Wednesday, 14 September 2011

NOTD September 14th: Essence Blue Addicted Layering

Hi everyone,
this is the second glitter polish by Essence I want to show you. It's called Blue Addicted, and it's a very sheer dark blue jelly base with blue small glitter and blue and green hexagonal big glitter.
Since it is this sheer, I didn't want to bother with applying like 4 coats, so I layered it over a polish I was wearing anyway, Catrice's Be Indiglow! from their Bohemia LE, which I showed to you yesterday here *click*. The dark blue base is perfect for this polish, and I love the combination of the two of them!
I'm wearing 2 coats of Be Indiglow!, and 2 coats of Blue Addicted. Blue Addicted applied nicely, it was only a little hard to get the hex glitter spread evenly. But that doesn't make this polish any worse, I just love it!
It's definitely something for all blue and glitter lovers :)
Will you be getting this polish?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I already got it, but i haven´t tried it yet (:

  2. It looks great! Beautiful! If I get it I will use this layering technique for sure!

  3. @Vera: let me know when you wear it :)

    @Salander thanks :) I'm glad you like it:)

  4. nice pics and nice combinations!
    very pretty!

  5. @Danny: thank you so much :)


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