Saturday, 8 January 2011

My Hair Routine

Hello dear readers,
a while ago I showed you my skincare routine and now I decided to show you another routine of mine: my hair routine.

I have pretty long hair, it hits me right above my waist. It's brunette with some natural gold and red strands in it. I never colored it or had some high- or lowlights. It's always been natural. My hair is a little wavy and curly, but tends to be flat sometimes.
I wash my hair every other day, sometimes even every third day. I don't look for anything special when it comes to my hair routine, I just don't want to use any silicones on it all the time. I know, there are tons of discussions whether silicones are bad for your hair or not. They've never done any damage to my hair, but I still try not to use them too often. Let's not start a discussion about it here, I think everyone can decided that for themselves.
I don't blow-dry my hair on a regular basis nor do I straighten or curl it with an iron. I try not to use heat on my hair whenever I can do it differently.
Where the products I use on my hair are concerned, I don't use that much stuff, but I still take care of it well.

My shampoo is the Franck Provost Volume Expert Shampoo and I like this one a lot. Doesn't have any silicones, comes in a huge but inexpensive bottle and smells good.
After that I use a conditioner by Franck Provost, the Shine Expert Conditioner. I don't like the scent too much, but it cares my hair pretty well. I haven't been using it for too long now, though.

I use both the shampoo and the conditioner every time I wash my hair.

Something I also use regularly is the Alverde Hair Tip Fluid. I just put it into my tips and it cares them really well, I like it :)

Once a week I use a hair mask, the Hairwell hair mask Anti Hair Damage about which I already talked in this haul post *click*  a little. I like it!

Then there are some other products I use whenever I need them:
I already told you that I don't blow-dry or straighten or curl my hair with heat, but sometimes I have to do it. Whenever that's the case, I use the Dove Therapy Heat Protectant.
Whenever I want my hair to be more curly than it naturally is, I use the Taft Curl Balm. I love the floral scent and it works pretty fine for me.
And of course, when I style my hair, I use hairspray to fix it. At the moment I'm using the John Frieda Hairspray, but I'm not sure whether I'm totally happy with it. I haven't found the perfect hair spray so far, but I like this one because of it's scent. :)

And that's what I use to care my hair! Do you want a review for anything? Tell me!
What do you use in your hair routine?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

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