Tuesday, 29 March 2011

NOTD March 29th: Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Hi everyone,
today I have a nice little nail art design for you! I did it this weekend because it was Cherry Blossom Day. I don't celebrate it, but I thought it'd be fun for that occasion! And it's a really cute spring design that some of you might want to wear, too!

That's what you need:
- a base coat of your choice (I used Essence Pro White French)
- a white opaque polish (I used Essence Nail Art Stampy Polish White)
- a black polish with a thin brush/ a regular black color (I used the RdLY nail art pen in black)
- a pink color (I used Essie - Exotic Liras)
- a pale rose color (I used Essie - Guchi Muchi Puchi)
- a toothpick for the blossoms
- a top coat of your choice (I used Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat)
That's how to do it:
1. Use your base coat all over your nails to protect them.
2. Paint a little more than the tips of your nails opaque white. I did it free-hand and rotated my hand to create a straighter line. You can also use tip guides and you don't have to do the line as straight as I did. Choose what you like!
3. Take your black polish with the thin brush (or use a toothpick and a regular black polish) and draw the trees with the branches. Do as many as you like, do them on half of the nail, or the whole one, it's all up to you!
4. Pick up some of the pink color with your toothpick and put some flowers onto the ends of all the branches.
5. Pick up the pale rose color with the toothpick and add them as spots to a few of the pink flowers. This will add some dimension and make it look a little more real.
6. Use your topcoat to protect the design.
I'm totally aware of the fact that real japanese cherry blossoms aren't as pink as mine are, but I just liked the color and added that as my little own twist on it.
To see a video on how to do it, *click* here and you'll see the one by cutepolish! This video was my inspiration, but I didn't totally stick to her way of doing it.

Do you like it??
xoxo, Misch


  1. Very nice manicure. I didn´t know about the Cherry Blossom day until I watched Michelle´s Phan video. She created a wonderful make up look inspired in this beautiful flower.

  2. @Jirafuca: thank you! :)

    @Salander: thanks! yeah, I actually saw that video, too :)


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