Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review: Swiss O Par Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hey there!
Today I have a review for you about a hair product I really like. It's Swiss O Par's Argan Oil Hair Mask!
  • available at most drugstores
  • costs 2.99 Euros for 200ml
  • also available in a small size (25ml) for 0.99 Euros to try it out
  • contains argan oil and provitamin B5
  • for dry and shineless hair
  • nice, creamy consistency
  • easy to use
  • price
  • availability
  • cares the hair nicely
  • good ingredients
  • makes the hair shiny
  • leaves a soft sweet scent
  • when you hold it, and open the cap, some product kinda flows out
  • when you use, it has a very strong sweet scent that is a bit overwhelming 
As you can tell, I really like this product :) It's great for my hair, and I love to use it once a week :)
What is your favorite hair mask?
Talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NOTD November 29th: Scarf Nails

Hi there!
A few days ago I showed you a tutorial for a nail art design I'm now wearing. Here *click* you can see it!
I just changed to colors for this one, I used China Glaze Sea Spray as a base and China Glaze Hey Sailor for the scarf, but I sticked to L.A.Colors Nail Art Deco Red Glitter for the glitter parts :)
Unfortunately you can't tell the glitter that well in the pictures, in real life it looks better!
Very short post, sorry, but I don't think there's anything else to mention!
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 28 November 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn

Hi there!
There's really nothing exciting going on make-up wise, no LEs, no other new stuff, and I have to do so much stuff for school that I barely have the time to test products and all that kinda stuff. But instead of not posting, I decided to just make a different post! I love this blog way too much, so I don't choose just not blogging ;)
This weekend I went to see Breaking Dawn at the movies, and since I actually really like the Twilight series (the books at least), I decided a review about the movie can't be that bad, right?! Do you want more movie reviews in the future?
So, for those of you who don't know, Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final part in the Twilight series. For the movies, however, this one was splitted into 2 movies, and this one was the first one. In Germany, it launched on Thursday November 24th.
I've never really liked the Twilight movies, I think that they're just a bit weak compared to the books which are just way better. That often happens, because in a book there are just way more possibilities than in a movie, you just can't film everything you can describe with words. But I still think that they could have made them a bit better. This movie, Breaking Dawn, was no exception. I liked it, it was better that like the first movie in my opinion, which I liked least. It had it's great parts, and it's weak parts, but after all it's a movie I would want to see again. It's not like I didn't like it at all, like my friend with whom I watched it. She was afterwards like that was the worst movie ever, but I disagree. It's a fine movie, not awesome, but also not bad.
Now, for the "real" part of the review, I have to give a SPOILER ALERT! I want to tell you which scenes I liked, and stuff, so here's you're chance to click away if you still want to see the movie.
I liked the beginning, and then the dream she had before her wedding. It was a bit creepy, but it totally matched! Then, the wedding itself, was different from what I expected, but I liked it nonetheless. Her make-up was gorgeous, I really loved that, but I didn't like her dress. I don't know, it kinda matched her personality but I didn't find it that pretty. The part where all of the wedding guests say something was really funny, and I find it great that they added it :) I liked that they had the scene where Jacob comes to see Bella, and that they did it like it was in the book. And I liked the scene in Rio on their way to the island. Their honeymoon in general was a good part of the movie. It was done great, and I liked it a lot, it didn't disappoint me. That was one of the highlights for me. Then they left the island and Bella was pregnant, and there I didn't like it as much anymore. The wolf scene, where Jacob doesn't obey and then splits from the others, was a bit ridiculous. I don't know, it wasn't serious enough. All over, I think that the werewolf scenes were not enough. They were so detailed in the book, and I think they were just too short and abbreviated in the movie. Bella looked to disgusting when she was pregnant, they did a great job making her look so horrible! She was so thin, and exhausted, and it didn't look nice, but it matched. These scenes when she was pregnant were a bit boring, not a lot happened. Next, when the baby came, that's hard to describe. It was gross, creepy, and all of that, but it was the way it was supposed to be I guess. The baby then was cute, of course, babies are always cute. I liked that you got to see the transformation, and the end, when she opens her red eyes, was good, too.
That's the whole movie in a summary with my comments ;) It was a nice movie, and if you like Twilight, I guess you need to go watch it ;) Otherwise, if you're not into it, you're not missing out.
But it got me into the mood of reading the books again :)
Did anyone of you see it so far? What do you think about it?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 26 November 2011

