Saturday, 31 August 2013

NOTD August 31st: Catrice - Lost In Mud

Hi everyone,
today I'd like to show you a rather old Catrice nail polish of mine, Lost In Mud!
Lost In Mud is a traditional taupe color. That means it's a grey shade with brownish undertones, looks like mud! :D It's a creme.

Application was good, even though I've owned this for quite a while now! I did 2 medium coats because it isn't the most opaque color, but these 2 were enough for it not to look patchy.
Lost In Mud was released years ago when Catrice first changed their whole nail polish line to the ones they have now. It has hyped back then because it seems to be a rather good dupe of Chanel Particulière. Unfortunately it is not available like this anymore. There are, however, tons of similar taupe shades to be found with lots of brands!

What do you think of this shade? I really like it for the starting fall!
xoxo, Misch

Friday, 30 August 2013

Spotted: Essence Oktoberfest LE

Hey there!
Today I'd like to talk about Essence's new LE for September, the Oktoberfest LE!

This LE contains 1 set of paper lashes, 2 eyeshadow and lipgloss sets, 1 lip balm, 1 blush, 4 nail polishes, 1 set of nail art stickers, 1 mini purse and 2 bracelets.
All products can be seen here *click*.

The paper lashes are of a very cute and fun design, with hearts. If I were the type to wear these, I'd have gotten them, but they're just a little too much for me :D

The eyeshadow and liploss sets are very cute, with a nice Oktoberfest design and everything. One contains a pink and a purple eyeshadow as well as a light pink lipgloss, the other is blue and brown in terms of eyeshadow and with a red lipgloss. I have no idea how well they're pigmented, but they did look very cute.

The lip balm comes in a tiny pot, and it is of a shimmery light pink shade, almost white. Not so much my taste.

The blush is a very cute one as well. It's of a cool-toned light pink, and has a darker pink with shimmer in its heart. Love the design, so I bought it.
Pigmentation of the background shade is okay, but it doesn't give that much color. The darker pink, however, does, and mixed together I bet they'll make for a nice, not too strong shade.
It was 3,25 Euros and is called 01 Fesches Madl!

The 4 nail polishes are red, purple, pink and green. They all looked very nice and very appropriate for the theme, but there was nothing too extraordinary to them.

The nail art stickers also look very cute, unfortunately they were already gone at my drugstore.

The mini purse is just a tiny little bag, very cute to store just a couple of cosmetic products in it for on the go.

The bracelets are also a nice little extra, they look very cute with their pink or purple ribbons and the silver pretzel as a charm.

After all, I quite liked this LE! I love the Oktoberfest, already looking forward to it now, and the products are all very cute :)
How did you like it?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 29 August 2013

NOTD August 29th: Catrice L'Afrique, c'est chic LE - C04 Rouge, Bien Sûr

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to show you a nail polish I already bought before my vacation, but totally forgot about it until now! I'm talking about a color from Catrice's L'Afrique, c'est chic LE from July. The shade is called C04 Rouge, Bien Sûr.
Rouge, Bien Sûr is a pinkish red shade, I'd say something in the neighborhood of strawberry colored. It contains rather huge glitter particles in silver. It also dries matte, and Catrice calls this finish "Sand Finish". It's just like all of the textured polishes we've seen around this year, it's what OPI calls Liquid Sand.

Application was alright. Due to the textured finish the formula is rather thick, but therefore also very pigmented. I used 2 coats for full opacity.
Rouge, Bien Sûr really reminds me of strawberries, because the glitter particles look like strawberry seeds, don't they? I really like the textured look of this finish, but I think that the glitter isn't spread well enough for a very consistent glittery finish like with OPI's Liquid Sand nail polishes. But I still like it!

What do you think about it?
xoxo, Misch

Saturday, 24 August 2013

NOTD August 24th: Kiko - 377

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to show you Kiko's 377, the shade I already showed you in my Italy haul.
377 is a pink creme, and it has some lilac undertones to it. It's rather light, but not too much of a pastel shade.
Application was great, it has a very squishy formula. I needed 2 coats for full coverage.
I really like this shade, and it also makes for a great pedicure color!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Book Review: Mystery Man by Bateman

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to review a book I read during my vacation. It's called Mystery Man and is written by Bateman.
Mystery Man is about this guy from Belfast, who owns a bookshop that specializes in crime fiction. Next to his shop there's a detective agency, but one day it doesn't open anymore. The agency's clients then start coming to our bookshop-owner and ask him to solve their cases. They are not particularly hard to solve, and the main character soon has more people coming to him for help.
After a while the main case of the book establishes, and it is full of interesting turns. It keeps our main character pretty occupied and pushes him to his limits. He is also able to form a relationship with his long-term crush, and she helps him solve the case.

