Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spotted: Essence Urban Messages LE

Hey there!
So when I spotted the new Essence permanent line yesterday, I also saw this LE. It's called Urban Messages and was created together with the 4 bloggers from FragDieGurus. Even though I didn't like this LE as much, I still wanted to provide you some links and tell you about my opinion ;)
Here *click* you can first of all see an overview.
This LE contains 3 eyeliner pencils, 5 nail polishes, 3 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadow chalks, 1 perfume and 1 illuminating spray.
The eyeliner pencils had nice colors, but they looked like nothing special to me, so a pass for these.
Concerning the nail polishes, they all had special colored shimmers in them. I didn't find them fall-themed or something like that, and also not too special, except for the shimmer. I was tempted to get the greige one, but I told myself I wouldn't really wear it anyways.
The lipsticks are coral, red, and gray. Yes, gray. I'm sure it makes a nice effect lipstick, but nothing for me. And the other colors also didn't tempt me...They're slim lipsticks, btw.
The eyeshadow chalks were a new thing for me, and they're basically like tiny pieces of chalk. I don't think it's that convenient to apply it, so I got none of them.
The perfume...I didn't even smell it, I wasn't on the hunt for a new perfume, so a nay for this one.
And last but not least the illuminating spray. Another pass for me, it's really nothing I need.

Yes, I really bought nothing from this LE! It was okay, and I'm sure some of you will like it, but neither the products nor the colors were that special to me, and since I'm in the mood for fall colors, I rather get some of them. What I like, though, is that Essence made this with bloggers, and also that they put in some totally new products. At least it's not uncreative ;)
Did you like this LE?
Until then,
xoxo, Misch


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