Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Review: Essence Smokey Eyes Brush

Hi there!
One of the products from the new Essence permanent line is the Smokey Eyes Brush. And here's my review on it!

It has a black handle with the name on it in purple, and it also has purple hair. The whole brush with the hair is about 15 cm long and it costs 1.25 Euros at most drugstores. 

The hair is really, really soft and also pretty dense. It's supposed to be used as a typical blending brush, but it's also really nice to apply an eyeshadow to either your crease or above it. I'd rather call it a round crease brush than a blending brush, for that it's just a little too tiny. Essence also recommends to use it as a smudger brush, but for that I prefer a real smudger or a pencil brush. 
It blends the eyeshadow colors nicely, and with it, you are able to apply certain colors as just a swipe, really lightly. You can even define your crease with this brush or blend the transition between lid and crease color, the size's perfect for that! The name "Smokey Eyes Brush" kinda hits the spot, it's perfect for smokey looks!
Washing's also no problem, it didn't lose any hair so far and it got perfectly clean with baby shampoo. 
It looked very similar to the Beliance round eyeshadow brush, but the one by Beliance is a little smaller and the hair is not as soft as the one by Essence. The Essence one is also fluffier.
I really recommend this brush, it's really inexpensive and great quality! Get it if you need a brush like this!
I'll see ya later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. It is in my wish list for sure. Most of the new staff didn´t arrive to Spain so far :-( I could get just the eyeliner one.

  2. @Salander: that's really cool :) what a pity, but I'm sure you'll be able to get it soon. And it's not running away after all, so you can also get it in a few weeks or months!
    I also got the eyeliner brush, and a review about it is gonna come either tomorrow or on monday :) do you like it?

  3. I didn´t try so far. I had to come to Italy for work so I have a "mini one" for traveling ;-) It seems soft but consistent enough to create a precise line.

  4. @Salander: okay ;)
    Well, that's what I think about it, too :) Review will be coming up in a few minutes, I just have to edit the pictures for it!

  5. I've bought this brush last week, it's so soft! I didn't expect it to be this soft because it's so cheap

  6. @Kelly: yeah, i didn't either, but it's true :)


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