NOTD November 26th: Turkey Nail Art + Essence Vampire's Love LE Good Old Buffy

Hi everyone,
today I want to show you the mani I did for Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate that here in Germany, but I loved the turkey design that I just had to do it either way. Here *click* you can find the tutorial for it by Adventures in Acetone.
I painted every nail except for my index and ring finger nail with Essence's Good Old Buffy from their Vampire's Love LE. It needed 2 thin coats and is so gorgeous with the green flakies :)
For the turkey I used Manhattan's 95E as a base, and the painted the feathers with L.A.Color Nail Art Deco in Tangerine, Copper Glitter and Red Glitter, as well as China Glaze Life Preserver, which I also used for the beak. The eyes were done with Essence Stamp Me White and Fatal, and the brown head is Essie Little Brown Dress.
It was really easy to create, and it's just so fun! What did you wear for Thanksgiving?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 25 November 2011

TAG: Scents

Hi everyone,
today I have another short tag for you :) This time it's about scents! Let's get it started:

  1. Fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or food smell?
    Fruity and floral are my favorites, but I like the others, too, except for spicy scents, which I don't like at all.
  2. Body spray or perfume?
    Depends on the mood, body spray for the day and perfume at night. But in general, rather perfumes.
  3. Whats your all time favorite perfume?
    I like to switch my perfumes. I have a lot of samples, so I don't have to get a full bottle every time I'm in the mood for a new scent. Right now, I love DKNY Be Delicious and Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia. 
  4. Whats your all time favorite body spray?
    A unfortunately discontinued one from Body&Soul, a brand my local Mueller carries. It's in peach, and it's smells so fresh and fruity :)
  5. What are fragrance are you wearing right now?
    My very own scent ;) I just came out of the shower, and it's at night when I'm writing this, so I won't put on a scent anymore. I guess I smell like body lotion?! :D
I hope you liked this short little post :) It would be awesome if you did it, too! :)
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Black Friday!

Hey there!
Just quickly wanted to remind all of you that tomorrow is Black Friday, and tons of stores are doing discounts! Sigma for example is doing free shipping worldwide, which is awesome! I'll be ordering some brushes :)
What will you be getting?
xoxo, Misch

Picture Tutorial: Scarf Nails for Winter

Hi there!
Today I have a little tutorial for you! It's getting winter, even though it didn't snow here yet. I love this cute little design and will be wearing it very soon! I tried it first on a nail wheel and took pictures of that :) So why not show you the tutorial already now?
That's what you need:
  • a base coat of your choice (I used Essence Pro White French)
  • a light back ground polish (I used p2 - being in heaven)
  • a bright red polish (I used p2 - it's hot)
  • a red glitter polish, preferably a striper (I used L.A.Colors Nail Art Deco in Red Glitter)
  • a top coat of your choice (I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer)
That's how to do it:
  1. Start with your base coat to protect your natural nails.
  2. Paint all of your nails with your light background color.
  3. Use the bright red creme to make a curved thick tip. Then also make two stripes of different length like a scarf's end.

  4. Now take your glitter red striper, or if it's not a striper, use regular polish and a thin brush. I used that to paint some accents, like fringes and stuff. That adds more dimension :)
  5. Add your top coat to protect the design from chipping.
It's really simple to do, and so fun for winter!
What do you think?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

NOTD November 23rd: Pac-Man Nails

Hey guys,
today I want to show you a nail art design a friend requested. She saw this video by Cutepolish *click*, and wanted me to do it :D So here it is!
I did it just a tiny bit different than in the video. For the Pac-Man I didn't use a triangular part of tape, because I tried it that way and it messed it all up. So I freehanded the Pac-Mans. For the purple stripe I used Essence's True Love from their Vampire's Love LE, and then RdLY Nail Art Pen Black (also used that for the outlining for the Pac-Man) and L.A.Colors Nail Art Deco in Blue Glitter. The yellow Pac-Man itself is L.A.Colors Nail Art Deco in Tangerine, as well as the Pac Dots.
It looks like the Pac-Mans are eating the dots, right? :D
What do you think? It's not that hard to do, and it's super fun!
Talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Review: Isana Hydro Lip Balm

