Thursday, 22 September 2011

Polish Finish Series: Matte

Hi dear readers!
So for this episode I want to show you a finish that has been very popular during the past few years: the Matte.
Matte polishes are like Cremes (what that is? *Click*), without any shimmer or anything else, but they don't dry glossy, but matte. When it's a true matte, it also doesn't have a slight sheen or something. There are a few other finishes that have a few things in common with the Matte, and I'll be showing these to you in the future. But here I just want to talk about the true matte.
Mattes dry extremely fast, and therefore you need to be quick with you application. They tend to be a bit streaky, but that is nothing you can't handle. Most of the time they need about 2 coats.
One thing to keep in mind when you are wearing a matte: Hand lotion is not the best thing, because it can make a matte more satin-y, and not fully matte. So be careful about that!
Matte polishes also tend to be a little less good in terms of wear as their shiny cousins. So tip wear can be appearing pretty soon, and also more chips are common.
Mattes can of course be turned into a glossy polish, just by adding a top coat. That will also help with the wear, but the finish will be gone.
Most brands recommend not to use a base coat and a top coat. Using a top coat is of course not good, because it'll destroy the matte finish. But a base coat can definitely be used, that doesn't create any problems at all.
For the polishes I want to show I have these:
First, Catrice's Sea Of Green from their Oceana Collection. It's a dark blue-toned green, and dries fully matte. Needs 2 coats.
The other polish is not actual matte polish, but a top coat. This one is actually a base coat by RdLY, but as a top coat it works perfectly to mattify your polish. It's called 03 Base Coat

There are top coats that mattify your polish, most brands have one by now. That's a convenient thing, because you can make any color you like matte!
Do you like matte polishes?
Hope this was helpful!
Talk to you guys later,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I only have a matte topcoat from Fairwind, which I got from Schlecker. My sis has the one from Essence that apparently was discontinued this month.
    I like to use that with fast colours, not so much on glittery polishes.

  2. @marox: yes, the essence one got discontinued...
    I like it with all kinds of polishes, but it def depends on my mood!

  3. But Essence now got a special effect topper with a soft touch effect and i think it is kinda the same effect as a matte top coat(: I got that one, but i still have to try it!

  4. @Vera: thanks for telling us! From the name it sounds like it's a bit satin, not totally matte, but I'm sure it's close! Let me know how you like it when you try it!

  5. I have some, but it is not my favourite finish. I use some times the Matte Top Coat from Essence, it works fine.
    I find matte polishes more difficult to apply, Good point about the hand cream! I hadn't think about that!

  6. @Salander: with me it's the same. And by now, it's already a bit out-dated.
    Thanks :)


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