Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NOTD September 7th: Essence NATvenTURista LE - 04 Chirp, Chirp!

Hey everyone,
today I want to show you the polish I got from the Essence NATvenTURista LE. It is called 04 Chirp, Chirp! and I already showed you swatches and stuff here *click*.
The color is a cool-toned beige nude that tends a tiny bit towards green. The secret shimmer I already tried to capture for you in that other post is hard to tell, mostly only in the sunlight. You also can't tell the purple hint so much anymore which is a little sad. But make sure to enlarge the pictures so you can see the full prettiness!
I ended up using 3 thin coats because I still had visible nail line after 2. The wear is good, I had no tip wear or chippings after 2 days, on the thrid then a bit of tip wear. But it didn't chip at all! Okay, I removed it after 3 days, but still!
Even though this polish is really really pretty, I have mixed feelings about it, because it's a nude. As you might know, I hardly ever wear nudes, and it takes some getting used to ;) But I think this is really elegant at the same time, makes elegant hands, if you know what I mean.
If you like nudes, however, definitely have a look at this one. It's a strange nude, and I love the fact that Essence made a color that is not so common. The secret shimmer makes it even more special, and this is also good for people with cooler skin tones, because it's not a warm color.
Do you like it? And do you like nudes in general?
See you soon!
xoxo, Misch


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  2. I like nudes and I have some, but it is not my favourite colour for nails. I wish we have received this LE instead of the other one...

  3. @Salander: me too :) well, maybe you'll still get it :)

  4. like the white . very beautiful


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