Hi everyone,
it's getting really cold here, and that means taking care of your body more. Your lips are one thing you really don't want to forget to care, because when they're dry and chapped, that's just not pretty. I'm always looking for a good lip balm, and I lately bought this one. Let's see how I liked it!
  • called Isana Hydro Lip Balm
  • costs 1 Euro for 4.8 gr
  • comes in a tube you have to unscrew, like a normal lip balm
  • contains grape seed oil
  • only available at Rossmann
  • easy to apply 
  • soft texture
  • cares the lips nicely
  • the packaging closes nicely so you can throw it in your purse without having to worry about the cap coming off
  • looks fine when wearing it during the day
  • price
  • makes me want to drink something, I dunno, it dries out my mouth?
  • availability
  • probably not enough for really dry lips
This is a nice and solid lip balm, and I like using it. I just think that sometimes my lips need a bit more care,so when I use this one up I'll most likely try a different one. 
What is your favorite lip balm? Any recommendations?
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 21 November 2011

NOTD November 21st: Harry Potter Nail Art

Hey there!
So it's time for a nail art design only a big big fan like me wears, but I think it's cool :D I did a Harry Potter weekend with my best friend, and we watched the first 4 movies in one night :D A big yay for being a freak!
And for the special occasion, I did Harry Potter nails. The background color is OPI - Rising Star from last year's Burlesque Holiday collection, and then I drew all of the stuff on with a toothpick and p2 - eternal.
I did the Deathly Hallows symbol twice, and then a H, a P and a lightning bolt. YAY :D
I'm not gonna keep spamming you with my crazy stuff, I think this is a good point to end this post here :D
See ya!
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nail Polish TAG!

Hey guys!
For today I have a short but sweet nail polish tag for you! :) Let's get started!

  1. What’s your favorite nail polish company?
    That's hard to pick, because I think every brand can have some great polishes! I love OPI, China Glaze, Zoya and stuff, but also Catrice and Essence. So no real pick here, sorry.
  2. Glitter or no glitter?
    Glitter all the way! I love glittery nails! Of course cremes can be nice, too, but glitter is just awesome!
  3. OPI or China Glaze or Essie?
    OPI and China Glaze equally, but I don't like Essie as much.
  4. When do you start to take off your nail polish?
    The second I get bored by it :D I barely wear a polish till it starts to chip, I always have to switch it because that way I like it better :)
  5. What’s your favorite color on your nails?
    Depends on season and my mood. I love all kinds of colors, they just have to be what I'm into. Generally, I love blues and reds.
  6. Darks or brights?
    Right now rather darks, but that could be due to the fact that it's fall.
  7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
    A Harry Potter Nail Design that I'll be showing you tomorrow :) It's OPI - Rising Star with black details.
  8. Matte nails—in or out?
    Depends. I like them, but I prefer shiny nails. But they definitely can be great :)
  9. French manicures?
    Not really. That's just too boring for me! I'm a color and pattern girl. But they can be nice for special occasions.
  10. Favorite fall color?
    Jewel tones. I know, that's more than one color, but that's okay with me ;) Like dark blue, dark purple, emerald green...these kinds of colors :)
Now it's your turn! I tag ALL of you! It would be great if you did the TAG, too :) And if you have some other TAGs I could to, make sure to tell me about them!
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 19 November 2011

NOTD November 19th: Essence Vampire's Love LE - 02 Into The Dark + Silver To Blue Gradient

Hey guys!
Finally it's time for another NOTD, it's just so hard to find a good day for taking pictures at this time of the year! About 3 days a week I leave the house when it's dark and only come back when it's dark again...:/
But now onto the polish. From Essence's Vampire's Love LE *click*, this one, 02 Into The Dark, is the first one I chose to wear. It's a deep blue with silver micro shimmer, really special and pretty.
I'm wearing 2 coats of it, and it was perfect with that :) I like the formula and the brush a lot!
And then I decided to pimp it up a bit. Like with the last polish I wore, I was inspired by the shimmer and made a gradient out of it, this time a silver to blue one.
For the silvers I used Essence - Romeo (old version), Jesse's Girl - North Star and L.A.Colors Nail Art Deco - Silver Glitter, and did the gradient with a sponge, like I always do.
I really like it! Looks a bit like snowy tips to me :)
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 18 November 2011

