Friday, 2 September 2011

Spotted: Essence NATvenTURista

Hey dear readers,
as promised yesterday I have another Essence LE to show you. It is called NATvenTURista, and contains all earthy, greenish and natural colors, but surprisingly almost no brown. It also has a accessories part.
Here *click* you can see most of the beauty products, only one eyeshadow and the blush stick are missing, and here *click* you can see the main part of the accessories.
It contains 3 baked eyeshadows, 2 gel eyeliners, 1 eyeliner brush, 4 nail polishes, 1 lip balm, 1 blush stick and 2 nail fashion stickers. The accessories are all kinds of fall-themed bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
The baked eyeshadows are all shimmery and pretty nicely pigmented. Unfortunately none of the colors was really what I wear, so I left them all there.
Really gorgeous were also the shimmery gel eyeliners, but the nude pink and the green are no colors I would wear. But people who love these colors will love this whole LE!
The eyeliner brush is angled and looks like the one in the permanent line, only in different colors. I already own the permanent one.
The 4 nail polishes are all nude-ish, earthy, things like that. I only got one of them, called 04 Chirp, Chirp, and it's a grayish nude with a shimmer that can look green and purple. But it's very subtle, and you can't see it all the time. It only needs 2 coats, which is awesome for a light color like it! All of the polishes seemed to have this more subtle shimmer.
enlarge and try to see the purple shimmer ;)
The lip balm is three-colored and comes in a little pot. Nothing I really need.
The blush stick looks really cute, and the color is bright but pretty. I decided not to buy it because I prefer pressed blushes, but if you love blush sticks, you would want to check this out!
The nail fashion stickers were also not interesting to me, I rather do my own nail art.
Last but not least, the accessories. They were all surprisingly pretty, and not looking too cheap. The had feathers, little owls, everything like that. I got two thin bracelets with an owl and a peace sign, and I love to wear them together!

After all, this is a really nice LE for people who like green, earthy and natural colors. It didn't fully hit my color scheme, so I didn't get too many things, but I'm sure a lot of you will like it!
Did you get anything from this LE?
Talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Nice colour :-)
    I hope it comes to Spain so I can have a look.

  2. @Salander: I'll cross my fingers for you ;)


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