Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Review: Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

Hi everyone,
today I have the next Essence review, about a new product from the permanent line :) This time I'm gonna talk about the new Mini Lipgloss Set.
It contains 3 mini sized lipglosses that contain 2 ml/ 0.06 fl. oz. each.
The kit have here for a review is called Devil's Love and Kisses. It has hard carton packaging with detailing and patterns on it, mainly red, grey and white with a devil on it. It costs 2.45 Euros at the drugstore.

The lipglosses all contain shimmer & glitter particles.
The first color is clear and contains the biggest glitter particles which are silver and really obvious, especially because there's no actual gloss color. The second gloss is a soft reddish coral with the least visible glitter. I like this color the most, it's fun and summery. The last color is a cool pink with golden shimmer, and it looks pretty bright in the bottle. All glosses have a sponge-tip applicator.
The only problem with these glosses is the pigmentation. I really like the colors, they're fun and there is a clear, a warmer and a cool shade in it, and the glitter's not that bad. But you can barely tell which color is which on lip & hand swatches. That, of course, makes them all very wearable, but you just don't get the color you're expecting.

upper one: clear glitter
middle one: reddish coral
bottom one: pink
The texture of these is a little sticky but not too much, they remind me of the Eclipse Collection glosses *click*. The wear's okay, not too long, but definitely longer than an hour. After a while all of the glossiness is gone, only the glitter particles stay on your lips. The taste is very fruity and sweet, it's a little too much for my opinion, but it's still okay. It's in my opinion again comparable to the Eclipse Collection glosses.
Do I recommend this kit?
Well, not really. I'm disappointed because I thought that these might be a little pigmented, but they're not :P It'd be great for young girls starting off with make-up who don't expect too much and don't need too much color. But not everyone would like it, so think about buying this twice.

BTW: If anyone of you knows a lipgloss/lipstick that looks similar to the reddish coral gloss and that is opaque, please let me know! I love love love that color, and I'd like to have it for summer in an opaque version :) So please tell me if you know a similar color! The brand doesn't matter.
And I'm sorry that I can't provide you any lip-swatches, but these glosses are my sister's. She was already kind enough to let me test them, and I didn't want to use hers up ;)

Did anyone get these, too?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Yes, not pigmented at all. I have so many glosses that I bet I will skip these ones.

  2. @Salander: yeah, it's better to skip these. There are way better ones available! you don't know an opaque gloss like the reddish coral one, do you?

  3. The problem is that my lips are so pale, that everything is opaque for me, haha!
    They say Eyeko lipgloss have very good coverage but they are sticky. Did you try the new ones from Catrice?

  4. @Salander: well, then it's different :) unfortunately I can't get any Eyeko glosses at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind!
    Well, I was actually tomorrow gonna take the time to look at all these glosses, so there might a post about it coming up soon!

  5. Why don't you try 'NIVEA's glamorous gloss'?
    I have the 'natural' color (there are more options) and I think that even this gives my lips some color..

  6. @Vi2: thank you so much for your suggestion! but unfortunately here in my region Nivea has stopped selling cosmetics :P I guess I need to find a different one...


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