I'd like to know!
Until next time, guys! xoxo, Misch

Monday, 30 August 2010

Project: Use It Up! Product 1

Hey everyone,
as you may have noticed, I'm posting a lot of hauls lately and that is starting to become a little expensive, so I decided to start a project. I called it "Use It Up!"and that's how I'll do it:
I'm trying to use up some of my prducts, mainly ones that are already used up a bit and ones that will go to waste if I don't use them up pretty soon. I set myself a limit of 10 products, but that's just for now, and I'm not allowed to buy any more stuff before I used 10 products up.
Of course, there have to be some exceptions: I'm allowed to buy stuff when it's either limited edition or it's going to be discontinued or it's something I don't get too easily, at certain stores I don't visit often, for example. This sounds a bit like cheating to me, but I think it's fine.
I'm going to write a post when I used something up, but I'm not going to write single posts about it, I'll just add a short text to a post about something different.

So, I already have something for you guys today: I used up my TheBodyShop Super Volume Mascara! I happy that it's finally finished up because lately it became too dry, but I didn't want to throw it away when there was still some product left.
I'm sorry I don't have a photo for you, but it's been raining all day so I wasn't able to take a good picture. But, whatever...

So, what do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Do you do something similar, too? Or do you think it's completely nonsense? Tell me!
Until then, xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Jesse's Girl Haul!! :)

Hi guys,
I'm sorry for posting another haul, but I'm super excited about this, so don't be angry! :)
I ordered some stuff from Jesse's Girl less than two weeks ago and it already arrived (that's pretty fast considering that it was shipped from the United States to Germany)!
I already played around with the stuff a bit, and it's so good quality for so little money!
That's what I got:
Jesse's Girl Eye Dust: [Price: 3.99 US-Dollar each]
- Sunstone (a shimmery peach-y coral gold pigment)
- Cafe Au Lait (a shimmery reddish brown pigment)
- Kiwi Rose (a greenish whit pigment with gold-green shimmer)

Jesse's Girl Enamel Nail Polish: [Price: 2.99 US-Dollar each]
- North Star (a shimmery silver color, extremely pigmented (onecoater, yay!) and super easy to apply)
- Blue Moon (a shimmery purple-ish indigo color, opaque with two coats)
- Garnet (a jelly-like garnet/burgundy color, opaque with two coats)

Jesse's Girl Mini Eye Compact #2 [Price: it's on sale because it'll be discontinued, so it's just 2.50 US-Dollar]
(a mini palette with ten cream eyeshadows in white, light pink, limegreen, peach, light blue, brown, orange, dark blue, black and dark red; all are shimmery)

Jesse's Girl Mini Lipgloss Collection #1 [Price: it's on sale because it'll be discontinued, so it's just 2.50 US-Dollar]
(a mini palette with ten lipglosses that are mainly red but it also contains a few pink shades)

The company was also kind enough to send me some Eye Dust samples, so I got every color except for Angelic and Kiwi Rose in sample size (that are 26 colors!!)

I'm sorry I didn't swatch the palettes, but they don't contain enough!

I ordered from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and even shipping to Germany was pretty inexpensive, just 8.95 US-Dollar! I really think it's a great company, so good stuff for so little money! This was my first order there and I'll purchase some more stuff pretty soon, because it's so great! They have a lot more things and I'll try that out! Just check out their website to see the great things they sell!

So, guys, what do you think? I will definitely do a review about something, and you hear more about it from me! Any requests? Just tell me!

Until next time, guys! xoxo, Misch

By the way: Today one of my birdies died :(. She was ill and it's so sad :(

Disclaimer: Everything was purchased with my own money, only the samples were given to me for free, but not for this blog and I think they add them to every purchase. All opinions are my own and honest.

Friday, 27 August 2010

My Nail Polish Collection PART #6: Greens

Hi guys,
here's the another post of my nail polish collection: my green nail polishes!
1 Catrice - 240 Sold Out Forever [slight shimmer; still available; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
2 H&M - Dollar Green [creme; limited edition; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
3 p2 - 222 artful [creme/jelly; still available; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
4 Catrice - C02 Sea of Green [matte; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity]
5 Essence color&go - 18 check me out [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity]
6 MNY - 753 [shimmer/metallic; still available; 2 coats for full opacity]
7 Essence color&go - 15 party on [shimmer/frost; discontinued; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
8 China Glaze - Outta Bounds [shimmer; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
9 OPI - Jade is the new Black [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
10 Roby Italy - 20 [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity]
11 L.A. Colors Color Craze - Treasure Island [glitter; still available; 3-4 coats for full opacity] CLICK
18 Essie - Sew Psyched [creme; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
19 China Glaze - For Audrey [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
20 Chresy - 72 [slight shimmer; still available; 2 coats for full opacity]

By the way: when I get a new nail polish, I take pictures of it as soon as possible and update the post of this color to add it so it's always up-to-date!

