Friday, 4 March 2011

My Foundation Routine

Hello there!
After showing you my Hair routine and my Skincare routine, I am gonna show you another routine of mine: my foundation routine!
I have a few pimples and breakouts and all that kind of stuff, so I go for medium to high coverage. I don't do this whole face stuff all the time, but for example when I go out I want my face to look even. Before I do any step of this routine, I wash my face and apply my moisturizer. The steps I do are shown in this skincare routine post *click*

1. The first thing I do is apply my foundation all over my face, making it even. The foundation I use is the Astor Mattitude HD Foundation in the color 02 Porcelain (*click* for a review). I use either my fingers, the Beliance foundation brush or, most perferably, the Sigma F80 Brush *click for a review*, depending on what I'm on the mood for.

2. I do have dark circles and blemishes and stuff, so in case the foundation didn't cover them up, I use a concealer. It's the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer and I'm in the shade 04 rose beige, at least right now. Sometimes I switch it up with the Essence 3in1 concealer, in case I need a color corrector. *Click* here to get to know more about  a color corrector!
I apply it with either my fingers or the Beliance eyeshadow brush which is actually really good to apply concealer.

3. Then I set my face with my favorite powder, the CadeaVera powder in beige, and for that I use a powder brush from the Rossmann line For Your Beauty. I don't apply a lot of powder because I don't go for any more coverage, I just want to set it. I try to really work it into my skin and connect with the foundation, and that works really well with that brush, because it isn't so dense, so it gives more of a natural finish.

4. After that I apply my blush, bronzer and/or highlighter if I want to, and that's it.

What do you do for your foundation routine? I'd like to know!
xoxo, Misch

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