As excited as one can be! :D

Hey there!
It's November 18th, and guess what happens today (at least here in Germany)! Harry Potter 7.2 DVD launches!
I can't wait to get to the store and get my very own DVD, I'm so excited!
And I think I'll be wearing my self-made Deathly Hallows t-shirt :D
Yes, I'm kind of a hardcore fan, but being normal is just boring, right?! :D
I officially declare myself a Harry Potter - no, not fan, but - freak!
What do you think? Will you be getting a DVD, too? Do you think I'm insane? I'm just as sane as Luna I guess :D
Harry Potter power, and yes, you can laugh about me :D
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE Duo Lipgloss in 01 Lovely Sinner

Hi guys!
As I promised yesterday, here are some lip swatches and some more thoughts about the Duo Lipgloss in 01 Lovely Sinner from the Welcome To Las Vegas LE by Catrice. Here *click* you can find my first swatches.
Now, let's start with swatches, shall we?
just the red side
just the gold side
gold over red
gold over red, applied lightly
As you can see in the pictures, it's every opaque and quite obvious. Applying it lightly is pretty hard to do, it doesn't really work.
It's super duper hard to make the red look perfect, because since it's so opaque and has this lacquer-like consistency, no mistake can be corrected easily. I highly suggest paying a lot of attention when you apply it, the first time I used it I totally screwed it up :D And it's really a true pin-up red, and cool-toned.
The gold glitter moves during the day, when the gloss wears off and the glitter stays. So it can also get out of your lips, but it's not that bad.
The red color stays for quite some time. Of course, it will wear off eventually, but it does last longer than a normal lipstick or lipgloss. But it can also dry out your lips, just keep that in mind.
I really like this duo, but I think it's only something for a special occasion. What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Also from Catrice's Welcome To Las Vegas LE

Hi guys!
I was lucky to find Catrice's Welcome To Las Vegas LE at another drugstore, and there I was able to get one of the double-ended lipglosses. The color I got is 01 Lovely Sinner, and it has a bright blue-based red on one side, and a metallic gold on the other, which is meant as a topper.
The red gloss doesn't feel like a gloss, I guess you could describe it best when saying lacquer. It dries, and it's not glossy at all. The pigmentation is awesome, you get a vibrant look immediately. But that also means that you can't use it a lightly, because the formula is not made for that. It has a sponge tip applicator.
The gold metallic part is way more like a a gloss, like a clear one with heavy gold glitter. It has a very strong sweet artificial scent that the red side doesn't have. This one has a little real brush.
For swatches I have both colors on their own and also layered, so you can see the combinations.
Lip swatches and more detailed thoughts are gonna follow tomorrow!
Did you get one of the glosses?
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Polish Finish Series: Duochrome

Hi guys!
For this episode of the Polish Finish Series I want to talk about Duochromes. This finish is a really pretty one, and it is quite popular. It means basically that to the main color there's a second one that appears at different angles. So it's like a color shift.
Duochromes are always - I think - shimmer polishes, I've at least never heard of a creme duochrome, I don't think that works. I guess the color shift is due to the shimmer.
Duochromes can be opaque, but there are also sheer ones, so it depends on the polish itself.
The Multichrome is a variation of the Duochrome, it means that there are not only two colors appearing (duo), but a lot of different ones (multi).
Nubar has some very popular Duochromes and Multichromes, but also drugstore brands like Essence do Duochromes. There are more and more available.
Some polishes look like Duochromes in the bottle, but in the end that doesn't translate onto the nail. That can sometimes really be a pity!
I only have one true duochrome, and that is Essence's Out Of My Mind. It's a blue with a light green duochrome. Unfortunately it's discontinued, but you can find other pretty ones.
Do you like Duochromes? I think it's a really great finish!
See you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Monday, 14 November 2011

NOTD November 14th: Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE - C04 Drama Queen + Gold To Black Gradient

Hi there!
It's Sunday night, and I'm preblogging this post for Monday, and that's what it is when you'll be reading this :D
I'm super duper tired from studying all day long, so please don't hate me if I keep this post pretty short.
You know I bought the C04 Drama Queen nail polish from Catrice's Welcome To Las Vegas LE. It's a black with golden shimmer particles that unfortunately don't show up as much on my pictures, but that's due to the bad November lighting. I'm wearing 2 thin coats.
Now, inspired by the bottle and the gold shimmer in the polish I decided to do a gold to black gradient with it. So I sponged Essence's BBC Golden Sands from the Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection from summer about 3 quarters of the nail up, and then onto the lower half I sponged OPI - Rising Star. I finished off the tips with Essence - Make It Golden, a glitter polish.
I love this gradient, it's so pretty and easy to do, and I like it for the season!
What do you think?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Spotted: Essence Vampire's Love LE

