Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Recently At The Drugstore

Hey there!
Today I have a little chit-chat post for you guys, because I wanted to share something that happened to me recently.
So I was at the drugstore, standing in front of the Catrice counter. I was looking at nail polishes and eyeshadows, and nobody else was there with me. But then two girls, or rather women, came in. They were about 20 years old both and they walked over to the make-up aisle. I already heard them, because one of them was loudly telling her friend some stories. Then they moved over to the Catrice counter. The girl who had already been talking now shouted: "Look, I need to show you something! Catrice nail polishes are so great!" I had heard that and already thought that this might be another polish addict like I am. She went on and told her friend: "You know, I've always been using high-end brands. But Catrice is so cheap and still good! And look at that, they have all the colors like Chanel!" I was again thinking that this might be a person who understands me, but what she did then made me giggle: She pointed to the part of the shelf were all the green and gold nail polishes are, and said totally confident: "Here, mud-colored!"
I was so so close to burst into laughter, not because she claimed green to be taupe, but because she said it so self-assured,  like she totally new she was right :D It was really a fun moment, and I just find things like these so weird, when people think they know something they have absolutely no idea of. I didn't tell the girl it was wrong, because I feared I might start to laugh ;)
Do things like these happen to you? Most of the time I see someone at the drugstore who thinks they're so knowing, but in real life have no idea ;)
And also, would you like to read more of these chit-chat posts with things that happen to me? Let me know!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Hahahaha! Funny! Sure, this happens to me too. For example I get very angry when I go to to shop and I asked when the 0,99 Essence promotions starts? and they replied: "never, what are you talking about?",

  2. @Salander: yes, that happens to me too :D I ask when they will get the new essence LE, and they're like: what do you mean? no idea! :D

  3. That happens here with shop assistants at drugstores, which makes the situation even 'funnier'. They try to pass off a concealer (or worse, compact powder) as an eyeshadow base -I know some of them do the trick, but I think you see my point.
    Are drugstore/perfumery sales people as ignorant in Germany as some of them seem to be here?

  4. @marox: yeah, that's a littlemweird...
    Totally! Especially in perfumeries, the assistants seem to think they're better than you are, but after all they have no idea about collections whatsoever. Pretty annoying!


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