Friday, 9 September 2011

Collective Nail Art and Layerings

Hey there!
During the past weeks, I've shown you NOTDs pretty frequently. But with them, or even in between, I did a bit of layerings and also nail art. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Rainbow Leopard Nails

These were so fun and bright, I loved them! Here *click* is the tutorial for it by Beauty by Kayla Shevonne.

Ice Cream Sundae Nails

For the base, I used Manhattans 47K from their Sexy Plexi LE *click*, and then did a glittery topping. Loved it for summer!

Purple to Gold Gradient
I did this gradient on top of China Glaze's Grape Pop *click*, and used the sponging technique *click* for the other 3 polishes I used.

Green Layering

When I bought Essence's Out Of My Mind *click*, I had to swatch it immediately. At that point, I was wearing China Glaze's Starboard *click*. The Essence polish adds a nice shimmer, but it doesn't look blue anymore.

Blue with Silver Crackle

Over China Glaze's Rodeo Fanatic *click* I applied one layer of p2's silver crackle polish. I like the finish a lot, especially with big crackle junks.

Bloody Splatter over Nude
And the latest one, a splatter mani! This is the first one I ever did with this technique, you can read about it here on ThePolishAholic *click*. I love it, even though it looks a bit creepy with the red splatter...For a base color I used Essence's Chirp, Chirp *click*.

I hope you liked these! I don't think there's a tutorial needed, is there? I think I liked the important ones ;)
Which one do you like best?
I'll see you next time!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Love the purple to gold gradient and the blood spatter (so CSI, lol).

  2. @marox: thanks :) haha, that's good :D

  3. Hey! I love the Purple to gold too, great job!

  4. @Salander: thanks sweetie :)


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