Thursday, 24 March 2011

Review: Catrice Absolute Eye Color Quad 010 The Season's Must Have!

Hey everyone,
today I have another review about a product from the new Catrice permanent line. It's about one for their brand-new eyeshadow quads, the Absolute Eye Color Quads. 
The one I got is called 010 The Season's Must Have! and it contains 4 pretty colors that aren't my normal color scheme. I normally always go for bronzes and warm browns, but even though there were also brown quads available, I liked this one the most. 
It contains a matte plummy grey color, a shimmery light grey, a shimmery torquoise color and a shimmery champagne rose color. The pigmentation is okay, the light grey and the champagne rose are the best, the matte plummy grey is a little patchy, but that's normal for a matte. The only real problem is the light torquoise color, it is barely noticeable on the eye, the only way to make it visible is to either layer it or use it wet. But the quad's nice nonetheless, you just have to be a little patient with this color. All of the colors are pretty cool, only the champagne one is a little warm. The shimmer is not junky or anything, you can't really feel it. They're not really noticeable on the lid, really light and no problems at all. I only wore them with an eyeshadow base, I always use one, and with that they lasted all day, no color-fading or creasing.  The quad costs 4.49 Euros and all 4 colors together are 8g, the plummy grey and the torquoise each 15.g and the light grey and the champagne each 2.5g. The packaging also looks really pretty and high-end with the clear plastic and the Catrice logo. I really like it!
All of the colors are really silky and soft.

Do I recommend it? Yes, mainly. If you don't mind the fact that the torquoise is not too pigmented and you can be a little patient with it and the slightly patchy matte color, it's okay to get it. The price is not too high, and I think it's appropriate for the quality. You might wanna look at the other colors, too, there are also warm quads available :) 
An EOTD with this quad is gonna follow soon!

Did you get any of the quads? Do you like them?
xoxo, Misch  


  1. I can´t wait to get Catrice´s new products. This quad is very nice. If you use a cream eyeshadow as base, I am sure the light blue will be more intense.

  2. @Salander: yeah, they're mainly really cool! well, I tried that, and it didn't work for me :( Maybe it's just my quad and the color's normally really great, but whatever it is, this one's not really working :P

  3. @Salander: Not yet, but it's a good idea! I'll let you know how it works out :)

  4. Nice to see tips on selection of colour cosmetics. I would like to read more about it. I love the kit selective product as well.

  5. A very nice review, thanks! I'm ordering this palette :)


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