Monday, 5 September 2011

NOTD September 5th: Catrice - Captain Sparrow's Boat

Hi there!
Today I want to show you guys Captain Sparrow's Boat from Catrice. It's new in the permanent line and supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's Black Pearl. I don't own Chanel Black Pearl, but from what I've heard online you can say that they're close but not dead-on dupes. Here *click* I already showed you swatches of it.
I'm wearing 2 coats of Captain Sparrow's Boat which were enough. When you apply it, you need to be careful when it comes to brush strokes. Since this is a frosty color, they will be way more apparent than in other polishes. A top coat, like I used it, can help smoothing them out a little.
Captain Sparrow's Boat is a dark blackish silver kinda shade, hard to describe. Depending on the angle, this can look more or less dark. It has a very subtle greenish hint which seems to be stronger in the Chanel polish.
At first I wasn't sure about this, because I'm not really a frost fan, but the moment I put it on I loved it! It's so pretty and special, I love wearing it!
Do you like it?
See ya!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Don't you think it is similar to the multi-dimension "Must Have" from Essence?

  2. @Salander: I don't own the essence one, but from what I've seen online it is a tad darker than the catrice one. But I don't think you really need both.

  3. Well, I don't really "need" any colour but I keep shopping, haha!

  4. @Salander: that somehow seems familiar ;)


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