Do you own any of these polishes? I'd like to know!
I'll see you guys soon! xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 26 August 2010

EOTD August 26th: Neutral Color Pop

Hey there,
today I'm wearing a neutral eye with a bit of color on the lower lashline, and I love this look! That's what I put on when I don't have a lot of time or I need something natural! It's really easy to do, so you might want to try it out! Unfortunately, most of the product I use are discontinued, but I'm gonna describe the colors for you guys so you can find similar products!
First I applied a shimmery gold color all over my lid (I used Manhattan My Box eyeshadow in 23P) and then used a shimmery bronze-y brown for the crease color (Manhattan My Box eyeshadow in 93N). I blended it out using a skin toned matte color (Manhattan My Box eyeshadow in 29B) and to highlight both my browbone and my inner corner I used a neutral pencil eyeliner (Manhattan My Box eyeliner in 25N). I lined my upper lashline with a black felt tip liner (Essence eyeliner pen) and the lower lashline, for the color pop, with a jade-green pencil liner (Manhattan x-treme last eyeliner in 87T). I finished the eyes with applying brown mascara (Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express in glam brown).
For the cheeks I used a coral gel blush (Yves Rocher watercolor effect blush in corail nude) and for the lips a matte pink lipstick (Rival de Loop lipstick in 27).
And that's it! It's super easy, doesn't take long and it looks really pretty :) Natural, but still with a hint of color.
I hope you liked this look!
Until next time, xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Drugstore Haul

Hey guys,
today I have to show you a drugstore haul! I just got a few things and I thought you'd like to see them!
- Nivea Beaute Ideal Finish Foundation in 02 Nude (I needed a new foundation an this one had the color and consistency I wanted)
- Essence Nail Art collector's case (I will use this to store either nail rhinestones in it or pigment samples - it's perfect because you can open each compartment separately)
- Essence kajal pencil in 04 white (I needed a basic white pencil liner and I just picked this one up)
- Isana Med antibacterial hand gel (I was tired of my gel by Essence, so I bought this one because it has a really nice scent)
- Manhattan Spice up your nails nail polish in 77T (it's the perfect navy blue creme and I love it!)
- Hairwell Hair Mask anti hair damage (I love this one because it's so cheap and it cares the hair very well. It's just available at Netto.)
So, that's what I got. If you want a review of any of these products, just tell me! :)
I'll see you guys soon! Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: In the sidebar.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NOTD August 24th: Red- Black- White Sailor Stripes

Hi everyone,
today I want to show you my Nails Of The Day! I created red, black and white sailor stripes, which I saw in a similar version here. I really love them!
I first applied p2's 120 it's hot all over the nail, then painted half of the nail with p2's 210 eternal and created the stripes with Essence's french tip painter. You can do the design differently, of course.
I used to do nail art pretty often, but lately I haven't been in the mood for that...but I have some new ideas for designs, so that will come up soon!

I hope you liked this design and I'll see you soon! :)
xoxo, Misch

Disclaimer: In the sidebar

Monday, 23 August 2010

Review: Vichy Aera Teint Fond de Teint Creme Satinee

Hey there!
I got to test the Vichy Aera Teint Fond de Teint Creme Satinee (such a long name!) recently, and I wanted to do a review about it! The color I tried out was 23 clair ivory, which was perfect for my skin tone! It's a liquid foundation for dry and sensitive skin. I don't have dry or sensitive skin, I have combination oily skin, but I still decided to give it a try! That's why I can't tell you if it works for dry or sensitive skin, I can just tell you how it worked on me.
The consistency is liquid but not runny, and it's really nice to apply. It blends well and it doesn't look cakey. It gives medium coverage, but I think you can build upon it to achieve higher coverage. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it's almost not noticeable. Another plus is that it moisturizes the skin lightly. The scent is a bit weird, but it's not overwhelming and it fades after a while.
I didn't buy this foundation, I just got a little sample size which contained 1,5 g. This amount was enough for a whole week, I used it seven times, so you don't really need a lot!
The foundation is - as far as I know - just available at pharmacies and on the internet. You can google it for more information and reviews, of course!