This book is really really funny to read! The main character is not your standard narrator who just tells what happens, but he mainly comments on what is going on. I wouldn't exactly call him normal, maybe not even sane in some moments, but that makes for a very funny reading experience! His perspective is a very personal one, and it is hilarious to read.
There are lots of plot twists going, I never really knew what would happen next, and that makes the book a whole lot more interesting.
It's not your typical crime fiction book! As the talented Benedict Cumberbatch already said in his review of Mystery Man: This book is mad! Seriously, go watch his review, it's what made me purchase the book in the first place!

I actually found myself laughing out loud when reading Mystery Man, and that really doesn't happen often! It's not the actual plot that made me laugh so much, because with all its twists and turns it can be a bit hard to follow at some points, but the unique way to telling the story.

I can highly recommend it if you're looking for a hilarious pleasure read, it's very entertaining and therefore great for vacation :)

Does anyone of you know this book?
xoxo, Misch

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little Kiko Haul

Hi guys!

I don't know why, but whenever I'm in Italy, I feel the need to check out Kiko. Maybe that's because in Italy I am able to find Kiko stores more frequently than here in southern Bavaria. But even so, there really is no difference between German and Italian Kiko products. I nevertheless went to Kiko during my recent Italy trip, and bought three lovely products.

Kiko Eyeshadow 132
Kiko's eyeshadow in the shade 132 is a warm chocolate brown. It has a golden shimmer that makes it look a tiny bit metallic, but it is rather small and not crumbly. The shade isn't too dark and I bet very versatile, to be used in lots of different looks that is, from natural to dramatic.
Pigmentation is really good but not too much, and it can definitely be built up.
In Italy Kiko eyeshadows were on sale for 2,95 Euros, normally they are 4,90 Euros.

Kiko Fierce Spirit LE Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks 01 Bitter Margarita
Kiko's Fierce Spirit LE from earlier on this year was on sale, too, and I bought one of their Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks products in the shade 01 Bitter Margarita. It's a little pot with a cream product in it, which can be used as both blush and lip balm.
The color is a coral pink shade, without any shimmer or glitter. Its scent is very sweet and smells like vanilla, I love that. It is very similar to Astor's Lip Color Butter in 011 Feeling Feline in terms of both shade and scent, I can do a comparison if you wish!
It's not over-pigmented, but it does have a really nice color pay-off.
On sale it was 2,95 Euros.

Kiko Nail Polish 377
Last but not least I bought one of Kiko's nail polishes, in the shade 377. It is a light pink with lilac tones to it. Rather cool-toned and of a creme finish. Opaque with 2 coats, nice squishy formula. I really like it! In reality it's way more lilac than in the pictures!
Kiko nail polishes normally retail for 4,90 Euros, but right now they are all on sale for 1,50 Euros, at least in Italy and Germany.

That's it for the cosmetics stuff I bought in Italy. A very little haul, but I really look forward to trying these products :)
What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch

Sunday, 18 August 2013

I'm Back!

Hey there!
Long time no see, but now I'm finally back for good! And I really wanna get back to my blogging routine!

Today I'd like to share my recent vacation with you guys!
Together with my 4 best friends I went to Riva del Garda, a little town located in the northern area near Italy's largest lake, the lake Garda. We lived in a little house that my friend's parents own, which is located a little up in the mountains. Therefore we could only reach towns and everything by car, but that was alright with us. We had great weather and basically relaxed for 2 weeks straight. Went swimming a lot, in the lakes Garda, Tenno and Ledro, and visited little towns. Payed Verona a visit, which I enjoyed a lot, it's a beautiful city, and made a trip to the Gardaland, which was a ton of fun. Had great food and great fun, it really was an awesome vacation! I'm gonna leave you with some pictures, just a couple to give you an impression of the beautiful area and the great fun we had :)
I'm glad to be back though!
xoxo, Misch

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Hey there!
Today I'm here with a quick update for you guys. I'm very sorry I've never really been around in the past couple of weeks, and I apologize for the lack of posts! I've been super busy and had tons of things to do, so I ended up having to put a stop on this blog. That does not mean, however, that there won't be any more posts anymore! I'm definitely motivated to get back to the regular schedule of blogging :)
I am now taking a two-week break, going on vacation to Italy again :) This time with a couple of friends, and I'm rather looking forward to it!
I'll definitely be back in 2 weeks with - hopefully - loads to show and tell you guys!
Until then,
xoxo, Misch