Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Skincare Routine

Hey guys :)
I thought I might show you my skin care routine, just because I stopped using the Clinique line a few weeks ago. I know that there are a ton of young people out there, dealing with pimples, acne and blemishes, and some spend so much money on expensive skin care products that don't work after all.
I found a inexpensive line at the drugstore that works for my skin, and I think it's a good idea to show this one to you. Of course, every skin is different, please keep that in mind! So I can't promise you this will work for you, but it might, and even if it doesn't - it's very inexpensive!
The products I'm talking about are from Synergen, from the line for skin with blemishes and stuff. They're the ones that come in navy blue packagings.
My Skin Care Routine:
First, I wash my face using the Synergen Wash Creme for skin with blemishes. It contains little peeling particles which I think is really nice, and they're not too harsh. It also cleanses my skin really nicely and leaves it very clean. but not dried out.
Then I just use the Synergen Hydro-Fluid for skin with blemishes. It has a nice light consistency, like a gel, but when you apply it to your face, it kinda turns into a more rich lotion. I really like it, but it might not be moisturizing enough for people with dry skin.
And that's it!
Again, I wash my face using the Synergen Wash Creme. This one gets rid off all of my make-up, so I don't need an additional make-up remover. When I wore a lot of make-up, I wash my face a second time using this product, just to cleans it more thoroughly.
Next, I use the Synergen Toner for skin with blemishes. I don't use this every night, just when I feel I need it. I don't think it's good to use it that often, because it contains alcohol and that can dry out your skin. That's also the reason why I don't use it in the morning.
When I have an extremely big pimple or something, I use the Synergen Anti-Spot-Gel. It works really well and dries out any pimples pretty fast.
I don't use a moisturizer at night.
Once A Week:
I exfoliate my skin once a week and for that I use the Yves Rocher Apricot Peeling. I really like it, and it makes my skin super-squeaky-clean :)
In winter, I sometimes add a moisturizing mask, but that one is kind optional for me and I don't even have a regular one I grab for, I just get one that seems nice ;)

This is the first time I have a skin care routine that just uses products from one brand (except for the exfoliator). Normally I kinda switch it up...don't know, maybe it's because these work so well for me. If I had to pick my favorite product out of this routine, it would be the Wash Creme.
Do you use any of these products as well? Or what do you use it your skin care routine? I'd like to know :)
Until then!
xoxo, Misch

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