Thursday, 17 February 2011

Review: Astor HD Mattitude Foundation

Hi guys,
even though I already found a foundation I like, the Nivea Ideal Finish Foundation which I reviewed here *click*. But since this one'll be discontinued soon and after I read some many good reviews about the Astor foundation on several blogs, I had to try it out :)

- called Astor HD Mattitude Foundation
- costs 8.99 Euros at most drugstores
- contains 30 ml
- has SPF 22
- is supposed to mattify your face really well and stay up to 16 hours
- available in 6 different shades

click onto the pic to enlarge it :)
Scent, color, coverage & consistency:
The foundation has a very strong scent, kinda floral and perfume-y. It's not really that great, and I wouldn't say it smells yummy, but for me it's okay. I'd say you smell it at the store, just in case you are sensitive to scents. There are quite a few colors available, pretty light ones, too. I'm in the shade 02 porcelain, which is darker than the Nivea Ideal Finish Foundation 02 Nude that I used before. It's a tiny bit too dark for me, but it actually adapts to my skin well. The coverage is not totally full, but it still covers a lot. I'd say it's full to medium coverage.
This is a liquid foundation, so the consistency is - well - liquid. But it's not runny or too thin.

right out of the pump
slightly applied
totally blended out
Application with the Beliance Foundation Brush:
I do like it this way, but it's my least favorite way to apply it from these 3 ways. It applies it nice and evenly, so it's fine :) The coverage is medium that way.

Application with my bare fingers:
It's very easy to apply it evenly with my fingers, you can blend it into your skin easily. But applying it this way means the coverage will be a little lighter, at least on me.

Application with the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 brush:
My favorite way :) Very easy to blend, and I especially like this brush, so it's perfect! Here is a review on it, *click*. The coverage is medium that way.

Finish & Wear:
It promises to stay for 16 hours and to minimize your pores. I can't say that it really lasts 16 hours, but it stays
pretty long, and when I apply it at 7 am and get home at 3 pm, it's still almost flawless, so really great last :)
It does minimize my pores a little bit, but you can only notice that when you look up close.
Since it's a mattifying foundation, it's not really suited for dry skin. I'd recommend to apply a good moisturizer before you add your foundation. It easily makes dry spots more visisble, so it's maybe not the best for dry skin. It has a very matte finish, even powdery, so I don't find you need to set it with powder.

Bottom Line:
I like this foundation a lot! I think I prefer it over the Nivea foundation I used to use. The finish and the wear is great, and I think it's just awesome!

Did you try out this foundation, too?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

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