Thursday, 8 September 2011

Polish Finish Series: Glitter

Hey you guys!
Today's episode of the Polish Finish Series will be about Glitter polishes.
A glitter polish most of the time has a clear base and then the glitter added to it, sometimes more densely, sometimes less. In a few cases there is a colorful base to it, most of the time a jelly (What that is? *click*), because that makes the glitter easier to apply. The glitter can be one color, or a lot of different ones, that doesn't matter. They're sparkly and add a special touch to everything. Some glitter particles spread out evenly, whereas others don't. Since they are just particles in a clear polish, they need a couple of coats to get opaque. Depending on how many glitter is in the polish, they need something between 2 and 5 coats for full opacity.
Glitters are most of the time not intended to be worn on their own, more as a topper.
They can have all kinds of shapes, like round, square, string, hexagonal, and shape, like hearts or stars or something. There can also be different shapes and sizes of glitter in one polish.
Due to the glitter, they dry to an uneven finish, for which you need a top coat to smooth it, sometimes even some layers of it.
The thing about glitter polishes is that they are a pain in the *ss to remove. The glitter will only come off with rubbing, and it'll get all over your nails. There are a few methods, including the alu foil method *click*. But I don't really use a method, I just try to deal with it with patience. You have to know yourself if the removal process makes it worth wearing glitters.
The ones I'd like to show you are these:
Sparkle-icious by OPI, from last year's holiday collection. It has golden, blue and purple glitter particles and needs 3 coats.
Circus Confetti by Essence, from the Nail Art Special Effect Topper line. It contains different-sized multi-colored glitter particles, and needs 4 coats. Here *click* I reviewed it.
Do you like glitter polishes? I do :D They're so sparkly!
See you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I love them! I have many of them!
    And the one from Opi is amazing!

  2. @Salander: looks like we have another thing in common :D


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