Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spotted: The New Catrice Permanent Line :) + LEs

Hey everyone,
I just have a few pictures for you, because today I spotted the new permanent line by Catrice and 2 LEs :)
From the new regular Catrice stuff I got a few things, but I'll post that extra after I took some pics for you :) It's gonna follow the next days for sure, I just want to get to know the new products a little. :)

I'm just gonna show you some pics from the LE counters, because I didn't buy anything. I really liked the "Enter Wonderland" by Catrice, it had a pretty design and some cute colors, but nothing I didn't own yet. I was temted to buy the highlighting powder, but since I got a few highlighters lately (especially today in the Benefit Finding Mr. Bright kit *click*) I decided to leave it at the store. Click here to see the products on Pinkmelon.de
The Essence Whoom Boom! LE was basically a little too trashy for my taste. No offense or anything, it might be your taste, but it was a pass for me. Click here to see the products on Pinkmelon.de
There was also the new "better than gel nails" kit available, but I didn't get this one, either.
I was told that the new Essence permanent line would arrive in the next couple of days, so that'll come soon, too :)
Did you spot these counters yet??
xoxo, Misch


  1. I want the whole stand of Catrice in my room, haha!

  2. @Salander: haha, that is the best idea EVER!!! :)


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