Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Storage Tips

Hey there!
A couple of days ago I was visiting IKEA, and found some cool storage things, so I guess I was gonna show you these, as well as some other storage pieces.
At IKEA I the first thing I got was a grey plastic thing that's  normally used to put forks, knives and spoons into it in different sections. You can use it to put your nail polish into it, as I used to do, or powders, lipglosses, everything you'd like to. One of these things costs 50 cents, and they will fit most drawers, so they're great.

Then something I also got from IKEA is another piece like that, but it's clear plastic and it's higher. I will put some nail polishes into it, because that way you can organize your polishes by color or brand, because the thing is sectioned. It was 2,99 Euros.
Then for my brushes I'm also using something from IKEA, it's a vase, but I don't know it's name or how much it was, sorry, because it's a little old. I put a bow around it to make it cuter, but just do it the style you like :) I put some deco beeds and stones into it, you can get these at any deco store :) The beeds will hold all of the brushes, and it just looks cute in your room.
Then there are two little drawer thinhgs that I got from KIK. I normally don't buy stuff there, but these storage things were pretty cool :) They're available in different colors, and 2 sizes. They're plastic, too, and I like them to put my blushes and eyeshadows into them. I also use the little one to keep my lipsticks.

That's how I store my nail polishes right now:
What do you use to store your make-up? I'd like to know!
Until next time, xoxo, Misch


  1. Very well organized! I have some similar plastic drawers but I love the idea of the separators from Ikea :-)

  2. @Salander: both ideas make sense for sure :) I prefer my nail polishes in the separators because there I can see the colors and don't have to search too much.


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