Hello dear readers!
Another spotted post for today :) It's about Essence's Vampire's Love LE which they launched with the movie release of Breaking Dawn 1 in 2 weeks :) Essence always makes an LE for a new Twilight film, and they never get boring. I have to say, these are actually some of my favorite LEs from Essence, they're always great ones! And this one is no exception :)
It contains 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 volume lash powder, 2 lipstains, 1 blush gelée, 1 shimmer powder, 1 perfume and 5 nail polishes. Here you can see all of the products: *click*
The eyeshadow palette has really pretty colors, And not too common ones. I don't think there was a tester, and I wasn't sure I'd use it that often, so I left it at the store.
The volume lash powder seemed not that necessary to me, that's why I didn't get it. It's basically a powder you apply to your lashes between mascara coats to make them look bigger.
The lipstains are very dark colors, a red and a purple. I would have actually wanted to get the red one, but there was only one left that was already used and looked really disgusting. Too bad, I hate it when people do that!
The blush gelée was already sold out, so I couldn't have a look at it. But I've heard it's not that pigmented.
The shimmer powder also wasn't there anymore, the people in my town seems to have liked the cheek products, and I was simply too late.
I actually didn't pay attention to the perfume, I only noticed that after I left the store ;) Sorry I can't tell you how it smelled!
And last but not least, the polishes. They look a bit different than in the promo pics, but they're still gorgeous. Of course I bought some ;) I left the gray polish at the store, and the other dark shade (blue or black?) was already sold out. The colors I got are: 01 Good Old Buffy, a dark blackened green with green glitter and flakies, 02 Into The Dark, a medium blue with silver micro glitter, and 03 True Love, a purple leaning towards plum with a gorgeous shimmer. They all need no more than 2 coats and they're all so so pretty! Really special polishes, especially for the drugstore! My swatches are all a tad too dark, the lighting is not good at this time of the year!
01, 02, 03
01 Good Old Buffy
01 Good Old Buffy
02 Into The Dark
02 Into The Dark
03 True Love
03 True Love
As you can tell, this is a really great LE, and it was popular for sure. I don't think the LEs normally sell out as fast as this one did! I was clearly a bit too late! But I hope I'll be able to maybe find it at another drugstore, and if I do, I'll let you know :)
What did you get from this LE?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Spotted: Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE

Hi guys!
A big big YAY for my drugstore, they finally managed it to get the new LEs! Unfortunately they seem to have skipped the Big City Life LE, and put up the Welcome To Las Vegas immediately. But that doesn't matter, because this one is great to :)
The Welcome To Las Vegas contains 1 eyeshadow quad, 1 scented shimmer powder spray, 1 pair of fake lashes, 1 liquid liner, 3 duo lipglosses, 1 transparent fixing powder and 4 nail polishes. Here *click* you cna see all of the products.
All over, the LE is themed around Las Vegas, shows, stage, and party. Great for this season in my opinion!
The eyeshadow quad contains all shimmery shades, and they're nice for a smokey look. I didn't buy it because I own enough eyeshadows, and the colors could be replaced by shades of my 120 palette.
Next, the scented shimmer powder spray. It comes in a pretty flacon with a vamporizer. It was too shimmery for my taste and smelled quite strong.
The fake lashes are really pretty, and not as long as other ones. But I just can't use them, so I left them there.
The liquid liner is black with gold shimmer particles. I left it there, but now I kinda regret it. I hope I'll be able to still get it!
The 3 duo lipglosses are bright pink/red glosses and metallic toppers. I would have loved to get one of them, but unfortunately at my drugstore they were already sold out. What a pity!
Next, the transparent fixing powder. It has such a pretty print on it, as you can see in the promo pics. But since it's gonna wear off soon, I told myself not to get it.
And last but not least, the nail polishes. They were all virbrant, shimmery and pretty. The red one looked very similar to Marilyn&Me from the permanent line. I chose the for me prettiest polish, called C04 Drama Queen. It's a black with gold shimmer. I absolutely love it, it works prefectly for the theme. It barely needs 2 coats, and the brush is again really wide, like with the Bohemia LE polishes.
A NOTD will follow soon. My swatch doesn't do it justice, the gloomy light today didn't make the glitter show's way prettier in real life!
What do you think about this LE? I love the design, the theme, it's so great!
And I hope I'll be able to get some more stuff :D
Until then guys!
xoxo, Misch