Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review: Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick 060 Teddy Brown

Hi everyone,
today I have a review For you guys :) It's about a new product by Catrice from one of their new lipstick lines. It's called Ultimate Shine, and the color I got is 060 Teddy Brown.

- contains 3.5 gramms
- costs 3.99 Euros at most drugstores
- is also available in a lot of other colors
Color & Coverage:
It's a brownish red color that has a cream finish. Even though it's pretty shiny, I wouldn't really say that it's a nude every-day color, although I'm wearing it during the day. It's more of a muted red. For some people it could definitely be too dark.
It's pretty opaque, shows the color easily as a swatch and also gives a nice pay-off on the lips. You have to be careful that it doesn't get uneven, though. It's shiny and glides on really well.
Since it is a pretty dark and obvious color, it's easily visible when it fades. It lasts pretty long, but since the finish is shiny, it's not too longlasting. It doesn't stay when you eat or drink anything, but with normal wear it lasts about 2 hours, at least on me.
Bottom Line:
I really like this lipstick :) It's a pretty color, I'm happy with the wear and anything, so it's great. If you like the color, you might wanna give it a try :)
Did you try it out, too?
I'll see you soon :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. Very nice colour, but I guess it is too red for me as my lips are very pale.
    Great review.

  2. @Salander: well, you have to decide that for yourself. But I suggest trying it out at the drugstore, because maybe you'll like it anyway :) thanks <3


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