I'm sorry I can't show you any pictures, but I put all of the foundation is a little container and threw the packaging away before I took some pictures! :(

By the way: I decided to put my disclaimer on the side of the blog now, so I don't have to write it under every single post! If a product was given to me for free, I'll write a different disclaimer under the post, but if there is no disclaimer, then the one on the side is relevant.

I hope you found this review helpful and if you have more questions, leave a comment!
I'll see you soon! Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: I got this sample for free, but I'm not the only one who got it, and it wasn't given to me for this review. All opinions are 1oo percent honest.

Friday, 20 August 2010

NOTD August 20th: China Glaze - Outta Bounds

Hey dear readers,
I just wanted to show you my NOTD, before I'll go outside again, it's such a nice weather today!
I'm wearing China Glaze's Outta Bounds and I love this color so much! :) Applying was a dream, perfectly smooth and super opaque with two coats! The only thing that disappointed me a bit was that I already had tip wear after two days....but I've been typing like crazy, so I think it's okay :)
This nail polish is my first and only one by China Glaze so far, but that definitely won't stay like this! I'll try to get some more soon! :)
Does anyone of you own this color? Do you like it?
Until next time!
xo xo, Misch

Disclaimer: I purchased this nail polish with my own money and I'm not sponsored by anyone.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My Nail Polish Collection PART #5: Blues

Hi guys,
here's another post by me, I'm just really in the mood to write right now :)
I know, I have been slacking with my nail polish collection posts, but that will change now! We have 4 more parts to do, and here is one of these, my blue nail polishes! :)

1 colors for you - 205 [sheer/shimmer; discontinued; 4 coats for full opacity]
2 no name nail polish from a kit [sheer/glitter; discontinued; 3 coats for full opacity]
3 Essence - 40 groovy [creme; discontinued; 2 coats for full opacity]
4 Essence color&go - 17 pool party [shimmer/glitter; discontinued; 2 coats for full opacity]
5 Astor Fash'n Studio - 66 [shimmer; still available; 3 coats for full opacity]
6 Rival de Loop - ?? [creme; still available; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
7 Catrice Oceana Collection - C03 Blue Out To Sea [shimmer; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
8 Essence Top Speed - 26 look at me [shimmer; discontinued; 2-3 coats for full opacity]
9 OPI - Dating A Royal [jelly; still available; 2 coats for full opacity]
10 p2 color victim - 171 gorgeous [glitter; discontinued; 2 coats for full opacity]
11 Jesse's Girl Enamel - Blue Moon [shimmer; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
12 Manhattan Spice Up Your Nails Collection - 77T [creme; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
13 Astor Fash'n Studio - 70 [creme; still available; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
14 Essence Color&Go - Choose Me! [glitter/glass flecked/duochrome; still available; 2-3 coats for full opacity] CLICK
15 OPI HongKong - Suzi Says Feng Shui [creme; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK, CLICK
16 China Glaze Anchors Away - First Mate [creme; limited edition; 1-2 coats for full opacity] CLICK
19 China Glaze Anchors Away - Sea Spray [shimmer; limited edition; 2 coats for full opacity] CLICK, CLICK
20 p2 - Being In Heaven [sheer/creme; still available; 3-4 coats for full opacity] CLICK

Do you have any of these in you collection? I'd like to know! :)
I'll see ya later
Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: Nothing was given to me for free and no one is sponsoring me for this post.

P2 & Yves Rocher Haul

Hi everyone,
yesterday I was in Muinch and of course I had to go to DM and Yves Rocher! :)
That's what I got:
p2 color victim nail polish in 210 eternal (a basic black creme, super opaque)
p2 color victim nail polish in 120 it's hot (a basic bright red)
p2 sun love summer eye shadow in 020 touch of paradise (a gold shimmer cream shadow)
p2 nail polish thinner
Yves Rocher watercolor effect blush in corail nude (a coral gel blush)

I also got some other stuff, such as skinny jeans, t-shirts and accessories, but I don't know if you wnat to see that, so I'm not going to show them to you this time. If you'd like to see clothing hauls and stuff, just tell me! :)

Do you own any of these things or do you like them? Tell me! :)
I hope you'll have a great day and I'll see you soon! :)
xoxo, Misch

