Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nail Polish Collection Updates!

Hi guys!
I finally took the time to edit and update all of my Nail Polish Collection posts, yay! I didn't write new posts, I just added polishes and changed the pics to the posts from last summer :)  Here are the links, just click onto the names:

* Part #1: Goldes, Whites, Yellows and Glitters
* Part #2: Corals, Oranges and Reds
* Part #3: Roses and Pinks
* Part #4: Lilacs, Violetts and Purples
* Part #5: Blues
* Part #6: Greens
* Part #7: Browns, Silvers, Greys and Blacks
* Part #8: Base Coats, Top Coats and Care Stuff

Here you go! I also linked all the colors I already showed in NOTD posts in the several collection posts. Hope it's all clearer now :)

xoxo, Misch


  1. Your collection is awesome! I can´t understand why you have so few followers. It´s a great blog!

  2. @Salander: thanks :) well, I might not have that many followers as some other blogs, but I appreciate every single reader I have. And as long as there's someone appreciating what I do - like you maybe :) - I'll keep blogging :)

  3. I am going to recommend your blog in mine, hopefully you will get more followers :-)

  4. @Salander: thank you so so so much! that's so sweet of you! :)


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