Saturday, 24 September 2011

10 Facts about the Life of a Beauty Blogger

Hey everyone!
Today I want to share a little tag I saw on quite a few blogs now. It's called 10 Facts about the Life of a Beauty Blogger, and I thought this was a nice idea! I personally find it so interesting to read what others think about blogging, and what quirks they have when it comes to it ;) So here are my 10 Facts about the Life of a Beauty Blogger:

  • Before I ever touch something, I have to swatch it. And if there's not enough light for that, I need to wait for the next day. That sometimes really freaks me out, because I always immediately wanna try out new stuff, but I always tell myself to first take pictures.
  • Whenever I log into Blogger, I'm always so so excited what's new. A comment, a new reader or maybe a new record of's all so great!
  • Sometimes I'm really in a blogging mood, and then I sit down and blog until I get really tired of it. That means I sometimes preblog a full week at one night, and that can be up to 10 posts!
  • I'm always tempted to buy things because of my blog. I'm always like: But that could be interesting for my readers... But truth is, I just don't have enough money for that. So I try to get interesting products that I really like.
  • Now I'm onto Fact 5, and I'm already out of ideas. I sometimes really have to rack my brain to find something to blog about. But usually that helps, and something comes to my mind.
  • I love that as a Blogger I'm way more up-to-date than I was before I joined this community. I read a ton of blogs and am also told new things, and that makes it great when it comes to dupes, comparisons and new collections. I even know these things about brands I can't afford ;)
  • Since I've started blogging, I don't have the time to keep up with YouTube anymore. Before I started, I read like 3 blogs and watched 10 different videos a day. I am subscribed to a lot of the big beauty gurus on YouTube, but I just can't keep track with the videos. I find that videos are way more time consuming than blog posts, because with a post I can scroll and skip uninteresting parts. But with a video, I keep watching because there might be something important said, and I don't know about it ahead of time.
  • I'm the only girl who's as much into beauty stuff at my school, as far as I know (and I know a lot of people). I'm always asked about trends, colors and in general what things are. The most common thing I hear? "Misch, what the hell is a foundation??" :D I find that adorable :D I'm also one of the few ones with a blog. A good friend of mine is a photographer, and he used to blog, too, but he's the only one in my circle of friends.
  • You really often hear me say "Read my blog". Like I just said, I'm asked a lot of questions about beauty stuff, and I tell them to go read my blog quite often. For nail tutorials for example. But a lot of them don't like the fact that I blog in English, it's too hard for them to understand ;)
  • When I started blogging, I told no one, and not until I had 6 months of blogging done, I told my best friend. Now I've told a lot of people, and they all reacted way better than I thought. They all like it, and are impressed, which I'm glad they are. I honestly was a little afraid that they'd think I'm weird in a bad way, and bully me. But luckily they don't! :)
I actually had wanted this to be a rather short post, but I just kept rambling ;) Right now I could even think of more facts, but I'll save them for a new version of this after some time.
I wanna tag all of my lovely subscribers who have reached the amazing number of 65 :) I'm so so proud of this little blog, and that there are that many people reading my stuff! Thank you all so much :)
I'd be so glad if some of you did this tag, too :) Please send me your links!
I'll talk to you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch :) <3


  1. I won't probably be as active either, as I start work next Monday, but have a few posts on queue, ready to publish every few days, ;)

  2. So cool! I see some things in common with you ;-) my list of tags and awards is huge, but if you request me to do this one I will find time :-)
    Congrats for you 65 followers, I hope you reach the 100 soon!

  3. @marox: that's the way I do it, too :)

    @Salander: it would be great if you did it, too, but of course take your time with it!
    Thank you, hun :)

  4. Do you know what? I will copy the questions in a doc and I will write the answers in my flight back from Athens (traveling there tomorrow!).

  5. @Salander: great! And there aren't even actual questions, so you can write whatever you want :)

  6. Same for this one, I will publish it soon and in both languages ;-)

  7. @Salander: you're awesome! So cool, I'm looking forward to it :)


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