Disclaimer: None of these products were given to me for free and nobody is paying me for this post. All opinions are my own and 100 percent honest.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

An awesome giveaway :)

Hi guys,
I'd like to enter the awesome giveaway by lacquerized! You're able to win 4 gorgeous nail polishes by Kiko, and I really love them! :)
You can find the giveaway here, maybe you'd like to enter, too!
I'll see you guys soon! :)

Disclaimer: This post is just an entry for the mentioned giveaway. I'm not sponsored or anything.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

EOTD August 12th: A Plum-y Brown Look

Hey guys,
today I did a look with brown shades that had some kind of plum undertones to it. It's a fall look to me, but even if I'm a bt early with that - I don't mind :) Now I at least know what I can wear in fall :) Plums were already a big fall trend last year, I don't know if it will be that trendy this year, but I've been really liking this color and to make it more wearable, I searched for plum-y browns in my collection and found some in a kit! These are the main products that I used:
All I did was that I first applied my crease color and then dragged it down to my lid to create a slight smokey effect. Then use a shimmering mid-toned brown on the lid over it and darken up the outer corner with a very dark but still plum-y brown. Apply black eyeliner and do the same color scheme on the lower lashline, add mascara and a matte rosewood color to your lips and then you're good to go! :)
I hope you liked this look and I'll see you guys soon! :)
xo xo, Misch

Disclaimer: All products were purchase by me and nobody is paying me to do this post.

Monday, 9 August 2010

A nail polish haul from Italy and a NOTD!

Hi everyone,
as I promised, here is my haul from Italy. It's just a nail polish haul, and the main reason for that is that the only brands I could find that aren't available in Germany, were nail polish brands. I've been in different stores, drugstores, department stores and so on and that's what I found:

Drugstores: Any drugstore or supermarket that sells cosmetics that I visited had the same brands as German stores, such as Maybelline or Rimmel.
Department stores: They had the same brands as most other department stores have, too: Chanel, Clinique, L'oreal and so on.

I bought nothing at both kind of stores, because the places I visited were touristic ones, where the stuf is even more expensive that usually.
But at the camping site where I stayed, they had different Italian brands, and one of them was called Roby Italy. They just had nail polishes by this brand, I don't know if they do other stuff, too. I bought one polish, it's the number 20 and it's a bright green creme, a bit lighter than grass green. I already applied it to my nail wheel and it's really good! Opaque with two coats and really pretty. It looks a bit like Essence's Check Me Out from their color&go line, but the Italian one is a tad darker and the color is richer. It was 2 Euros.

When I went to a touristic town, I found a cosmetics store that was neither a drugstore nor a department store. It sold MaxFactor and different Italian nail polish brands. I just bought three polishes from one brand called Chresy, the others didn't look that interesting to me. All of these colors were 2 Euros, too, and they are all super opaque!
Number 65 is a hot pink with a hint of coral in it, it's not a cool pink, and it dries to a semi-matte finish.
Number 10 is a reddish pink with silver shimmer, and I even applied this to my fingernails! It's almost a one coater, I wear two thin coats, but one thick would do the same job!
Number 72 is a mint, but it looks a bit dirty, as if it has a tiny bit od grey in it, which makes it look a bit darker. It contains tiny glodish shimmer particles and it's really pretty, too!

I love all of the nail polishes I got, and I can't say anything bad about them! If you are in Italy, give them a try!

I know that this doesn't apply to all Italian cosmetic stuff, this is just what I hink about it and what I got to see. It could be completely different in other places in Italy!

Maybe you know something more about Italian cosmetics! Fell free to write that down in the comments!
I hope you liked this haul and I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

Disclaimer: I'm not being payed by anyone and nothing was given to me for free.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys,
I'm back from Italy!
I just wanted to let you know that I'm back again and that I'm starting to post again! I do have a mini haul for you guys and I'm also gonna tell you what I think of Italian make-up brands, stores and so on, but that'll be a different post. Here I just wanted to show you some pictures I took in Italy. Don't be afraid, the make-up posts will be back soon, I just haven't had enough time or nice light to take pictures of my haul, but that'll come tomorrow, I promise!

I was at the beach near Caorle, and I also got to see Venice! It was so nice weather most of the time and I hung out at the beach all day long! I love Italy so much, as well as the sea!

So here are some vacation photos, I hope you like them!

So I'll see you tomorrow with a haul!
Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: Nobody is sponsoring me for this post.